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Well, gather 'round kids and pull up a chair, because it's time for my annual (semi-annual? Monthly?) family rant.

Cut for length )

Anyhow, that's it so far. I might have more after these impending visits. :D
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My son Quincey has made a couple of drum tutorials on Youtube. He'd love some people to take a peek, so if you're interested, give one a quick look. They are pretty short (4 min).
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Mr Snippets has chosen the thug life! :D
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This one was one of my fav's to do. God, the man is SO FUCKING STRANGE!
Item #82 Submit an illustration for the fairy tale Trumpunzel.

Item # 85 Instead of a sand castle, make a Sand Trailer Park.

The actual park we made was much bigger, but this close up of the grumpy saggy tit lady just seemed perfect.

Item #97 Do something nice for a veteran.

We went to the Veterans museum and asked what we could do. Turns out, they just wanted to show off their guns and stuff. We had a blast!

Item #99 Bees are disappearing from our planet. Do something to save/promote/support the bees.

Item # 126 Misha and the Queen of England. This time it had to be a Cowboy themed ranch-hand/school-marm thing. I wracked my brain in how I could so something that would stand out amongst the 1000+ entries, and decided that maybe I could Simpson-ize them.

Item # 143 Two images, side by side, plant a native tree somewhere that it will live out it's full life.

That's it for now. Julie and I also did a bunch of video submissions that I'll post soon.
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Car accident injuries are slowly (accent on the SLOWLY) improving and my job training is over for now, so I'm back home (in my new Vancouver Island home) settling in to work and family and the never-ending un-packing.

I haven't drawn a thing for months, as sitting with my arm in a seemingly neutral position (like at a computer) actually still hurts. I can lift a bale of hay, but can't sit for long with my arm at a relaxed 90 degree angle. ???

Anyhow, I took part in Gishwhes again this year, and it was my first 'arting' since the end of May. Yay! Julie Frulie joined me again this year, and I think we managed to hit a few out of the park again.

Item #2: A freight train pulling a tiny flat car with a woman dressed in Victorian attire writing a letter to her beloved, with a vase and flower on the desk.

I'm sorry, did you say TINY flatcar?? :D

Item #11 I lost the link, but you were supposed to re-create a photo of a dog biting a sprinkler spray, but you couldn't use a real animal. This is my version of this year's mascot, the Sealion/Kangaroo abomination called Slangaroo.

Item #18 Recreate a painting by Goya in candy.

Kinda sorted cheated, as much of that 'candy' is actually tiny little sprinkle balls.

Item # 34
I portrait of Jensen Ackles (from Supernatural) ON a skittle.

This looks like 25 different people (Mulder, Caveman, Andy Samberg) but NOT Jensen Ackles. *sigh*

Item #44 Two elderly men playing chess by candlelight in a crowded movie theatre.

Me and Julie make the SEXIEST old men! :D

Item #56 Green eggs and ham on a boat with a goat.

Me and Thyla (in a parking lot in a boat!)

Item #68
Your fav Supernatural actor on an Etch a Sketch, in the style of a famous painting.

This was my first try, and I knew I could do better. (is it just me or does this look like Eugene from the Walking Dead? :D )

This was what I submitted.

Okay, giant post is giant. I'll add the rest to another one.
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Can you re-blog this if you Tumble? We need 100 weblogs on it.

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May/June has been amazing and terrifying and exhausting!

Hubby and I decided a few years ago that we wanted to live somewhere better warmer. We were in Central Canada (just above North Dakota) where the winters are cold and long and the summers are stupid hot and full of mosquitos. So after much wrangling and selling of our business of 17 years and our house of 12 years we bought a house ON AN ISLAND on the west coast of Canada.

Okay, the island is huge, Vancouver Island not some tropical sand paradise, but it is now my home!!!!! EEEEEE!

Nanaimo is SO GODDAMNED PRETTY, I can't even. But I"m getting ahead of myself, let me backtrack.

Last month, after much wrangling with buyers for our house, we flew to the west coast to find a house that we could afford. Not far from here, Vancouver (on the mainland) is the most expensive city in Canada, and one of the most expensive in the world. Needless to say, we could not afford to live there. We also could not afford to live NEAR there. :D

We have a little hobby farm, and 2+ acres even 100 kilometres from Vancouver (or VanCity as it's called) was way out of our budget. The island is much slower and somewhat cheaper and really, every bit as lovely, but with more of a small town (retirement) feel. Perfect!

We found a house that we LOVED with five acres and put an offer on it and GOT IT! Yay! There was still a month+ until we got possession, and the kids were still in school, but I started applying for jobs on the island. I even got a cell phone when we were out there, so I could put both a BC address AND phone number. (sneaky!)

We started packing, arranged for movers and animal transport for the horses and other assorted critters. My buddy Julie [ profile] dacro who lives near VanCity offered to fly out to my place and help me drive across the county. I was going out early to get the house/yard ready for the animals and to hopefully find a job.

Two days before we were slated to start driving I got a call for a job interview! With a major airline for a Customer Service Agent. OMG!!! So great! Except that they needed me to be in Nanaimo in two days. Yikes! I really didn't want to tell them that I didn't live there yet and put the interview off, so I flew out on the Monday morning for the interview.

I rented a car, checked into my hotel, made myself PURDY, ironed my jacket (holy crap! I haven't wielded an iron since … well aside from crafts, in FOREVER!) One everything was perfect, I drove back to the airport to be interviewed. As I was turning into the parking lot from the highway, someone ran a red light going in the opposite direction and smashed into me.

Wow. I"ve never been in a serious accident before, and hopefully never will again. I don't know exactly how fast he was going, but the speed limit there was 90K/hr and he was rushing the red light, so I can only assume he was going faster. He hit my front passenger side and spun the car around 320 degrees.

My first thought was OH SHIT! There was the crunch of metal, the airbags exploding, the car spinning and then … nothing. My second thought was Holy fuck! My interview!

I grabbed my purse and my resume, kicked my door open and hobbled out of the car to see if the other people were okay. They were, mostly. A bit banged up and in shock, but fully conscious and able to get out of the car. A couple of witnesses stopped, the cops arrived, so did the ambulance and a passing physician. They wanted to check me out and take me to the hospital, but I was all "I have an interview in 10 minutes. I flew across the country to get here, and I'm not going to miss it!"

Long story short, I made it to the interview and I FUCKING ROCKED IT! :D Even covered with airbag fluff! I've never had one go off before, but they are full of little white fibres. It looked like a cat exploded on me. I had also started out with two barrettes in my hair, and I have no idea where they went, because I never did find them!

I had some pretty spectacular bruises (yanno, the kind, when you show someone, they cringe and hiss?) and it seems that I've torn my rotator cuff. ouch. I go for my first physio appointment tomorrow, but it seems that time is the only thing that will help that.

I don't like to think of myself as a pollyanna. I don't look at shitty situations and sing "yay! Cancer is fun!" But perception is everything, and I am actually super grateful for this accident. Grateful that I was able to walk away from it, with relatively minor injuries. Grateful that it wasn't my fault and no one got killed. And really? How fuckin' awesome did I look, crawling out of that wreck and walking 100 feet to my interview?

Talk about making an impression! The airline that I was applying for is notoriously hard to get into, and they really appreciate people who are creative and funny. Now, I think I'm pretty funny on a day to day basis, but when I am injected with 100% adrenaline? I am fucking HI-Larious! :D For reals. I have never been so 'on.' And clearly showed them that I can handle myself under stress.

I got the call this week that I probably got the job. Probably. … Someone there has applied to transfer to Toronto, and IF the transfer is approved, then I have the job. If I don't get it, it's not because of me, it's them. :D Yay!

Anyhoo, Julie and I DID manage to drive the 2000K across Canada with dog and tortoise in tow, and now I am here, all alone (except aforementioned dog and tortoise) in a big empty house, waiting for my family and my furniture to arrive. I spent the first few days in my old RV, waiting for possession, and since I still don't have a bed, I still sleep in it.

Here's a pic from the campground:
So funny! Those are propane tanks that someone has done an amazing job altering.

My neighbours at the campground were a super nice slightly older than me couple who invited me over for dinner and even helped me get my car and RV to the new house. My new neighbour at the house has a 250 acre Bison farm, and I'm told he even has a pair of eagles! This man will be my new BFF. :D

So, thus ends my radio silence. I hope my shoulder will be well enough to start drawing again soon. Even sitting at the counter typing is giving me some pain.
Here is a parting photo I took in the town next to mine. It's a super cute, charming little place, on a hill by the ocean. And then I saw this. I'm still not quite sure WTF.

I honestly cannot imagine the story behind it.


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