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Just a reminder that I'm auctioning off a comission to help with [ profile] loveforlily. Poor kitty had to go throught what Milky Wave was lucky enough to avoid. Amputation. She's doing well without her leg, and seems to have lucked into a wonderful home.

Bid here if you like kittehs!
Also check out the other awesome stuff!

Movie reviews:
Whilst on the vacay last week, the kids wanted some down time, so we bought a couple of $5 movies from the discard bin at Wal-mart. (Plus a couple of others that I saw in the last few weeks.)

The Hulk (the newish one?) With Edward Norton.
Oh God It Sucked! Me and Harrison are gearing up for the upcoming Avengers slashfest movie, so we're trying to catch up on all the movies. Give this one a pass. The beginning was odd, and vague. I was actually quite interested to see how he became the Hulk, and they just sort of brushed over it during the opening credits. Not to mention how STOOPID and over the top the entire thing was. Did I mention it sucked? Exept Liv Tyler. Man, I would HIT THAT HARD!!

I am quite sure that I was the only person who was alive in the 80's (90s?) that didn't see this movie. Now I know why. Steven Speilberg you should be ashamed of yourself. It was almost like halfway through the movie he just gave up and let Bobcat Goldthwait write and direct it.

Tremours 2 and 3
They really should have stopped at one. 'nuff said. I really liked the first one.

Ace Ventura, When Nature Calls
I never saw the first one (and I assume it's pretty much the same) but HOLY FUCK I LAUGHED MY 12 YEAR OLD ASS OFF! For reals. As if I needed any proof that I am immature, this really sealed it for me. My kids now think that Jim Carey is the FUNNIEST MAN ALIVE. I am inclined to agree. He's not hard on the eyes, either.

Just to further prove how pre-pubescent I am, me and the kids were doing 'alliterations' in the car the other day. Someone would call out a letter and we'd all have to make up a sentence. (yanno, like, Betty's brown beagle barfed on her bed...)

I got 'D' and to the absolute delight and admiration of my children came up with: Darling Donald dipped his ding-a-ling in 'dickle-sauce.'

I now rival Jim Carey as the funniest person in the world. :D And no, I have no idea what dickle-sauce is, nor do I want to find out.
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(I hear it happens to everyone ....)

I didn't realize that the [ profile] loveforlily comm was moderating their posts, so uh ... yeah NOW IT'S UP!

Right here!
tl;dr: I am offering to draw whatever you like, to help save a kitteh who needs her leg amputated. :(
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No, not THAT Lily! ;)

Lily is a cat who was shot and dumped off in the country. The most exciting part of this story is that SHE WASN'T DUMPED ON ME for a change, but on a different fangirl. Lily will most likely need her leg amputated, as the bones are crushed and the leg has shrapnel in it. As most of you know, my cat came very close to losing HIS leg, and you guys were amazing and fantastic and so, so generous.

Lily's story here:

SO:I am puting up my art to help raise money for Lily.

I will draw you whatever you want. Any fandom, any pairing, any rating. I'm more than willing to draw outside my fandom scope, but be warned, I am generally better at drawing characters I'm familiar with. Please go to the link above to bid, as I'll put it up there.

Let's help a little kitty get a new lease on life.
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Hey, if you couldn't afford 'real' art, in the [ profile] help_haiti auction, (and God knows *I* couldn't!), I've offered myself up in the lightning round to do some drawbles!

Only $10 each! Any fandom, any rating. And if you donate in V gifts, I'll ship 'em too!

My offer is here:
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Hey flist! I just wanted to put up a comprehensive list of what I've put up for auction over on [ profile] help_haiti

#1 Anything you like! You say it, I will draw it. Any fandom, any pairing, any rating.
Bid here

#2 Snarry fan art
bid here

#3 Catch-all Box of Fan art
This is all the crap that I have lying around. Some pics are very old (Snape/Lucius) and some are as new as the last two [ profile] hump_day_smut entries. minimum 10 pieces of art, but probably more like 20+ Lots of different fandoms, including HP, House, blades of Glory and Star Trek.
bid here

#4 Kirk/McCoy NSFW giant watercolour art
I"ll link, 'cause there's PEEN!

Bid here

Go and bid!


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