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This is for Xena, who organized all my blades art into a master list.
thanks hon!

She wanted fluffy snuggles.

shirtless but pretty g rated fluff )

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So many fandoms, so much porn! :D

And plane rides! Nothing better to do than pull out the old penis pens and draw draw draw!

Snarry, Megamind and Blades of Glory under the cut. Some not safe for work )

Art dump!

Jan. 31st, 2011 11:09 pm
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Wow, I am a little prolific lately!

Multi-fandom art dump under the cut. (megamind and Blades of Glory)

probably some NWS stuff here kids! )
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It was on tv tonight! WHY DO I STILL LOVE IT SO MUCH! And I laughed my ass off at one scene, because a friend of mine BOUGHT CHAZZ'S OUTFIT that he's wearing, and now it's just hilarious to see Chazz wearing it, because I've seen HER wearing it! :D :D :D

Anyhoo, I didn't intend to draw these two, but it just happened. :D

Kick Some Ice )

This one was really quick, too! Like, just over an hour. I wasn't rushing (hell, I was watching the movie) but it just came together.

I mean, yeah, not my best work, but I've certainly drawn shittier stuff and took longer to do it. ;)
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Wheee! Almost done!

I'm not thrilled with Coach's last line, but it's late, and I couldn't think of anything funnier/more original.

Comic iz here )

I'm not sure what, exactly to do next. I mean, porn, of course! But I want to give it an 'ending' without being too fluffy or cheezy. Any and all ideas are welcome! (no, i'm not drawing a wedding.)
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Okay, I'm not sure if I'll be able to stop!!

approaching NWS territory )

Part 31
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Before I post the comic, I want everyone to know that ALL THE ART HAS BEEN SENT FOR THE MILKY WAVE FUND peeps. Some of it as long as three weeks ago, and some of it as short as five days ago. (Sue, for some reason, your art was sent first, but came back to me because the people at the post office SUCK) so it's been re-sent.)

Also, the comish (tutu) is being worked on as we speak, and I am searching for the perfect ref photos for you Rowan.

Anyhoo, on to BLADES OF GLORY, Ice Man Cometh.

Work safe ... kind of )

Part 29
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Yes! It's true! Along with the 5 million other things going on in my life, (and probably because of them) I've started this up again! I have the next two panels sketched, I just need to ink and colour them, and there will be one or two more after them. So, four or five in total until it's done!

Previous panel (to get you back up to speed) is here:

And I think the 'graphic fic' tag will take you to all of them. When I'm done, I'm going to maybe actually tag them all properly and put them in one post.

cut for dial up )

Part 28
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This one was done on the plane ride home, and not only did I forget to bring my ERASER, but the ride got very turbulent after a bit and I had to put down my art pad and focus my powers on keeping the plane in the air. (yeah, I'm THAT talented ;)

sorry about the dark pic. I managed to corrupt the memory chip on my camera, so this is taken with my phone. *writes BUY MEMORY CHIP on hand*
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My apologies for the quality of the pic. The chip in my camera is hooped, so I used my phone to take the pic. I'll re-upload a better shot when i get one.

work safe )

Part 27
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Sadly, very worksafe this time.

Out )

Part 26
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Harry is home sick with a fever, (and therefore lazy and listless) so I was able to come up with this!

Not work safe )

Part 25

yay for Jell-O and George Shrinks! (to entertain my son, that is ...)
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In an effort to avoid other deadlines, I've finished the next installment!

Read more... )

Part 24
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Primarily drawn in Florida and inked on the airplane home, so it's a bit ... meh. No reference pics to speak of (other than Blades ref, of course). I couldn't get too porny, what with my mom hanging around and um .. yeah, other people on the plane and such.

But hey, the Blades lurve is there.

Couch Coach )

Part 23

Not to mention, OMG! I have a newer version of photoshop on my laptop, and I DON'T GET HOW IT WORKS! It came with a little DVD tutorial, but yeah ... when the hell am I going to have that long to sit around and learn it? NEVAH! *sob*

I'm sure it's better than my old version on my old laptop, but I am a CREATURE OF HABIT! Why isn't that button right where I want it to be still? How the hell to I shrink and stretch text naow? And cutting out a pic and placing it on top of another? *boggles* *sigh*
Oh well, I guess I'll just have to MAKE the time. /rant of having a great thing and bitching about it anyway.
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I think I have to inject some more angst, to move the story along. Any thoughts?

(not for this one, we're still working on <3 and smut)

number twenty one )

Part 22
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Hee! If I draw ten more, it will be XXX! :D

I did this one mostly in black and white. I think it's more effective, but if no one agrees, I'm not opposed to colour.

OMG sooo not worksafe )

Part 21


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