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[ profile] xenafox has made some very cute little Blades of Glory characters wearing all manner of movie outfits, so I was inspired to make Chazz in his Grublets outfit.

I think she's using some sort of clay that you bake, but alas, I am lazy and I used Crayola Model Magic (or something like that), which is a no bake product. it's also amazingly easy to work with. It comes in lots of colours, but none of them subtle, so I used kid tempura paint and sparkly glue for the evil wizard costume.

And true to Xena's tradition, I gave him very generous 'bits' under his bathrobe! :D

Grublets ahoy! )

As an added bonus, my children think it is excessively creepy, and will probably have nightmares from it.
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My pens. Let me show you them.

Another sketch book entry. Mostly done at my friend's cottage this weekend. He was not overly impressed with page after page of boys kissing, and then made me draw the lake and some trees, and it turned out pretty crappy, but I gave it to him before I took a pic of it, so uh ... trust me, it was PHOTOGRAPHIC in it's beauty. *snerk* I have to hand it to people who draw landscapes. (let alone regular backgrounds.) They just don't interest me. I mean, I loved being there and LOOKING at the lake and trees, but drawing them was not fun.

anyhoo, heeeeeere's Chazz and Jimmy.

I will be posting another fic of them poste haste.

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Just a bit of me being goofy, because, as you all know, I am SRS BZNSS all day long in my RL. NOT.

Chazz and Jimmy Simpsonsified.

Simpsons of Glory )

Hubby wanted to know (as I'm sure many of you do as well) when I'm going to be 'over' Blades of Glory. "but I liiike it!" I whined. "What do you like about it?" um...the hot gay men, touching each other and walking around shirtless, and um...*cough* brothers and sisters kissing too??? "'s funny?" We then had an indepth discussion of how funny/not funny Will Ferrell is. I think he's hilarious in short spurts *cough*, but hubby is not a fan much at all. He then asked me to concentrate more on HP pron. *giggle* Well, he DOES like Alan Rickman quite a bit, but not in the way that I do! :D

Also, here's a quick sketch of Boba Snape. I honestly cannot explain it, but [ profile] amand_r seemed to think it was a good idea. She is related (by blood) to [ profile] joanwilder so that would explain a lot. ;^)

Boba Snape )
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Oh, my beloved pencils, how I've missed you so! *glares at keyboard*

Here's a dramatic shot of our boys being all ... I dunno, smouldering?

I used a reference pic of Elizabeth Taylor and Marlon Brando, and Chazz just morphed into Brando right before my eyes!
Title: Brando!Chazz
Rating: G
Media: pencil 4b and 6b

Brando!Chazz )


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