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Just getting myself all pumped up for Prophecy! I just wish that EVERYONE could come! I'm sure I wouldn't be going if I didn't have the excuse of visiting family while I'm there, but I'm so glad that I get to anyway! :D :D :D

*sigh* maybe when teleportation becomes commonplace, we can ALL get together and squee.

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I just loved this screen shot of him, with the back lighting on his face. Too cool! I just had to draw it.

Chalk Shoulder )

The colours look better in real life, more teals and pinks, but hey, the camera is old!
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Gawd, I just loved this movie!

I think it would rate among my top five favourite films. (along with Shawshank Redemption, Groundhog Day, Splash and Ghostbusters.) yeah, I'm really deep, what can I say? ;D

Here's some Rickman artses as Dr. Lazarus. His eyes are completely fucked, and I blame this on the big, square shit-sticks called pastels. Fine details are pretty much impossible.

His nose also looks off, but it was odd in the movie too, for his prosthetic head. :D

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Only five months later.....

[ profile] flavored_glass won my caption contest for this silly little ditty, and for her prize, she requested, Luna and a mouse. I assumed she was asking for a 'gen' pic, so I emptied my smutty mind and came up with this!

Title: Luna and Mouse
Chalk pastel

Luna and Mouse )
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Grrr. He has such a difficult face to draw!! *bitch slaps him*

Jimmy )
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Okay, I had to give House a rest, and give my Snapey some attention. Unfortunately, he sort of morphed into Cross-eyed Dustin Hoffman!Snape. :D

I tried to make him more pale than I'd being doing with House, be he ended up waaay too peaked. The boy needs some red meat in his diet. *snerk*

Chalk snape )
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Okay, I'm out of control with the House stuff now. I can freely admit it. Snape is sulking in the corner, but I must say, it suits him! Perhaps if he's snarky enough to me, I'll render him in chalk too. Well, I suppose I already did, for [ profile] smut_wednesday, NWS,wanking snape but you know, an actual portrait or something.

In the meantime, I give you

ChalkyHugh )

totally work safe.
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Okay, I really must work on not being such a blending whore. It's like crack! I suppose that's why I liked the crayons so much, you CAN'T blend them!

Chalk!Wilson )
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I've been dying to draw him ever since I saw the movie. I did an uber close up, and I'll probably do a far away shot yet. This shot is more yellow than it looks like in real life. What a fekking cool character!

ETA: I uploaded a better photo of it. The first one was too yellow!

Davy Jones be Here )
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Just a little slashy fun to amuse myself.

Chalk!House/wilson )
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ooooooh! What a horrible, frustrating medium to work in! *stomps on chalk pastels and breaks them into little bits*

I mean, I'm fairly happy with the final result, but it was so messy, and drawing with those stoopid little rectangles is like drawing with the blunt end of a crayon! How the hell are you supposed to get any details with a big, fat rectangle? Not to mention that for some reason, I had to practically sand off the factory edge to get any colour. I spent the first two minutes just making blank scratches on the paper. grrrrr

On the good side, they blended well, (too well) and they were very quick to work with, but nope....don't like 'em! I think I had to stop and wash my hands about forty times to avoid totally smudging everything together.

Chalk Cuddy )


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