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I may be singularly responsible for the deforestation of the rain forests. *slaps wrist*

First of all, my commission for Marta. She wanted Martin Freeman, and said she didn't care if it was the actor, or one of his characters. I went with Fargo!Freeman, mostly because I just dig that bright orange jacket! When colours are unlimited, you might as well go to town!

Next was my commission for Majmunka. (so nice when old friends come out of the woodwork!!) She is a big Leonard Cohen fan, and wanted one of him. Leonard's got such a great, expressive face, that he was a joy to make. He also, I thought, really leant himself to black and white (after my mini rant about colour above) so I went with a neutral/grey colour pallet. (yes, I purposefully did not say 'many shades of …')

And finally, Black Widow! Again, COLOUR! I just wanted to do that wonderful fiery red hair. <3
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Now that the comic's done, I finally had a chance to do my comish for [ profile] icmezzo
She had written a cute Harry/Draco fic where Draco was a vela AND the tooth fairy. BASED ON A TRUE STORY. ;)
Can be found On A03

Shirtless but not quite pantsless Draco )
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[ profile] alisanne comissioned me to draw something for something for [ profile] lilyeyes She has a series of stories featuring Harry and Snape with their kids. How cute is that?

Totes worksafe )

I hope you like hon!
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Okay, I’ve decided I want to go to Leaky Con, but it’s going to cost me an arm and a leg, so I need to raise some cash.

I have a couple of bigger projects on the go right now, so I’m only offering quick, cartoony drawings for the time being, like the ones in my Regarding Tony comic.

Any character (any fandom, although I’ll do better at ones I’m familiar with) any rating.

One character (minimal backgrounds) full colour $25

Two characters (minimal backgrounds) full colour $35

3+ characters: we’ll talk!

I will mail you the original pencil/ink drawing, but they are digitally coloured, so I can shoot you a full rez if you’d like to print that out.

I’m also open to any pairing!

You want Loki/Mjolnir? You got it!

Looking badass in superhero poses? You got it!

Jizzing all over each other! CAN DO! ;)

You can having them saying anything/nothing or blank speech bubble if you like.

Just message me.

First three people to message me get it, then when I’m done those I’ll open it up again.

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[ profile] shecrazy13 won me for the [ profile] loveforlily auction. (the one to raise money for the kitteh who needed here leg amputated)

I'm thrilled to say that enough money was raised, and 3 legged Lily is doing well!

Shecrazy requested a mucular back, a phoenix and possibly flame tattoos and some burn scars, plus long dark hair. She was a PERFECT comish client! She sent lots of references, gave lots of wonderful and concise suggestions, but had enough faith in me to give me full artistic control. A++++ would comish again! :D

Non-fandom art (although it could TOTES be Snape if you squint) and is work safe as a shirtless dude could be )
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Full for now. But I'll have some free time coming up soon! (plane ride ftw!) so I might open it up again later.

Well, for ME at Lubricus.

$20 comissions. More than a drawble, but less than an actual comission. Probably pencil and/or pen.

any pairing, any fandom, although I'll do better at stuff I know.
Drawn on real paper and I'll happily mail it out to you. (impending mail strike not withstanding ...)

First four people to comment get it.

Yeah, I think the link says Milky Wave Amputation fund, but I promise not to cut off my cat's leg. ;) It's the only link to my paypal that i have.
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[ profile] kiwicoy made this AMAZING crosstitch from one of my arts.

I oohed and ahhed over it accordingly, and Kiwicoy was kind enough to offer it to me for an exchange of art.

She wanted TOS Spock/McCoy, with Bones pressed up against a shower wall.

mmmmmmm I didn't have a problem with that.

Shirtless men )

This pic belongs to [ profile] kiwicoy, so please do not use without her permission.

eta: Thanks to mah peeps over at [ profile] artbeta for their help!


Dec. 28th, 2009 01:45 am
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[ profile] xingou was kind enough to gift me a 10 dollar gift certificate towards an eljay account. Thanks hon!

Anyone out there interested in paying the rest for some art? I don't have pay pal, and I'm sure as hell not giving my visa number to eljay.

I not terribly fussed about having ads, or not, but my interent is already slow, and the ads slow it down even more. grrrr

I have an art trade to do before I could start anything, but I could probably start by Jan.
I'd prefer a full year, but i don't even know what that costs, so we could talk about what/who/when/where/how etc.



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A couple of weeks ago, [ profile] lilyseyes asked me to draw a Severitus (at least, I *think* that's what this is. I'm not actually sure what that term exactly means) for her, and we decided to send the money to the fund for [ profile] simons_flower instead of doing an actual commision.

I hope you like it hon!


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