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Man alive, this was a lot of work! More ... like in my brain, to figure out how to cut things so that they look right in 3D (helmet much?), but I learned a lot! When working with foam, the Dremmel is your friend! Except that it's sort of a hyperactive and hard to control friend. ;)

And also, different brands of spray paint have VERY different smell factors! Tremclad = gross but normal smell. Rustoleum = OH GOD SAVE US ALL!!!! horrible smell. The more you know ....

The 'arc reactor' thing is a little LED light from Canadian Tire and the body of the costume is the conglomeration of a yoga mat and those thicker puzzle type mats.

500 foot robot under cut )
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Well, I learned something. Hot glue does not stick to car paint. Or, not very well, anyway. *sigh* Oh well. With the velcro enclosure, it now fits Quincey, but damn! It is hard to see out of. No wonder Tony has all those video feeds! Now that it's done, I see lots of problems with it, but considering it was a first try, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

Helmet ahoy. )

I'm also not thrilled with the paint colours. I went with 'metallic' but perhaps I should have chosen pearl. I wanted it to be shinier. But there wasn't exactly a way to try them out in the store. ;)
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Okay, it's not a costume per se, but I started on the helmet. For the record, I hate you [ profile] accioslash.
Done with foam and a glue gun so far. It doesn't quite fit together yet because I have to paint the red and gold separately and don't want to glue them yet. I also had to put in a velcro closure because MY SON'S HEAD IS BIGGER THAN MINE! The helmet fits me (tightly) but won't even go on his giant pumpkin. ;)

Blue foam helmet ahoy )

Any and all credit for this thing turning out halfway decent is given to the internet, primarily and the rpf costume site. Man, is there ANYTHING you can't find on the internet? I swear to god there is no less than 34985-3409284039583059 videos and sites on how to make an Iron Man costume. Huh! Who knew you could search for something that wasn't porn? (although, would it qualify if I make hubby wear this during sex when it's finished????)

And now more fluffy Steve/Tony art.
The aforementioned Steve/Tony art )
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EEEEEE! Quincey decided that he wanted to cut his hair (which is usually rock star length) to something shorter. We looked on the interwebz (safe search ON tyvm) and looked through a shit-load of EMO/punk/Bieber type styles until we came upon a picture of Chris Evans, aka Captain America. I LIKE THAT ONE MOM! (the picture in question features a shirtless Evans, with a thin sheen of sweat across his ample pecs). I LIKE IT TOO, HONEY! :D

So first, before the costume, the Steve Rogers make-over )

I still have to make the gloves and put some velcro on the cowl. (it's just sorta tucked in there, at the mo.) The shield is from Wal-mart.
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sigh* In typical 'country' fashion, my neighbours (no, not the usual shitty neighbours) but different ones, got themselves a couple of kittens. Except, of course, their kids have allergies, so these cats get to live outside.

I am honestly not sure WHY you'd want a pet (aside from a horse) that lives outside. Of course, like every other animal in a 50 mile radius, these cats have managed to make their way to my house. They're just little kitties, maybe 12 weeks old? And it's COLD outside. The first time they ended up here, it was quite a cold snap. I picked them both up and walked them back across the road. I knocked on the door, but nobody was home. Also, the kittens had food and water dishes, but they were both empty. So I went back home, got food and water for them, put them in their little dog type house and left.

They were both back within two hours. The people still weren't home (and were due to have a baby right around this time) so I set up a big kennel with food, water and a litter box and kept them inside my house until I could get ahold of the neighbours. THREE DAYS LATER I managed to catch them at home and give them their cats back. (and no, they had not had the baby yet...I have no idea where they'd been.)

Long story short, one of the kittens keeps coming back here, so I said screw it, set up a little warm spot for him in our mini barn, gave him some food and water and now he's mine. I mean, he's WELCOME to go back across the road any time he wants, he's got free run, but at least i don't stay up at night worrying that he's freezing/starving to death. I try to not think about the other kitten.

These people have gone through two dogs and twice as many cats since they moved in. *shakes head*
They had named him Tow-mater (from the Cars movie), but I've taken to calling him Tomato. Just because it's a ridiculous name for an animal. I'm not generally a fan of ginger kittens. The other one is a beautiful calico, but as they say, you don't choose them, they choose you.
Kitty spam under cut )

Pffft! :D


Oct. 27th, 2009 08:31 pm
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One down and two to go.

We didn't do the make up, but I needed a final try on before doing the last of the sewing. I notice that the wings are pulling up on his codpiece *snicker* It looks more like a belt than a crotch thing. :D

The material is stretchy 'pleather' stuff (really nice stuff, because it doesn't fray). I'm not a sewer, but other than the boots, this is all from scratch, no patterns. (like, there's a Gene Simmons 6yo pattern out there...)

The boots are from Value Village, with embellishments.

The studs are actually silver pony beads (like, Bo Derek hair beads), glued on with silver glitter glue.

And dude? We totally have tickets to go see KISS on Nov 9th. I'm not a member of the "KISS army" *snicker*, but Quincey is really looking forward to his first real concert. WITH EXPLOSIONS AND FIRE AND STUFF!

Now I just have to make mine and hubby's costumes. (no, not KISS)
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The party was tonight, so here's some pics of my very accomodating husband as Chazz Michael Michaels. Boom!
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Hee! I'm so happy with how this turned out. (and OMG I am such a geek it hurts!)

Go take a look-see!


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