Crayon Art

Jan. 23rd, 2016 09:12 pm
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Haven't done a proper drawn portrait in a while.
Here is Timothy Omundson done in crayon. (He's King Richard in Galavant and Cain in Supernatural.)
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I went to visit Julie and Dj in Vancouver/Abbotsford last week, and drew this on the plane ride there. Crayola crayons. (sketched in pencil first, because I'm not THAT good!)
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I'm caught up on the comic and was itching to use a different (but quick) media. CRAYONS! I still need to plan out my colours better. They don't layer well, and for the darkest areas, I need to leave it alone so the black will lay down better.

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Fear not! I haven't fallen into any vampire loving camps, but a girl who often watches me draw during Quincey's hockey practice asked if I would give her art lessons. I thought I'd do a crayon tutorial with her (since it worked so well with the Snape fen at the conventions) but I figured, since she's 13, Twilight would thrill her more. Turns out I should have done Justin Beiber. :D

Anyhoo, I wanted to make sure that *I* could colour him before I taught her to.
Crayon Edward )

She did quite well, btw, considering she's done very little drawing. On Friday I'm going to work on cartooning with her.

House Art

Jun. 6th, 2007 11:21 pm
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Another foray into Mcdonald's playland with the kids...another crayon drawing.
I pretty much always draw at my laptop (I use tradition media, but I have all my ref. stuff on teh computer) but this was done from a photo. Perhaps that's why it didn't really turn out. He's certainly not my best likeness, but there's a certain hang-dog quality to him that I really like. He looks really sad and ... kissable. Doncha think?

Obviously work safe, if I've been drawing it in public! (well, maybe not COMPLETELY obvious!!) :D

Portrait be here )
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I found a neat reference photo of him, where he looked a bit more...craggy, and less pretty, and I liked him much better like that. I don't know if it was a newer pic, where he actually has some wrinkles, or if it's an older one, where the sun is hitting him just right, but either way, I liked it.

Men are sexier when they've got a bit of 'character' in their faces.

Crayon RSL )
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yay! I can actually say, that I am happy with this Wilson!! He's not perfect, but he actually looks like he's supposed to. *glee* although he ended up a bit egg-headded
He was mostly drawin at (teh ebil) McDonalds playland, whilst my kiddies climbed around in the big tubes and screamed like lunatics.

Anyhoo, here he is.

Totally work safe!! (sorry!)

Nuther Crayon Wilson )
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I'm not sure what possessed me exactly, but here it is!

It's a Star Trek/House crossover

Medium: Crayon

House Trek )
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Bwahahaha! My intention was to draw a playful little love bite, and alas, it has turned into Zombie!Wilson trying to eat House's brain. *facepalm*

Zombie!Wilson )
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Okay, here it is! As requested, Crayon Smut, plus the bonus request of very pregnant!Harry having sex with Snape.

Warning: SEE ABOVE!! If you're not Accioslash, you probably don't want to see this!

I apologize for the crappiness. Crayons aren't really made for the details that a drawing like this requires. Lesson noted. :D

deleted due to eljay asshattery!! )

Happy Birthday hon!
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Hee! Can you tell that I have all sorts of month-end paperwork due? (like...from LAST month????!!)

Drawing trumps paperwork. Hands down.

Here's a crayon Wilson to go with my crayon House. I'll take the two drawings and smush them together to make them kiss!

Crayon Wilson )
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Geez, picspam or what? My poor children have been wallowing in their own filth all day.

"Mama, can I have something to eat?"

"Shut the fuck up! can't you see mommy's drawing???"

Okay, it wasn't quite that bad......:D

Here's a crayon Dumbledore. A real quickie. And yes, his glasses are floating, unsupported on his face. Ya know what? he's a freakin' wizard, Dude! They can float there without shadows if he wants them to, okay?

Rated G. Don't worry, there's smut a-comin!

Crayoladumbola? )
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yay! Here he is, in all his Rickmanish glory, Crayola Snape, or, Snaypola! ;^)

Rating G baby!

Snaypola )
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I bought the Prang crayons (thanks for the suggestion, [ profile] kittehkat!! I've always thought of crayons as very hard to draw with, but THEY ROCK! And dear Lord, they're so freakin' cheap! Two bucks! I also broke down and bought some chalk pastels, but I didn't try them yet.

Thanks again to [ profile] elicia8 for the rockin' crayon tutorial. You've made a maniac out of me! I'm going to have to do a crayon Snape next!

I really love how this portrait is almost a caracature of him. Totally unintentional, but cool, nonetheless. :D

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If you read my journal (and if you're reading this, then you DO,) you know that I'm pretty much a black and white girl. Other than the odd cartoon, I mostly work with graphite. I have a phobia of colour, and although I love it in other peoples work, I hate it in my own.

Until ... the frighteningly talented [ profile] elicia8 posted this FANTASTIC crayon tutorial that she did, step by step of House.

Now, mine isn't nearly as nice as hers, but I'm just thrilled to pieces with it. *huggles it*. I used THE shittiest crayons known to man (the ones in those $20 art kits that you buy for kids, that have like, 3000 pens, pencils, crayons, watercolour pads and markers) so the quality wasn't the best, but I feel like something clicked in my brain, and I may just have to go out and purchase some COLOURFUL utensils tomorrow! *SQUEE*

He's a bit more yellow than I intended (especially since I didn't use yellow at all.)
Anyhoo, without further ado, here's my crayon House pic

crayons ahoy )


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