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sigh* In typical 'country' fashion, my neighbours (no, not the usual shitty neighbours) but different ones, got themselves a couple of kittens. Except, of course, their kids have allergies, so these cats get to live outside.

I am honestly not sure WHY you'd want a pet (aside from a horse) that lives outside. Of course, like every other animal in a 50 mile radius, these cats have managed to make their way to my house. They're just little kitties, maybe 12 weeks old? And it's COLD outside. The first time they ended up here, it was quite a cold snap. I picked them both up and walked them back across the road. I knocked on the door, but nobody was home. Also, the kittens had food and water dishes, but they were both empty. So I went back home, got food and water for them, put them in their little dog type house and left.

They were both back within two hours. The people still weren't home (and were due to have a baby right around this time) so I set up a big kennel with food, water and a litter box and kept them inside my house until I could get ahold of the neighbours. THREE DAYS LATER I managed to catch them at home and give them their cats back. (and no, they had not had the baby yet...I have no idea where they'd been.)

Long story short, one of the kittens keeps coming back here, so I said screw it, set up a little warm spot for him in our mini barn, gave him some food and water and now he's mine. I mean, he's WELCOME to go back across the road any time he wants, he's got free run, but at least i don't stay up at night worrying that he's freezing/starving to death. I try to not think about the other kitten.

These people have gone through two dogs and twice as many cats since they moved in. *shakes head*
They had named him Tow-mater (from the Cars movie), but I've taken to calling him Tomato. Just because it's a ridiculous name for an animal. I'm not generally a fan of ginger kittens. The other one is a beautiful calico, but as they say, you don't choose them, they choose you.
Kitty spam under cut )

Pffft! :D
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I try to not spam you guys with TOO much alien!porn/bestiality, so we'll stick 'em all together in one dump. :D

nakked peoples )
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I said I'd draw Snarry, AND I DID! Except that it's part of the upcoming Snarry a Thon-fest-thing. It starts posting tomorrow, so stay tuned!!

I went out the other day and bought some Perler beads. (yanno, the type you iron to melt them together?) They were not as ... forgiving as I'd hoped.

Most stuff under the cut is work safe, but some is DECIDEDLY NOT. So beware! )

Dance Baby

Sep. 12th, 2011 11:46 am
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This video makes me happier than if there was one where they were actually having sex.

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No, its not a picture of a dump, it's a dump of art! durrrr
Man, I need to draw me some Snarry next. Poor neglected things *pets them*

Anyhoo, art is only semi-worksafe. Nothing explicit.

Didn't I say, like five months ago I was pretty much done drawing Megamind? Yeah... )
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I swear to God I complete myself. If I ever met me, I'd totes be my own best friend. (which, sadly, isn't far off from the truth right now.)

Hopefully, I at least entertain others in my own masturbatory meanderings. (figurative masturbatory meanderings, of course ...)
There is nothing showing, but no boss on earth would want this popping up at work )

See? The kids' first day of school was today, and this is how I spent my time. ;)
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I am nothing, if not prolific. ;)

As work safe as alien rimming and platypus fucking can be. Which would be not at all in any workplace ever. )

Aesthetically speaking, I find it interesting that I went with two different layouts/orientations, just two days apart, when I generally draw things quite square.

Obviously I am growing as an aritst. ;p

Also, wth is with all the porn? Ovulating much?
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What's the point of WRITING squicky bestiality if you don't illustrate it???? NO POINT.
You may now bow down to my amazing background skillz )

Thanks to everyone who read and commented on my crazy little fic. It left me all warm and fuzzy. in my urethra

A fic!

Sep. 3rd, 2011 01:18 am
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But not just any fic! No, this would be a fic where a man has sex with a platypus. And there may or may not be sounding. (there may.) And that sounding might be of ... a different variety.

I am going to run and hide now.
Thanks to [ profile] dacro for looking this over, and to [ profile] pern_dragon for fixing my spag.
Bestiality is the BEST ilaity! )

See? That wasn't so bad was it? At least it was short! :D
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Whoo! Say THAT five times fast! :D

Do I even need to say that these are not worksafe?
NOT WORK SAFE. There. I said it. )
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Oh man! The new 'movie' came out a couple of days ago, and I am in lust love with second dimension Doof! It's like ... they took Doof and PUT HIM IN SNAPE'S ROBES! AND GAVE HIM AN EYEPATCH. *vagina explodes* He's like an evil scientist/professor/pirate. :D Anyhoo, no self respecting Mistress of Squick would let a multi-dimension meeting of the minds go un-arted.

When Doof asked Doof; "So, are we alike in EVERY way?" My mind wandered right down to where it counts. And yes, yes they are. :D

NWS cartoon dub-con )

And thanks to Rex and Licia! This obviously wasn't the application that i had asked the question for, but i used my new found skillz for this, and it worked wonderfully! <3
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Whee! Have some art, peoples! Most of these are from the past few Hump day smuts that I hadn't cross posted here.

duh, not work safe )

Did I ever post my Draco and Harry shitting in a boat pic here? ;) Let me know.
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As per usual, they may not be safe for work. :D

Platty pics under here )


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