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Another one of my [ profile] help_haiti drawbles. This one for [ profile] sotto_voice who requested Liz Sherman from Hellboy. Now, everthing I know about the entire Hellboy franchise is what I was able to google. And that is fire in her hand, not a tribble. It would seem that I CANNOT draw fire. *shrugs*
Actually work safe! )
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I still have to post the ones I RECIEVED, but here are the last of the ones I did. Have i mentioned what an amazing time I had?

drawbley drawbles under here )

Oh, as an aside, [ profile] synn gave me a little gift bag with some candy in it, and my son was sitting beside me, organizing all the different shapes and colours, and he keeps talking about the HERPES KISSES. *roflcopter*
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Thank God I didn't take pics of ALL of them, because there isn't enough bandwidth in the world to post them all.

art under here )

I'll post the rest later! (and the ones that I recieved too!!)
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Oh man, good tiemz, good tiemz. *siiiiiigh*

I don't know if I can even make a coherent post about how amazing it was, how amazing the people were, how amazing my roomies were ... Srs fun from beginning to end. And the art! Oh man, I met ALL OF MY ART HEROS! And fangirled them incessantly. I won't name drop (yet) but suffice to say, if they were the best HP fanartists, THEY WERE THERE! I was severely intimidated and thrilled and of course, learned tons from them.

I did a TON of drawbbling. Here are some of the results. I'll have to break it into a couple of posts, because Image heavy liek woah )

More to come, and some proper name dropping posts in the future.
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I'm back from Prophecy! I'm working on getting the shit from my camera onto my laptop, but in the meantime, here's a silly drawble I did, whilst practicing for the drawble booth. Well, actually, it's a re-do, as SOMEONE STOLE THE ORIGINAL! Lots of us artists threw some stuff up, just to fill the walls until the real drawbling began, and I thought, geez, I like that cartoon I did, I should take a pic of it, so I can post it later, and was gone. Now, granted, it took all of five minutes to draw it again, and god knows I could use the practice, but still.... it's a bit odd, don't you think?

How come no one stole my fumbledore art?? ;^)

Lame spoilers ahoy )

Next post will be squeeage/fangirling and hopefully photos, I promise!!
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yay! Finally finished the book, and now I can return to the land of the porn living!

I missed you guys!

In between reading (and yeah, I went and bought the book at midnight but then had to work the next morning, so I had a late start in reading it) I've been frantically practicing my drawbling, so as not to make an ass of myself at Prophecy.

Under the cut is a newer, more 3-D type sketch. It's a spoiler, so don't click the cut if you don't want to see it!

spoilers ahoy )

ANY DRAWBLE IDEAS ARE MUCH APPRECIATED! I'm still going to do the ones that were requested last week, don't worry!


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