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*sigh* Why do fics with the best summaries always have the worst writing?

There was a promising fic that I downloaded to read on my flight to Florida, and I got about three paragraphs in, and just had to put it away. Then today, while waiting for kids during their music lessons, I decided to take another look, just for fun.

In the first three chapters, Clint is referred to as: The Marksman, Barton and The Archer x2

Natasha is called: The spy, the Russian spy and Widow x2

Thor is called The Asgardian a couple of times.

Steve gets Super Soldier x5, The Captain x2, Rogers x11 and The Blonde (with an 'e')

Bruce is: The physicist x4, the scientist x4, and Banner x10.

Tony gets Iron Man, Stark x13, The Billionaire x8, the Engineer x7, The genius x7, The Inventor x4, The hero, the mechanic, the industrialist and the scientist x3.

Add to this a multitude of adjectives, like annoyed (The annoyed physicist) Prickly (the prickly billionaire) etc.

And this is just HALF WAY through the fic. And there wasn't even any sex! Too bad, as I can only imagine how hot it would have been!

"Take me," says the horney Super Soldier, sliding his hands down the rippling abs of the trembling Philanthropist. Rodgers knew of his billionaire boyfriend's playboy past, but despite his moral upbringing in the depression era 30's, he was fine with it. Now, in the penthouse suite of Stark's Avengers Tower in New York, the genius, engineer inventor only had eyes for him.

"God," gasped the dark haired, goateed industrialist, "Rogers, the super soldier serum that was injected into you back during the second world war by the turncoat German doctor has turned you into a blonde, muscular sex god."

"Inorite?" giggled the former best friend of the Winter Soldier, proud of his use of modern internet terms, despite his 70 years lost in the ice when he bravely went down in the plane run by the Red Skull.

Okay, that's about all I can manage right now. If anyone would like to add to this, we can put it up on!

ETA: While I have you here, recc me your very fav Steve/Tony fics! I'd prefer them to not be AU's, but I'm willing to give them a try as well. Thanks!
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Title: A Relative to Truth (Steve/Tony Avengers big bang.)
Artist: [ profile] orenjimaru_sama and [ profile] ambelie
Author: [ profile] tripperfunster[ profile] eeyore9990
Rating (both art/fic): R - NC17
Universe: Movieverse
Word Count: 27K and change
Warnings: Torture, PTSD, Sex
Beta: [ profile] evilmissbecky Oh god, thanks so much!! Also [ profile] lilacs_roses and [ profile] gestaltrose for looking it over.

Art Thumbnail: TBA
Fic Summary: The last thing Tony Stark remembers is being tortured in a cave in Afganistan. When he wakes up in a cave with Captain America he has no recollection of the past six years. The Iron Man suit, the Avengers and his long term relationship with the handsome American Icon are all things that he will have to re-discover.
Link to Art: orenjimaru_sama's art
and amebelie's art
Link to Fic: Over on A03

A fic!

Sep. 3rd, 2011 01:18 am
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But not just any fic! No, this would be a fic where a man has sex with a platypus. And there may or may not be sounding. (there may.) And that sounding might be of ... a different variety.

I am going to run and hide now.
Thanks to [ profile] dacro for looking this over, and to [ profile] pern_dragon for fixing my spag.
Bestiality is the BEST ilaity! )

See? That wasn't so bad was it? At least it was short! :D
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Wow, it's only been two years. ;)

Fandom: Megamind
Title: Homeshool
Characters: megamind/roxanne sort of ...
Summary: Megamind has serious doubts about his ability to please Roxanne. Minion offers to help via the disguise generator.
Rating: The usual. ;p
Count: 6000ish

Link: Over on Skyehawke
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Title: Mindbottling
Characters: Chazz/Jimmy slash
Length: 13k
Summary: A knock on the head causes Chazz to lose a year of his life. As his memory slowly returns, he realizes that things have changed, and there is something important he has to do.

click on the story notes box to pick your chapter
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Hey! A Snupin that I wrote a while back is the monthly feature over on Sychophant Hex. I'm a bit floored and thrilled too! Cyn, did you have anything to do with this? *cough*nepetism(sp?)*cough*

If you haven't read it before, I think it's quite funny and (duh) smutty too. (one of the reviews over there mentioned that they thought it was TOO smutty.) *snerk*

Anyhoo, it's PoA time line and Dumbledore has decided to unite the Staff by having them play games at their weekly meetings. Oddly enough, Snape is not amused. Hopefully YOU will be.
Starts With A Spin, Staff Edition

Here's a link:


EDIT: grrr, it seems you have to be a logged in member to read it there. If you aren't, then try my skyehawke account. They let any old trailer trash read their stuff!

Accio, just go and fucking read it already! Truuuuust me!
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Yay! Blades of Glory fic Homeschool is now finished and complete with epilogue!

Thanks to everyone who read and commented, it was a fun ride! :D

Here's the EPILOGUE

Or, you can start at the beginning here
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Whoot! It's finally finished! Well....almost. Stay tuned for a porntastic epilogue!

Blades Of Glory
Rating: NC17

Chapter nine be HERE

Start at the beginning over HERE!!

Beta'd by [ profile] miss_dearheart She was wonderful and very helpful! <3

And thanks to all the wonderful comments and support from everyone! <3
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Blades of Glory fic Homeschool (aka the fruity vagina fic) has the next chapter posted. (second to last one, I believe...)

Rated R
Warnings: um...kidnapping and a bit o torture? But not super heavy dark stuff.

Chapter 8 is here

Start at the beginning right here!!
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Title: Homeschool
Rating: NC17
Summary: Jimmy is having girl troubles and Chazz thinks he can help.
This Chapter: Hector's effed up fantasy world
Beta'd by the wonderful [ profile] miss_dearheart

Chapter Seven is HERE

Start at the beginning Right here!
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Well, the fruity vagina part is over, but there IS a part with cocks! :D

Whoot! Chapter six is up!
Sorry for the delay, but my beta was called out of town unexpectedly. She has the next chapter already, so the wait shouldn't be to long for that one.

Blades of Glory
Title: Homeschool
Characters: Jimmy/Chazz
Summary: Jimmy is having girl troubles and Chazz thinks he can help
This Chapter: What's the worst that could happen? Jimmy's about to find out.
Rating: NC17

Chapter six

Chapter One begins Right here!
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It's not complete yet, but the fruity vulva part has been written and posted. Thanks so much to [ profile] outofthisplace for suggesting dried apricots. I am a bit freaked out about how perfect they were. I also now like dried fruit, and I never have before! *wink*

Total words so far is around 10K The one chapter is about 2000.
And needless to say, it is NC17

The fic is Blades of Glory, and it is slash between the two main characters, Chazz and Jimmy. For those of you who would just like to read the fruity vulva part, I'll give you a quick breakdown under the cut.

Character summary )

Chapter one

If you only want the fruity vagina chapter, it can be found here!
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Here's part four (the end) of my House/Wilson fic, Pathetic.

Lots more smut and some fluffiness ensues!

Chapter Four

Chapter Three
chapter Two
chapter one

Feedback, as always, is better than meth! :D
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Here it is, kids! sorry for the delay, my interwebz sucks.

Chapter Three

Chapter 3/4?
Genre: Angst/smut/porn/smut/humour.
Words: approx 3100 this chappie
Warnings: See genre. Finally, we're getting to the smut!

chapter Two

chapter one
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grrr! My interweb has been SHIT lately! I'm not even sure if this will post!!!!'s chapter two of Pathetic

chapter Two

Chapter 2/4?
Genre: Angst/smut/porn/smut/humour.
Words: approx 2200 this chappie
Warnings: See genre. Wilson gets the crap beaten out of him, and it's House to the rescue!

chapter one
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Thanks to [ profile] soundship and [ profile] plasticineheart for their beta work. Ull uterh mitsakes ar mein.

Chapter 1/4?
Genre: Angst/smut/porn/smut/humour. (okay, the first chapter isn't overly smutty)
Words: approx 2200 this chappie
Warnings: See genre. Wilson gets the crap beaten out of him. *gasp*

Over on skyehawke
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Title: You have Talent
Author:[ profile] tripperfunster
Recipient's LJ name:[ profile] bitterfig
Word Count:1401
Warnings (if any):Maurader ass-hattedness
Author's notes: Thanks to [ profile] joanwilder and [ profile] schemingreader for the beta help.

Da fic be here )


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