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I gotta say, this turned out much better than I'd anticipated. It's been so long that I've used coloured pencils that I had to search around the house to find where I'd put them!

King Richard and Galavant having a "Walk through the garden." No junk, but two newd boyz.
bum!! )
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And then she went to hell, in a custom hand-basket of her own making.

Not sure how to finish this one. Ink? Pastels? Coloured pencils? Graphite?
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I couldn't resist.

Crayon Art

Jan. 23rd, 2016 09:12 pm
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Haven't done a proper drawn portrait in a while.
Here is Timothy Omundson done in crayon. (He's King Richard in Galavant and Cain in Supernatural.)
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Who do I have to blow to get a good non AU Galavant/King Richard first time fic?

I offer art, paper cuts and/or oral sex.

For reals. Well, art, at least. Oral sex just isn't the same over the internet. :(
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First, my new crush, Timothy Omundson. In pencil crayon.
The man is pure, unadulterated hair porn. And I hate beards. Hate them. And yet, I'd totes put up with his. ;)

Next is the design for my newest stained glass.

The colour scheme is loosely based on This picture I found on line. Mine will be much blockier, but with cool angles and with a dude in the middle, not a bird. (Dude being Sam Winchester) I was really taken with a scene in one of the episodes, where Sam talks about the adventures of Sir Galahad, and how he knew he could never be 'chosen' like that, because he was unclean. I that that was terribly sad, poor kid tainted when he was just a baby, so he deserved and churchy-halo-y window for himself.

The circles will be bevels, pained with symbols. I haven't decided which yet. Any specific ideas are appreciated!
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Timothy Omundson (Cain from Supernatural) has totally stolen my heart, as King Richard from Galavant. So. God. Damned. Funny! (and that hair! *swoons*)
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Galavant. I need slashy fic of this show like burning! Preferably King Richard/Galavant, but I would take either of these dudes with pretty much any other dude (Gareth? Chef? Sid? even Xanax!)

If you haven't seen this show, you really need to check it out. So. Damn. Good.


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