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This one was one of my fav's to do. God, the man is SO FUCKING STRANGE!
Item #82 Submit an illustration for the fairy tale Trumpunzel.

Item # 85 Instead of a sand castle, make a Sand Trailer Park.

The actual park we made was much bigger, but this close up of the grumpy saggy tit lady just seemed perfect.

Item #97 Do something nice for a veteran.

We went to the Veterans museum and asked what we could do. Turns out, they just wanted to show off their guns and stuff. We had a blast!

Item #99 Bees are disappearing from our planet. Do something to save/promote/support the bees.

Item # 126 Misha and the Queen of England. This time it had to be a Cowboy themed ranch-hand/school-marm thing. I wracked my brain in how I could so something that would stand out amongst the 1000+ entries, and decided that maybe I could Simpson-ize them.

Item # 143 Two images, side by side, plant a native tree somewhere that it will live out it's full life.

That's it for now. Julie and I also did a bunch of video submissions that I'll post soon.
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Car accident injuries are slowly (accent on the SLOWLY) improving and my job training is over for now, so I'm back home (in my new Vancouver Island home) settling in to work and family and the never-ending un-packing.

I haven't drawn a thing for months, as sitting with my arm in a seemingly neutral position (like at a computer) actually still hurts. I can lift a bale of hay, but can't sit for long with my arm at a relaxed 90 degree angle. ???

Anyhow, I took part in Gishwhes again this year, and it was my first 'arting' since the end of May. Yay! Julie Frulie joined me again this year, and I think we managed to hit a few out of the park again.

Item #2: A freight train pulling a tiny flat car with a woman dressed in Victorian attire writing a letter to her beloved, with a vase and flower on the desk.

I'm sorry, did you say TINY flatcar?? :D

Item #11 I lost the link, but you were supposed to re-create a photo of a dog biting a sprinkler spray, but you couldn't use a real animal. This is my version of this year's mascot, the Sealion/Kangaroo abomination called Slangaroo.

Item #18 Recreate a painting by Goya in candy.

Kinda sorted cheated, as much of that 'candy' is actually tiny little sprinkle balls.

Item # 34
I portrait of Jensen Ackles (from Supernatural) ON a skittle.

This looks like 25 different people (Mulder, Caveman, Andy Samberg) but NOT Jensen Ackles. *sigh*

Item #44 Two elderly men playing chess by candlelight in a crowded movie theatre.

Me and Julie make the SEXIEST old men! :D

Item #56 Green eggs and ham on a boat with a goat.

Me and Thyla (in a parking lot in a boat!)

Item #68
Your fav Supernatural actor on an Etch a Sketch, in the style of a famous painting.

This was my first try, and I knew I could do better. (is it just me or does this look like Eugene from the Walking Dead? :D )

This was what I submitted.

Okay, giant post is giant. I'll add the rest to another one.
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Can you re-blog this if you Tumble? We need 100 weblogs on it.

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Ah, the last day of Gishwhes! A good, solid 12 hours of scrambling to get shit done! Some items have been planned all week and others. … well … some were a bit more impromptu. :D

Item #130 McDonald's make over. What would the interior of a McDonalds look like if the franchise served only organic, free-range, fresh, seasonal, slow cooked food? Your image must be of the interior of an actual McDonalds, but the overhead menu and kitchen decor must reflect this new direction.

Ahaha! Julie makes the best hippie! We could NOT get a McDonalds to give us permission to take a photo. It all has to go through head office, bla bla bla. So in our third McD's we just rushed in and photobombed.

item145 A live impala eating had from the trunk of a vintage Impala car.

This item, hands down was the hardest we did. The animal was WAY easier to find than the car! Every contact I found was either on vacation, the car wasn't drivable or they just didn't want to help us out. Even the one guy who DID agree to meet with us was only willing to come if it wasn't raining. Thank god it was a sunny day!

item160 Let's see an ice, snow or sand sculpture of an SPN character.

This was one of those 'final moments' items. Sam made one and it was hilariously bad. Nic also tried a sculpture, but wasn't happy with it, so I had some time left (at midnight) and attempted to sculpt Death. Sadly, I had shitty construction sand, not nice, fine beach sand. We even ran out to the local school and stole some sandbox sand, and while it was better than construction, it was still more coarse than I would have liked.

item177 Make a portrait of a CW actor using only naturally shedded hair/fur of your pets.

Another last minute item. I'm sure my horses were like WTF? Why are you brushing us at 9pm? He also has dog hair, peacock and chicken feathers.

item 83 You know the saying "No man is an island?" Prove it wrong.

Item 164 Show us your version of Tai Chi Breakfast.
The original video is Misha and his wife Vicki being silly and cracking eggs on each other's heads. This was also yet another last minute pick up video.

Item 213 Play ping pong underwater on an actual ping pong table. Crack a raw egg open and use it's yolk as your ball. Bonus points if you can backspin it off the table.
My pool might never recover! yuck. The hardest part about this one was finding a ping pong table! And I sure as hell wasn't going to spend $100 on something that I was going to chuck in the pool. So we made our own (regulation sized). But it floated. ;) Even when we weighed it down, so we flipped it over and played upside down.

Whew! I think that's it! Oh wait! We also did a team photo, and were instructed to show off our beautiful moustaches. Kerryn started it off by doing a really cute old timey pic, so we all joined in.

Okay, thats it! Well, for me and Julie. If you care to see what the rest of my team did, follow our tumblr, where we're posting them all in the next several days.
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Friday was a good day! All of the planning and begging during the week finally started to pay off.

Item#31 (long explanation …) Let's see you handing $1.14 (or your country's equivalent) to an employee of an oil refinery, oil transportation or oil extraction company while they hand you one gallon of crude oil.
We already had the costume, so we figured we'd better use it!

item#127 Hang glide or parachute fully dressed as one of the Gishwhes mascots.
Well, I sure as hell was not going to jump out of a plane!

Item#183 Give a resident of a senior's home a little boost or act of kindness.
Hee! This is my mother in law, and she's actually in a hospital, not a senior's residence, but she IS on the geriatric floor, so … same thing? I love this photo. I am hamming it up, and she is giving the camera a total Jack Benny look.

Item#111 In honour of Don Quixote, in a Spanish city, search for adventure riding whatever your steed might be in front of a recognizable landmark.
My dear friend SRA_Danvers (Marta) got this for me. Such a gorgeous archway! Thanks Marta!

Item #157 Reimagine and repurpose a phone booth. Show a passer-by using it in a unique way.
Julie actually dropped trou' in a busy gas station parking lot for this one. Finding a phone booth was crazy hard, and eventually we went DUH! and called the phone company to see where we could find one.

Item#144 A live bull in a china shop.
Way harder than you might think.

The 'bull' (really a cow) did NOT want to participate. But she was lovely, once she actually came inside.
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Item #135 Make a Smart Phone that Alexander Graham Bell might make, out of items that he might have used. Any excuse to duct tape a chicken!!

Item #40 They say"A dog is a man's best friend," but they are sexist. Dogs can be women's best friend too. To prove it, make on entirely out of feminine hygiene products. The dog must be at least 40 centimetres tall.

There is a feminine protection item every year, so in anticipation, I made this Marie Antoinette maxi pad wig. I KNEW it would come in handy!!

Item#182 Paint a mural of one of your heroes on the side of a railroad boxcar or semi truck. you MUST have the owners permission and the truck or box car must be in use, not decommissioned. Your painting must cover at least 1/2 of the side of the truck.

Is it a surprise to anyone that my hero is Bill Murray?

item# 75 Gishzoontite! Get a host or reporter on a major network news or talkshow program to say Gishwhes! as a fake sneeze, as if they are trying to sneak it on the air.
We got one (two actually) and our team mate Dianne also did! Whee! (and we got on the news to boot!)

I also got two more items, a group of at least 5 uniformed police officers popping and locking and an 'impressive' conga line of uniformed postal workers, but I'm not supposed to post these ones, so that no one gets fired. :D
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I feel like most of my gishing this year was me trying to convince people to do stuff for me. (show up at a certain time, lend me their classic car, give me a semi-truck to paint) etc, and it seemed to affect my output. *pouts*

Anyhoo, here is what Julie and my husband and I got up to Monday and Tuesday

#6 Design and operate electric or gas powered knew and elbow scooters. When you wear them, they must glide you down the street on your knees and elbows only. The device must be at least four separate pieces not one or two platforms that you're lying on.

Geez! Rules much? Hubby designed this one and Quincey was our guinea pig. :D

Your car colour is uniform and boring. it's time for a paint job. Paint an image of a celebrated musician riding a unicorn on the hood or door panel of your car. It must cover the entire hood or door panel.

schools, hospitals and prisons are dismal places that are in desperate need of art to brighten them up. Get permission from one of these places to create a giant Gishwhes themed wall mural.

This didn't get installed until thursday, but we did the priming and designing Tues. (and got permission from the daycare/school on Tues.) We actually just did the mural with black outlines so that the kids could paint it with washable paint and then rinse it off and repaint it again. Like a giant colouring book. This photo doesn't show the mural that well, but we thought it was a great photo.

item#158 Goes perfectly with item #22!
Let's see a side by side before and after picture: transform a vacate lot into a community garden. you must be in both images.

This one was 100% Julie. She got permission from the daycare, then drove to a garden centre, pleaded her case and was given a shit-ton of free flowers and plants! yay! The next day she went back to the daycare and the kids and teachers all helped her plant and dig and make the whole thing awesome. GO JULES!

item# 132 make an action movie trailer . The main star: a pot roast.
Seriously? So ghetto it's hilarious. And Dianne's friend provided the fantastic movie voice for it. Keep in mind that we only had 14 seconds.

item#140 Paint or draw a celebrated historical figure on a glass slide; but paint them really small. Submit two images side by side: one with the glass slide in your hand and the other showing what your portrait looks like magnified 20x under a microscope.
Thank goodness I got a digital microscope for xmas!
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I may have some things we completed out of order, but Sunday seemed to be more prep than actual accomplishments. Lots of the items seemed to be "Get someone in X location to do Y" One of them was kids blowing bubbles in a plaza in Mexico. (item 192) Julie had friends there that send us some pics, but sadly, the camera was pretty low res. Oh well, better than nothing!

We also had to get a video of item 196: Record yourself and friends singing a quartet rendition of Carry on My Wayward Son" in an amphitheater after you google-translate it into at least three other languages and then back to English.
We actually had to do this quite a few times to get anything remotely funny. ??

Item: 156 Let's see a conquistador riding a giant tortoise or a man throwing a frisbee to an iguana which catches it in its mouth. Only because I think you deserve an easy item or two here and there, this should be done as a zoetrope versus doing it with actual tortoises and iguanas. You're welcome.

Kind of too bad, since I have a giant tortoise, but animation is fun too. This item wasn't completed until the end of the week (due to video making issues) but the actual zoetrope was finished pretty quickly.
I think this was one of the favourite things I did all week.
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The list went up at 8am Saturday morning, and Julie (my bff and teammate visiting from Abbotsford) and I woke up early to get started.

The three we managed that first day were:

Item 178 Your room looks like a pigsty. Make this common parental figurative phrase a literal reality.

It was SO DAMN HOT that day, that it just about killed us to drag all of the furniture to the pig's barn from the house.

item 155 Let's see a portrait of Taylor Swift or Nicki Minaj made from glue, rice and dried legumes. (not our best work …)

item 44 Let's see a portrait of Robert Downey Jr made entirely of salt and pepper.
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Hold on to your panties, kids, because I've got some stuff to upload!

But first, a video that I made with my son, to get us ready for all of the editing and costuming that we would be doing. (he did the editing, I did the costume.)

That ridiculous dinosaur is Dinomite The half dinosaur half mite mascot of this year's hunt.

I felt that making a costume would give us a step up from the competition. Little did I know that that fucking head would be the death of me! I called to get some foam to cut the shape out of, and a 3x3x3' foam piece cost $300! hahahahahah NOPE. So I used insulating styrofoam, which turned out to be a total PIA to cut and shape. I ended up using a sander, and when I die and they cut me open, I'm quite sure that little foam pieces will come out. They don't biodegrade!

Link to video: Gishtastic Park
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I have a funny political item that needs doing.

I also need someone who lives near a glacier.

And the playboy mansion. ...
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Gishwhes (The Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen) opens tomorrow morning, and I have the glue guns heated up and ready, costumes and craft supplies are gathered together and my friend and teammate Juliefrulie is coming from BC to help me!

I am so excited to have a partner in crime this week!

So be prepared to have me call/text/message you, my flist for the bizarre, the obscure and the remote favours that I will need.

Say, does anyone have any connections to NASA? Every year we've needed SOMETHING from them, and my team has not managed to get a contact there.

Anyone else live somewhere different? Exotic? Have a rare hobby or talent? I MIGHT NEED YOU! :D

See you on the other side, kids!
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I saw some artist make cut feathers like this, and I was all I TOTALLY HAVE FEATHERS!!! So I thought I would steal try his idea! So cool!

First one is the three Gishwhes mascots.

Second one is Team Free Will and the anti-posession symbol.
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Okay, a fake commercial, really. My team had talked about making an anti-Gishwhes commercial, so I just went ahead and made one.

Kudos to my employees and their families for agreeing to be my actors! <3

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My Gishwhes Friday in a nutshell. Cut for lots of images.

I won't spam you anymore, promise!">

By Thursday night I had finished all of the items that I'd planned to do, aside from one, so I jumped in and tackled a bunch that others hadn't been able to finish. Sadly, getting my team on microfilm required more than 15 hours, but I bullied begged three people to join me in butchering 'Carry On My Wayward Son' on a busy boulevard:

And did a huge run-around finding a 'float' to ride on: Fuck. I just realized that this was supposed to be an IMAGE not a VIDEO. *heddesk*

I then had to bully beg some firemen to give a speech about subduing radical Gishers. These people did NOT want to do this! The chief gave me the 'I dunno, we would need permission from the head chief guy' speech, so I asked for his number and then called him on the spot. He gave permission, and then the guys STILL were reluctant, but eventually succumbed to my pitiful grovelling.

One other item that I tried to get on my way home was getting a bunch of people on public transit to sing "Over the River to Grandma's house." I went to the mall to wait to catch a bus there, and even asked a small group of teens if they'd help me out and they agreed. Then, when we got on the bus, they changed their mind. It wasn't very full, and without their help, I was out of luck, so I got off and walked back to my car. The next busses didn't have enough people, so I headed home. On the way, I passed a bus FULL of people, so I sped ahead, haphazardly parked my car and ran to the stop to catch it. I got on, started singing and everyone one …was a bit horrified. But I kept singing, and encouraging everyone else to join in, and eventually got a couple of people to help out. When I got off the bus to yet again walk back to my car, I realized that my phone was set to camera and not video!! OMG all that embarrassment for nothing!!!! *cries* Lucky for me, another team member was trying at the same time, and managed to get this.

One item I'd sort of worked on all week was finally finished. A duct tape sculpture of John Barrowman's head. So. Bad. gishitem154
THis was one of those things that I thought I would do really well, and would in fact, suck wieners on. It looks like a character from Avatar!

I also had to dress two farm animals up as characters from SPN. This also did not turn out as cleverly as it as seemed in my mind. The good news is, I haven't seen many others that looked much better. My animals were not very cooperative!
gishitem76 I do think that Mr. Snippets makes a remarkable Sam though. It's the hair!

While finishing up my abomination of Barrowman, one of the girls announced that her "Read Huckfinn by Firefly" did not work out, so I tried my hand at it. And no, we do not have fireflies here. That's a lie. In my 30 years of living in Manitoba, I've seen exactly two of them. gishitem112web
I think this turned out quite well for a last minute item.

And finally, another teammate drew something wrong for a prompt. It was supposed to be a chalk portrait of a producer of Supernatural, and she drew an actor/director. I had exactly 30 minutes until the 2am deadline, so I took my chalk and drew Robert Singer. Submitted it with 10 minutes to spare! :Dgishitem83

Whew! And that's it! *slumps over*
What a very busy, creative, sleep deprived, exciting, embarrassing and exhausting week!
I can hardly wait until next year!
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IMAGE. Facts: (1) Orlando Jones’s father played for the Philadelphia Phillies, (2) Orlando’s first acting experiences involved playing a werewolf in a haunted house, and (3) Orlando is currently starring in "Sleepy Hollow". Let’s see you, dressed as a werewolf baseball player, riding a horse while holding a sign that reads, "We are all Orlando!"36 POINTS

It's very cool that the team that actually HAD Orlando on it, had him wearing his dad's actual jersey! His team seemed really fun!

Here is my submission. Somewhat lacklustre, but there's only so much you can do in 6 days.
I wanted to put the sign on an actual pumpkin, but they're not in season yet, and I wasn't going to spend $30 at Micheals for a fake one!


That is Levi that I'm sitting on, btw. He is a very good boy. I thought he would freak out with me dressed like that, but he had no shits to give. The 'unicorn' pony wouldn't get within 20 feet of me! :D
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IMAGE or VIDEO. You’ve heard of Crop Circles. Let’s see a "Crop Elopus" or "Crop Wooster" or "Crop Fograt" or the word, "GISHWHES" cut into a field of corn or wheat or another crop. The artwork must be at least 1 acre across and should be photographed from an aircraft or from a point of high elevation.178 POINTS

Fograt, Wooster and Elopus are the smush named animal hybrids that have served as mascots for the hunt each year. Elopus is by far the coolest, but the thought of having to 'draw' all of those tentacles was much too daunting. The Fograt just looks like a black blob, so I chose the Wooster for this one. Cut for verbose )

In the video, you can see, off to the side, our car, and my husband and son waving. That's how big an acre is. They look tiny!

Crop wooster ahoy!

This ordeal was EXHAUSTING! I will NEVER do a crop circle again. Ever.
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IMAGE. Design a sci-fi movie poster with the stars played by Misha Collins and the Queen of England. You may not use existing altered media images. It must be drawn or painted (digitally painted is acceptable). .62 POINTS

Every year they have some crazy Misha/Queen art thing. I was actually pretty stoked that they had a no photoshop rule this year. And thanks to that, there were some really great entries.

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VIDEO (20 seconds). The 1980s were great for break-dancing and neon clothing. Remember the "backspin?" Have a junker car do a "backspin" (upside down) on a piece of cardboard set to 1980s rap. The car must have some neon decoration.167 POINTS

The parents of my son's best friend run an auto body shop, so I went to them first. But they were away for most of the week at their cottage. *sad face* But … the dad was going to be home a few days early, and the mom (who is my friend) made arrangements to have everything ready three days before the hunt ended. Yay! She and her kids even donned their best neon clothing and did a little rap/dance for me.

We couldn't get the car to spin on it's own, and I assumed it was because it was on grass under the cardboard, but I haven't seen any others online that spun either, even ones on concrete.

Break Dance Car

This one was lots of points, and I was very happy to get it.
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VIDEO. Which is faster: a baby learning to crawl or a turtle? Let’s see a race.26 POINTS

Video here

A different team member had signed up for this one, but our neighbours were over with their toddler and baby, just looking at the horses and chickens and I seized the opportunity.
Plus, Moses is a pretty impressive turtle tortoise. :D


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