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yay moar NWS stuff! pffft backstory. WHO NEEDS IT???

Not worksafe )

Entire thing can be found here

Thanks for lookin'!
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This one is more work safe. No bits showing.

a bit more backstory )

The whole thing can be found Here
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yay sex! Sort of.
I drew this in Tim Hortons, and cracked myself up trying to emulate the expressions while drawing them. I had no mirror, so I was making the faces and then sort of feeling where my eybrows were, and what my mouth was doing. ;)

Sadly, STILL worksafe )

Find the whole thing here
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Whoops, didn't update yesterday!

Here's the next two panels.

Work safe ish )

Entire thing can be found Here

Thanks for lookin'!
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Wheee! Moar backstory today!

worksafe )

Find the whole thing Here
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Whee! The porny parts are getting closer ... but not yet!!

Right here peeps )

Entire thing can be found here:
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Okay, new expression for me in this one. Sneaky! I'm still not sure if he looks sneaky, or constipated. He also looks a bit angrier than sly .... oh well. I am really trying to not use references, and there's only so much I can do with a pencil and my own mug in the mirror. It is apparent that I am NOT Slytherin. ;)

Work Safe, today. )

Whole she-bang can be found HERE
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Updated yet again!

Let's have some backstory )

Or see the whole thing HERE
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Man, this is taking a long time to get porny. well, for me, anyway. :D

Enjoy! )

Entire thing can be found here: Everything so far ...
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Eee! So much fun! And sadly, I haven't written the plot yet, so I'll be finding out what happens at the same time you do! :D

Naked Megz, be warned )

Not terribly dirty, though.

The first ones can be found here:
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My Megamind graphic fic. Keep in mind that it is image heavy liek whoa, and of course, is NOT safe for work.
Angst and fluff and porn ahoy )

Thanks so much to everyone who followed along! What a turn out, huh? ;)
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Wheee! Almost done!

I'm not thrilled with Coach's last line, but it's late, and I couldn't think of anything funnier/more original.

Comic iz here )

I'm not sure what, exactly to do next. I mean, porn, of course! But I want to give it an 'ending' without being too fluffy or cheezy. Any and all ideas are welcome! (no, i'm not drawing a wedding.)


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