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Who do I have to blow to get a good non AU Galavant/King Richard first time fic?

I offer art, paper cuts and/or oral sex.

For reals. Well, art, at least. Oral sex just isn't the same over the internet. :(
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I have an AA question.

When you get your 'coin' for sobriety, what denominations are they? 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, etc?

And how are they given out? During the meeting? Quietly afterwards?

Asking for a friend …. :D For a fic, actually.

Thanks in advance. Clearly, anon comments are more than welcome!
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So, I"m thinking of doing a 'craft show and sale' with my paper cuts, specifically, to get commissions to do 'real' people, like, grandkids, parents, pets, etc, but I want to use famous people to show off my skills. (kind of like when you see those caricature artists, who have drawings of celebrities.

So, who would be eye-catching? I have most of the Avengers and the main guys from Supernatural.

I'm thinking of doing Walter White, Grumpy Cat, Elsa and maybe Bill Murray as a ghostbuster.

Anyone else that you think would bring the boys to my yard people to my booth?

Any and all ideas welcome! Logos too!<3

I have almost two weeks before the show, and I can do paper cuts pretty quickly. 2-4 per day, if need be. I would love to get enough commissions to avoid getting an xmas job.
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So, if I was to open either a small stained glass storefront, or just an online store for stained glass, what do you think would be the best name for it?

Pane in the Glass

Kick Some Glass

The Glass Hole

Kiln me Softly

License to Kiln

Dressed to Kiln

Also? This.

My poor cat and dog had no freakin' idea why ANYONE would like to hang out in the bathtub.
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Galavant. I need slashy fic of this show like burning! Preferably King Richard/Galavant, but I would take either of these dudes with pretty much any other dude (Gareth? Chef? Sid? even Xanax!)

If you haven't seen this show, you really need to check it out. So. Damn. Good.
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So, I've been watching a lot of John Oliver and Jon Sterwart lately, and as a surprise to NOBODY now I really want some slash between them. (this, from the girl who is squicked by rpf!)

So, if anyone knows of some, please be helping a sister out?

Don't care who tops. DNW family members involved. Dirty, desperate fondling and back room frotting much appreciated.
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Hey guys, there are some kids who need a stable place to live, and I want to help out.

Take a peek at these sweet faces

The first two people to donate $40 or more to the gofundme account linked in the link, I will make you a minimum 4 layer up to 6 layer paper cut of whomever you like, real person, character or celebrity.

Like these: papermisha

Or, you can purchase any of these existing ones for a donation of $25. Just donate under your name and show me, or I assume there's some sort of reicept thingie you get with gofundme? I've never tried it.

Anyhoo. First two people to comment get the comish, and the first peeps who claim the existing ones get first pick.

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So, hypothetically (because I won't know until tomorrow), if I wanted to gather a bunch of people to do something like a flash mob, what would be the best way to organize and give instructions? My plan would be to put an ad in the paper and/or on kijiji to reach the most people, but I need a way to get more specific with them.

These would be people that I don't know, so I don't really want to give out my personal email address to 1000 strangers, but I need to give out instructions as to where and when, and I also might need to put up a short dance video so everyone an learn the moves.

I would also like it if there could be some back and forth, people could ask questions, and/or I could get a head count of how many people to expect.

blogspot? facebook (which I don't use, and I think you need to specifically invite people to a special group??)any other social media platform that doesn't have to be linked to my rl. I could just start it up for this ,and then abandon it.

Thanks in advance!
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If you post a short video to lj, where do you link from? Do I have to open a youtube account? Or are there other vid hosting sites out there?
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Today I made a lightbox via instructions on the interwebs. We've had some adorable baby chicks and ducks lately, and I wanted to photograph them.

The problem is, my camera is WAY beyond my skill set of point and click. I generally keep it on the 'auto' setting, and shut the flash off, but the light box proved to be tricky and I tried a million settings and wasn't really happy with any of them. (and didn't understand any of them either.)

I have the options of (I assume) shutter speed, from 80 up to 1600. I also have the option of C1, C2, M, AV, TV, P (the afore mentioned) auto, scn and movie.

The camera seemed to have trouble focusing, so I moved it physically back and then zoomed in. Any hints or tips would be welcome. Any hints on getting a chick to sit the fuck still and look at the camera would also be appreciated. ;)


These were tweaked quite a bit in ps, to get rid of the overtly yellow colour and give them more contrast.
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The stained glass place were I spend my kid's inheritance shop is having a 'show' and I can enter two windows. There are apparently a couple of prizes (best in show and people's choice??) in each category (fused glass, windows etc) so I'm not sure which window to bring!

Of course, I'll bring the newest one, Perdition )
But I'm undecided on the second choice. Should it be my other SPN window? Or Iron Man?
Other choices )

Which one(s) would YOU pick? I have no idea who/what I"m up against, and I also have to assume that the average stained glass person is uh … Not hip? I'm willing to bet that the median age will be well above fifty and they may or may not know what ANY of these windows are about, so they'll have to win on craftsmanship and composition alone.

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Hey guys, just poking you with a sharp (but friendly) stick to remind you (and or beg you) to go and vote for my art at that spn contest.

So far it looks like I'm in the top 75 out of 300 or so, but I have to get in the top 20 to have a chance of winning.

Link to original post with links to vote:

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I have a black, fairly delicate design that I need to put on a shirt, yet, when I flatten it, I'm getting those damn white halos around it, yet it's a thin enough design that I can't really expand it by a couple of pixels without wrecking it.

Is there a way to save/merge the layers without the halo?

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Worksafe )

For those who don't know, Kripke is the creator of Supernatural and McG is an executive producer.


Mar. 23rd, 2014 09:01 pm
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Thanks for the advice, everyone! Here's what it turned into.

Final? version )

I'll wait for your secondary advice before submitting. <3
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There is a Supernatural design contest and Imma enter. The design will be used on their merch, like shirts, mugs, etc. The themes are Family Business, Hunting Things and Saving People, so I've gone with a family business sign crossed with a Ouija board, but I'm not completely happy with it yet.

Any thoughts/ideas/suggestions are very much appreciated!

Work safe, duh! )
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So … is there a basic writing program that comes with a Mac? It seems to come with a whole wack of stuff, like iPhoto, and contacts and some sort of AppleScript Editor … but is there like a Microsoft Word Document type thing? ( obs not Microsoft …)

And/or, what is a program that is free/cheap that is easily shared between Mac and HP users? I want to be able to send stuff for beta without having to import/export it as something else.

If it exists here, I'm not seeing it.

Thanks in advance.
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No, not on how to do it.

A friend of mine is dealing with the suicide of one of his employees. This person had worked for him for many years, manning the phones and doing much of the paperwork and stuff.

This year my friend decided to take on that job himself, thinking he could save the company some money.

And yeah, that employee, who was not hired back this year killed himself. He had always been a bit of a loner, and my friend knew that ending the job would be hard on him, but he obviously never expected this person to commit suicide. He had actually talked to him about possibly working part time, but too little, too late, I suppose.

And now, understandibly, my friend is just gutted with guilt over this.

I spoke with him about how I understand his guilt, and of course ANYONE would feel guilty in this circumstance, but that he needed to realize that the only person responsible for this suicide was the person who did it. Anyone who knows/loves/is related to/married to/works with someone who dies this way questions themselves. What could they have done differently? What if they hadn't said A or B? etc.

It's a natural response, but in the end, they cannot be responsible for someone else's life.

I'm not sure if this helped or not, and uh ... being a DUDE, it's really hard to say what's going on with him emotionally.
he DID ask me what he should tell people who ask about what happened, and I told him that all he needs to say is that X took his own life.

Any advice from people with more experience? Obviously, it's a horrible thing, no matter how you slice it, but is there any way to ease the guilt that my friend is feeling?

Thanks in advance.
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I have a psd file that I use as a mastersheet for the comic I'm making. It has everyone's skin tones, tony's shiny arc reactor and the comic panel frames all on different layes.

A couple of days ago I fat-fingered something and the file disappeared. I can still access it in photoshop, and 'open' it, except it doesn't show up. I can see it in the little history/actions window in the top right corner, but I can't get it to open on the actual page. *pulls out hair*

Any thoughts? I REALLY don't want to have to start some of this shit from scratch.

thanks in advance

edit: Okay, I fixed the problem by opening it in a different ps (elements), changing the file slightly, then saving it under a different name. But I am still interested to hear wtf I did, and how it could be fixed. I'm using psCS3 btw.

MOAR edit: fixed now and I am embarassed at how stoopid I am. Thanks Mierrona! <3
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I am considering doing some yoga this year, but am ... horribly unflexible and out of shape. Will I shame myself if I just show up at a yoga class and flop around like a landed trout? Or should I use the internet to learn some poses and build up some strength first?

Are you expected to hold the poses for the required amount of time? Or do people 'tap out' and sit quietly/stretch while everyone else does the downward dog for an hour?

also? I've done some looking on the internet, and uh ... they all seem pretty ... spiritual? I don't want to do a sanscript prayer before I stretch. I just want to stretch.


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