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This was drawn for Sauty who won the 'draw' on [ profile] wilsons_heart. A silly contest where we were assigned possible outcomes from the season finale, and hers came closest.

I give you a very stretched out Wilson done in pen. I'm not sure what I was smoking while doing the line art, but I sure had fun with the cross-hatching, so I'm posting it despite the oblong-ness of the whole thing.

done from an older reference pic of him that deelaundry found.

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Here's a coloured ink of Mr. Housie-pants.

My very first thing in coloured ink! I need to get more colours! :D $$$$$$

Licia, I tried the scribble thang, and uh ... no. I crosshatched instead.
house pic here!! )
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I wrote this almost a year ago, in hopes of using it to find a screenplay agent, but now, alas, it is so outdated that its practically useless. *sigh*

This is a screenplay script for the show House, and the timeline would be approximately Season Three, right before he fired everybody.

Its rated G, because, duh, it was written for tv, but fear not, there are lots and lots of slashy over/undertones. Also, its written in script format, so although its a bit odd to read at first, its actually reads smoothly once you get started.

Title: Dream Girl
Rating G
Summary: Wilson is considering on-line dating, and House is having very odd dreams. Oh, and Gene Simmons is featured too!Script be here! )
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Needless to say, from the title of the pic, this is NWS. (and you would expect no less from me, I'm sure!)

Damn RL for being so fekking crazy and thus this pic taking over a week to draw. (one teeny bit at a time). Not to mention that it's a bit hard to draw full-on 'peen' shots with the kids running around! *g*

The prompt was: 228. House/Wilson -- pure love making, req. drawn and full body on both of them (extra points if House's scar makes an appearance and a tray of brownies if it is somewhat drawn correctly, Skin Deep great reference).

Well, this is pre-love making, and while there are some glaring errors, TOUGH SHIT! :D
Wilson is too tall and due to my poor planning skillz, I had to draw his scar up too high so that it would still fit on the paper. :D

I really liked the idea of drawing them both, but only seeing hints of their faces. I also must say that the pose was shamelessly 'mined' from a web site with many hawt gai menz.

Get House Laid )

As always, click or rub on the image to make it ... embiggen! :D
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For the amount of work that this took, I'm not terribly happy with it. Too big, too dark...too many distractions. I don't usually take so long to draw stuff, but RL kept getting in the way, and my teeeeeeny tiiiiiny attention span was lost part way through. But I HATE leaving things half done, so I slogged through and finished.

I'm not entirely UNHAPPY with it. Especially the chest hair. *purrs*

sleep )
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Here's part four (the end) of my House/Wilson fic, Pathetic.

Lots more smut and some fluffiness ensues!

Chapter Four

Chapter Three
chapter Two
chapter one

Feedback, as always, is better than meth! :D
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I just loved this screen shot of him, with the back lighting on his face. Too cool! I just had to draw it.

Chalk Shoulder )

The colours look better in real life, more teals and pinks, but hey, the camera is old!

House Art

Jun. 15th, 2007 01:15 am
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Less is more....less is more....

Too much waxy crayon goodness. Plus, I left my crayons in the sun today, and they melted! Not completely, just enough to be kind of effed up to draw with.

Oh well, it stared out quite promising.

overdone hugh pic )
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Thanks to [ profile] soundship and [ profile] plasticineheart for their beta work. Ull uterh mitsakes ar mein.

Chapter 1/4?
Genre: Angst/smut/porn/smut/humour. (okay, the first chapter isn't overly smutty)
Words: approx 2200 this chappie
Warnings: See genre. Wilson gets the crap beaten out of him. *gasp*

Over on skyehawke

House Art

Jun. 6th, 2007 11:21 pm
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Another foray into Mcdonald's playland with the kids...another crayon drawing.
I pretty much always draw at my laptop (I use tradition media, but I have all my ref. stuff on teh computer) but this was done from a photo. Perhaps that's why it didn't really turn out. He's certainly not my best likeness, but there's a certain hang-dog quality to him that I really like. He looks really sad and ... kissable. Doncha think?

Obviously work safe, if I've been drawing it in public! (well, maybe not COMPLETELY obvious!!) :D

Portrait be here )
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It was a huge picture, 14x18, but House ended up so small in the background! Clickx11eleventy if you want to see any details!

Work safe.

Wombat Love over here people!
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I just had to draw Wilson's cute wink from the other night! And, of course, I had to add some hawt House lovin' to it as well. Have I mentioned how much I hate drawing ties?? I do! Geometric patterns are my arch nemisis. grrr

Sadly, it's work safe

Wink, wink, nudge, nudge )
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I'll work my way back into full-on smut soon, I promise!

but for now, just a sweet kiss.

This was a real mix of stuff. Pencil, watercolour pencils and charcoal. A real media grab-bag! And quick, about an hour.

Smoochie )
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I found a neat reference photo of him, where he looked a bit more...craggy, and less pretty, and I liked him much better like that. I don't know if it was a newer pic, where he actually has some wrinkles, or if it's an older one, where the sun is hitting him just right, but either way, I liked it.

Men are sexier when they've got a bit of 'character' in their faces.

Crayon RSL )
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yay! I can actually say, that I am happy with this Wilson!! He's not perfect, but he actually looks like he's supposed to. *glee* although he ended up a bit egg-headded
He was mostly drawin at (teh ebil) McDonalds playland, whilst my kiddies climbed around in the big tubes and screamed like lunatics.

Anyhoo, here he is.

Totally work safe!! (sorry!)

Nuther Crayon Wilson )
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I'm not sure what possessed me exactly, but here it is!

It's a Star Trek/House crossover

Medium: Crayon

House Trek )
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Grrr. He has such a difficult face to draw!! *bitch slaps him*

Jimmy )
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Okay, I'm out of control with the House stuff now. I can freely admit it. Snape is sulking in the corner, but I must say, it suits him! Perhaps if he's snarky enough to me, I'll render him in chalk too. Well, I suppose I already did, for [ profile] smut_wednesday, NWS,wanking snape but you know, an actual portrait or something.

In the meantime, I give you

ChalkyHugh )

totally work safe.
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Just a little slashy fun to amuse myself.

Chalk!House/wilson )
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ooooooh! What a horrible, frustrating medium to work in! *stomps on chalk pastels and breaks them into little bits*

I mean, I'm fairly happy with the final result, but it was so messy, and drawing with those stoopid little rectangles is like drawing with the blunt end of a crayon! How the hell are you supposed to get any details with a big, fat rectangle? Not to mention that for some reason, I had to practically sand off the factory edge to get any colour. I spent the first two minutes just making blank scratches on the paper. grrrrr

On the good side, they blended well, (too well) and they were very quick to work with, but nope....don't like 'em! I think I had to stop and wash my hands about forty times to avoid totally smudging everything together.

Chalk Cuddy )


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