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The theme this week was FAKE PORNOs, and I have to admit, I had a lot of fun, despite scribbling both of these things IN PUBLIC PLACES. Yes, I have absolutely no shame whatsoever.

If I'd had more time, I would have drawn The Organ of the Phoenix ... )

Go check out the other art there too. I must say that I am tickled that [ profile] redheadsarehot drew Snarry, and *I* drew the trio. WILL WONDERS EVER CEASE?

eta: I have no idea the shite that the rest of the world got, but both of these drawings are rip offs of the Canadian covers of the novels. (actually, Deathly Hallows was a great cover, but I really didn't care for the rest.) I could name 20 fanartists that would have done a better job.
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Hee! The theme this week is ORAL. Srsly, what could be better?

Here's mine: Needless to say, not safe for work )

If you'd like to see the rest (and you KNOW you do) they can be found here:


Jul. 9th, 2008 04:34 pm
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Okay, now that I've got your attention, Foreskin is the prompt today over on [ profile] hump_day_smut.

If you'd like to see what I think Sirius' dick looks like, wander over there and have a look-see! There's also some Weasley wank, A Lucius/??? blow job and a silly dark mark.

foreskins a poppin'
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For those of you who don't watch Hump_day_smut, here are were my entries for this week.

Hair in the Drain )

NO hair in the Drain )
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Go check out the awesome pin-up fest over there today!

You won't believe your pants eyes!

Should I make the disclaimer that all crack is the property of me only, and is not a reflection on the character and/or opinions of the other artists? :D

PIN UPS!!eleventy
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The theme was Role Reversal, and I could not think of anything smutty that wasn't horribly predictable.

This is what I came up with:

Painfully Work-safe *sob* )

See the rest of them here

Although...those, obviously are NOT work safe. :D
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Shield yer eyes! It begins with a middle aged man making out with himself, and degrades from there into fish!porn. Did I stutter? I said FISH!PORN.

The theme was crossovers.

First, I bring you Snape/Dr. Lazarus (from Galaxy Quest). Alan on Alan people!

dirty piktures )

And go check out the other amazing entries!
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The theme over on [ profile] hump_day_smut this week was Vintage smut.

You just KNOW what I drewed! :D

Needless to say, not eye work safe at all.
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Honestly, it felt like Wednesday, like...two days ago.

I have two arts to show this week, so I'll just link ya, instead of re-posting.

Also, one of them is FIRST TIME art. I have never drawn Arthur Weasley's penis before, and now, I HAVE! Aren't you all just so proud of me???

Plus, one nekkid Snape, to counteract the Weasley-ness of the whole thing. (no, not together).

Today's smut

Also, I never posted my smut from last week. For shame!

Let's remedy that, shall we?

/smut announcement

Oh, and hump-day got wanked here:
Wow. Some people just ... don't have a sense of humour. Gosh, it's been a long, long time since I was fourteen, but I *think* I had a sense of lulz, even back then. What IS it with todays teenagers anyway? *g*
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yay, another wednesday and the smut fairy has left us some goodies again!

Go and see! The theme is classical art, and yet, some of them are rip-snortin' funny too!

Mine, of course, is the only one featuring bestiality. *ponders* That's classic, isn't it? Hello? this thing on?

follow the yellow brick smut
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Dear lord! The prompt is Hair Kink, so obviously, I had to draw the people with teh prittiest hairz at Hogwarts! <3

Not Eye Safe )

Go see the rest of them! They are much sexier and waaay less squicky! (although be warned, there is a nekkid Voldie there!)

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Teehee! Happy Birthday Snapey pants! Or should I say, Snape SANS-pants??

Here's my contribution this week:

not my worst, but not exactly work safe )

More nekkid Snapes and a 'spurt' of blowjobs can be seen here! :

Happy Wednesday, people!
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yay! It has officially begun!

This is *my* contribution:
January First )

To see the rest of the beauties (and there's a couple Snarries there...) go here!


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