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My son Quincey has made a couple of drum tutorials on Youtube. He'd love some people to take a peek, so if you're interested, give one a quick look. They are pretty short (4 min).
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Hee! We were in Florida last week, and did the whole Disney and Sea world thang. I was unreasonably thrilled to see that there were photo ops with Phineas and Ferb!!!! My only regret was that Doof was not available for me to *cough* meet.

That's hubby, me and Quincey. Harry took the pic.
Also, you can't see it well, but I am wearing an AWESOME R2D2 Mickey hat!!
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We stop on our way home from school for a snack at the local convenience store. As we're getting in the car, my 11yo asks: "Mom, what does 'fellate' mean?"

I'm a pretty forward thinking mom, but I've got to admit, that this kind of caught me off guard. It was kind of out of left field, but I did my best to explain.

"Well, do you know what a blow job is?"

"Is that something a prostitute would do?"

"Well, yeah, it's one thing that a prostitute could do, but it's also something that people in a loving, committed relationship could do. It's when someone sucks on your penis."

"Ew!!! Yuck"

I shrug, hoping that I satisfied his curiosity. Except then he says; "Well, how come it's in my orange juice?" I look at the bottle and see where he's pointing.

FOLATE. He was asking about FOLATE.

Ahaha! "Well, that is something COMPLETELY different! Whoops!"
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So many things to examine and be grossed out about!macromouth
I used to own one of those magnification make up mirrors, and it was the best day of my life when the lights in it died and it got trashed. I REALLY don't need to know about all of the imperfections on my face. God knows nobody else is looking at me that closely, why the hell should I suffer over it?
This is Quincey's eye. I am AMAZED at all the little freaky fibers and strands and holes in the iris. Super freakin' cool and somewhat disturbing and beautiful too!
Here is the toe pad of my dog 'Captain's' toe.

Any suggestions of other things to look at are much appreciated. I'll post them here if they look cool. It's digital, so I'm a bit limited because it hooks up to my computer, so 'elephant skin from the zoo' is not an option. ;)
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My son is doing an extracurricular activity through the school. Each Saturday, for twenty Saturdays, he goes to the local university and he and a group of other students his age, from other schools learn about different career options, like archaeology, chemistry, native studies and human rights, etc.

This past Saturday was 'family day' and I went along with him to see what he does there, and take part in the classes. At the end, we were given a survey to fill out, with questions like; "Do you talk about career options with your child A) regularly B) sometimes C) never." And "What would have made your experience today better." Yanno, fairly normal questions. And then there was this one.

Do you feel your child has the potential to succeed? YES/NO

All of the kids in question are under 12 years old. Really? Could any of these children be SO FUCKED UP that a parent or guardian would think they have no potential to succeed?

Instead of circling yes or no, I wrote; "Seriously? Did you actually just ask that question?"

And today, my son brought home a permission form so that he could MAKE A WISH LIST at the book fair. It was made clear on the note, that ALL CHILDREN would be attending the book fair, but they needed parental permission for the children to TAKE A PENCIL AND WRITE DOWN THE BOOKS THEY LIKED.

What the actual fuck? I wrote "Why would any child need permission to write a list? This crosses the line of ridiculous."



Bonus stupid thing: Every Monday, for the last three years, I have taken my children out of school 10 minutes early, because they have private music lessons and we have to leave a bit early to get there on time. Last week my son came out and informed us that we had to go into the school and 'sign' them out. WTF?? After three years? I really don't want to be 'that parent', but I just snorted and told him to get in the car.

The amount of needless bureaucratic bullshit floating around in that school is ridic.
I understand that they have a lot of frustrating red tape that they have to do to protect the kids, but I have my limits on how many (and how stupid) hoops I"m willing to jump through.
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Well, I'm nothing if not obsessive.

This time I did my kids. And a zombie. … Yeah, it made more sense in my head.


Harry (the long haired one) was making a ridiculous face in his school photo this year. It was basically a big fake smile with more than a hint of 'fuck you.' Sadly, the paper cut doesn't really show it that well. Quincey forgot to bring his photos home, so I just snapped a shot of him with my own camera for reference.


Zombie was off the internet, needless to say. I try to not have them milling around the house, whenever possible.
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Does anyone out there volunteer for stuff? I mean, charity stuff?

I've done my time on the parent/teacher council, and chaired my local business improvement zone meetings for a few years, but I've never done the 'soup kitchen' type circuit.

My youngest son is having a lot of self esteem issues lately, and I though that perhaps getting involved with people who need his assistance might make him feel more 'worthy' or 'needed.' Despite all evidence to the contrary, he doesn't feel like a good person. He's afraid that he's going to grow up to be a bully, or worse, someone with a gun in a watch tower. (okay, no more CNN for him!)

He's a lovely child, and is very conscious about being kind to others, but for some reason has a terrible sense of self-worth. He thinks that his anxiety problems are a burden to us and he feels badly every time he has a panic attack or doesn't want to eat at a restaurant because of his germ worries, etc.

He's seeing a councillor about this, but I fear that it's getting worse, not better. I really worry that he might be a candidate for suicide if he can't get a handle on his guilt and self worth.

Any thoughts? I've figured that we'll start small, with low to no commitment, in case his anxiety gets too high, but perhaps cleaning up garbage in the ditches near our country home would be a good start. And then, possibly visiting an seniors residence occasionally. Maybe even set something up where we could bring some animals once a week. Animals are always a good buffer, and the excuse that I would need his help would ring true.

I've called the closest residence and left a message with the director.

Any other thoughts or suggestions? My kids already take music lessons once per week, and I don't want to live one of those 'scheduled' lives, where we have activities 6 nights per week, but an hour or two here and there wouldn't clog up his free time too much. I was even thinking that we might do it during school hours. School is one of his major anxiety issues, and the thought of escaping for an hour to do volunteer work might just be the carrot he'd need to agree.

Edited to add: Obvs, I've made it clear to him that he is NOT a burden and that we love him and he's a great kid. Ohana means family and all that. He just can't seem to accept it.
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Crappy News:
I did not win the t-shirt design contest over at Supernatural. And I really wouldn't mind losing if the other entries were better than mine? But some of them weren't. Three of them were EXCEEDINGLY similar to each other. I don't get it. The first one was pretty good, the best of it's 'style' that I saw. The second one was fantastic. Something I wish I'd thought of (and had the chops to pull off). The third one was … not my thing. I was surprised it won, but hey, different strokes for different folks.

The fourth? Kinda like the first but not as good. And the fifth? Um … yeah. Kinda exactly the same too. If I'd known that all I had to do was plop a bunch of words on the shirts, then I wouldn't have worked so hard on … DESIGNING! I am disappoint.

winning shirt designs )
I'm not saying my design is fantastic or anything, but the others (excluding the tree one) were just … unoriginal? There were probably 50 more designs just like them.

In stupid customer news:
There was a dumbass in the store yesterday, and I was offering him help selecting a heater for his tank. He wasn't sure how many watts he needed for his size of tank, and I explained it to him, and showed him what we had. He wasn't happy with the pricing and wanted to know if he could buy two small heaters and use them instead of one bigger one. I told him he could, but it would probably cost him more in electricity in the long run, etc. Then I left him alone because he was incapable of listening to any advice I might have.

My husband was also at the store, and this guy latched onto him, asked him pretty much exactly the same questions, to which my husband answered with exactly the same answers as I had given. When he was leaving, the guy says to my husband (right in front of me) "Well, it was really nice finally talking to someone who knows what they're talking about."
My hubby (who is awesome) says: "Well, if you really want an expert, you should talk to my wife."

Ugh! What a dick! (they guy, not my hubby).

We also had a fellow in who was having a lot of trouble understanding the difference between a heater and a thermometer. "Uh … one thing is what gives off heat, and the other thing is what tells you the temperature."
"But why do I need both?"
"Because they do different things."
"Can't I just get the thermometer? ($30 cheaper than the heater)
"Well, your fish will be cold. You will know EXACTLY how cold they are, but it won't make them warm."
"I don't get it."
"Think of it this way. The heater is the time machine. The thermometer is the clock. The time machine DOES SOMETHING, the clock just tells you the time."

Under the heading of Sex talks with my kids:
My 11 yo was asking what FAP meant. I told him it meant to masturbate, and he got a hilarious look on his face. He knows what it means, but it is still a very foreign concept to him.
"But why would someone DO that?"
"Because it feels good."
"Isn't it gross?"
"Well, no, not when you do it in private. Nobody wants to see you touching yourself in a crowded room."
*laughs* "I'm never going to do it."
Me: *laughs* "Okay. sure."
"You don't believe me?"
"Hee! No I don't! Trust me, you will be your own best friend in a couple of years."
"No I won't!" *thinks* "Were YOU allowed to masturbate when you were a kid?"
"I don't know. I didn't exactly ask."
"Will *I* be allowed to do it?"
:D "Of course! Dude, it's free, it doesn't hurt anyone and it feels good."
"But it just seems so wrong, and sad!"
"Why do you think it's sad?"
"Because you're so lonely that you have to have sex with yourself."
"Honey, you don't have to be single and sad to do it. Think of it like this: You like ice cream, right? Is it sad, that if you're hungry, and you want ice cream, you stop at the store and buy some, and eat it alone? It doesn't mean that you never have desert with your partner, but sometimes you just want some ice cream."
"Do YOU do it?"
"Of course."
"Ahahaha! Dude, you ASKED!"

I wonder how long it will be before he breaks his 'promise'. Hee!
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Man alive, this was a lot of work! More ... like in my brain, to figure out how to cut things so that they look right in 3D (helmet much?), but I learned a lot! When working with foam, the Dremmel is your friend! Except that it's sort of a hyperactive and hard to control friend. ;)

And also, different brands of spray paint have VERY different smell factors! Tremclad = gross but normal smell. Rustoleum = OH GOD SAVE US ALL!!!! horrible smell. The more you know ....

The 'arc reactor' thing is a little LED light from Canadian Tire and the body of the costume is the conglomeration of a yoga mat and those thicker puzzle type mats.

500 foot robot under cut )
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Q: How old was I when you told me about sex?

Me: I never sat you down and told you. When you would ask me questions, I would answer them in a way that I thought you would understand.

Q: What do you mean?

Me: Well, when you were two, you asked where babies came from, and I told you "They come from a mommy's tummy." When you were three, you asked how the baby got IN the tummy, and I told you "The daddy plants a seed there." When you were older, you asked HOW daddy put the seed in there. Etc.

Q: But how old was I when you told me "The mommy and daddy crawl into bed, take off their clothes and then the magic happens?"

Me: *dies laughing* I"m pretty sure I NEVER told you that.

He is 10 and SO funny! I didn't bother to tell him that there certainly doesn't need to be a BED around for any magic to happen. ;)

Mr. Gold

May. 27th, 2013 09:32 am
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Quincey (my 10 yo) is ALL ABOUT the Lego minifigures. I have literally spent hours man-handling the mystery packaging on each one, to find the ones that we don't yet have. (They all come in identical opaque packaging, so it's a surprise when you open them, as to which one you've gotten.) if you're savvy, you can 'feel' around and hopefully know who is who.

Anyway, there is an EXTRA SPAYSHUL one, Mr. Gold. There are only 5000 made in the whole world, and no one has even found one yet here in Canada. Of course, Quincey is convinced that he will be the one to get him. *eyeroll*

He really does know the odds are more than against him, so he asked if we could 'make' one. :D Sure! So one can of gold spray paint and an hour in Micheals, looking for the right 'diamond' for his sceptre, and voila! Mr. Gold!

Fake Legos ahoy! )

From what I've seen online, the ACTUAL one is really shiny, almost more chrome looking, but the cartoon one looks cuter.
Quincey is PUMPED to fool his friends at school. ;) There seems to be a thing going around there, where everyone is claiming to have found Mr. Gold, but of course, no one has 'proof'.

I told him too not be a dick about it. Fool them, then let them know it's a joke. Don't drag it out and be a big, lying douche. ;D
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EEEEEE! Quincey decided that he wanted to cut his hair (which is usually rock star length) to something shorter. We looked on the interwebz (safe search ON tyvm) and looked through a shit-load of EMO/punk/Bieber type styles until we came upon a picture of Chris Evans, aka Captain America. I LIKE THAT ONE MOM! (the picture in question features a shirtless Evans, with a thin sheen of sweat across his ample pecs). I LIKE IT TOO, HONEY! :D

So first, before the costume, the Steve Rogers make-over )

I still have to make the gloves and put some velcro on the cowl. (it's just sorta tucked in there, at the mo.) The shield is from Wal-mart.
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First the story:

Quincey (who is 9) got this little crocheted(sp?) hackey-sack ball the other night, and this morning in the car on the way to school, I hear this odd schrish scrhish sound.

Me: What the heck is that noise?
Quincey: I'm playing with my sack.
Me: !!!!!!! *tries to not laugh, because yeah, I'm a pervert, but my kids shouldnt' have to suffer*

Then later, when I drop him and his brother at school, Quincey runs back to the car, yelling "I FORGOT MY SACK!"
This time, his brother starts to snicker, and is like "Dude, do you even know what that sounds like?" And I burst out laughing because THANK GOD I'm not the only one who is a twelve year old boy. Actually Harrison is 10, so in a couple of years, we'll be BFF's.

Of course, when they got home from school I had to ask:

Me: Did you play with your sack at school?
Harry: Yes he did! And his teacher took his sack away!
Me: Ouch. That must have hurt!
Quincey: It's not my fault! Riley was playing with my sack too!
Me and Harry: *die laughing*
Quincey: *slowly catches on and laughs too.*

And now art. work safe Steve/Tony hurt/comfort )

Day Three

Apr. 16th, 2012 04:53 pm
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My 10 year old son has started a strange hoarding thing. Or, should I say, more of an aversion to throwing things out. And not in the typical "I'm too lazy to throw shit out" that I would totally understand, because yeah ... me? But in a "I'm obsessed with an odd bit of garbage and I can't stand the thought of it being tossed."

Like, an empty bottle of Gravol, the bottom cardboard bit of a case of water, an empty apple juice container, a broken ugly picture, etc.

Now, he's got some 'issues' regarding anxiety, and we're pretty cool with that and have worked around and with it as much as possible, but this garbage thing is odd. And he KNOWS it's odd, but can't help feeling it anyway. And of course, he knows he SHOULDN'T feel that way about random garbage, and gets upset because he does.

I've explained to him that feeling things is fine, even if they're strange feelings, but that doesn't mean he has to ACT on those feelings. And I've told him that other people feel similar things, generally in an attempt to relive stress and anxiety, but that he has to understand that this empty pepsi bottle will NOT bring him eternal happiness.

He's not a hoarder in the typical A&E house full of dolls/cats/garbage way. I could probably throw out half of the stuff that he owns, and he'd never even notice. Hell, if he DOES manage to pull something out of the garbage and bring it home, he ignores it once it's here, it's just the ... throwing away?

We've compromised, on occasion, by taking a photo of the item in question, and that seems to make him feel better, but he's never asked to see that photo. ??? I've also drawn the line at digging through the garbage to find said item.

Any thoughts? Tips? General advice?

We have an appointment with his GP this week, hopefully for a referral to an anxiety clinic. We has some success with a private therapist last year, but the cost is $$mucho expensive, and the clinic should be covered by insurance or at least cheaper, and my hope is that he can meet other kids with similar problems, so he doesn't feel so alone.
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As Demicus said, I can't get that Blondie song out of my head! I feel loved. YOU LOVE ME! YOU REALLY, REALLY LOVE ME! /quote

Now, on to my no-so-latent lesbianism...

I'm not sure if you could tell from my lj, but I'm a fairly ... sexual person. I had sex quite young (my choice) and I've continued to have sex ever since. I'm also pretty much straight. I've had the odd 'crush' on women, I certainly admire women who are smart, and/or funny and/or attractive, but I've never felt sexually drawn to women. Except when I'm sleeping.

If I had to guess, I would say that a good 40% of my sexual dreams involve women. Sometimes women I know, sometimes celebrities and sometimes random gals I don't know. I bring this up because two nights ago I dreamed about Rachel from Glee. I don't particularly like Glee, and I especially don't like Rachel! WTF brain? If I was gonna hit a girl on the cast, it would probably be Jayne Lynch or the chick who plays Santanna. (we won't even talk about my dream about my rl friend and massuese! Although she thought it was hilarious when I told her ...)

Does anyone else have numerous dreams that fall outside of their sexual identity 'norm'? I'm not concerned for my sexuality, I'm just interested to know. I'm not sure if it's relevant, but I'm in a fantastic, committed het relationship with someone that I REALLY enjoy having sex with. Like .. a lot! ;) All day long I draw cocks, look at pictures of cocks, read stories about cocks and then DREAM ABOUT VULVAS! ;D

Also -- funny Valentine kid story.

Every morning my son Quincey crawls into bed with me for some snuggles, and we talk about what's coming up in the day, etc. This morning I mentioned Valentine's Day, and he sort of gagged, in that "I'm 8 and girls are gross" kind of way. I gave him a hug and said "You can by MY Valentine!" He just looked at me and said; "Uh, I'm pretty sure that's illegal." pfft!
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UrhG! lakkwlke;ovkj;lvksjdfsr!! So. Damn. Frustrating!

I sort of love how this turned out and I sort of totally fucked it up. I need to be more patient, instead of scratching off too much all at once. His poor nose might never recover. *sniff* My poor Bill.

The original Tripper under the cut )

There's a few other people that I'd love to draw, but I'm having a hell of a time finding good reference shots of them. (Good meaning dramatic lighting and/or pose.) Lots of typical hollywood head shots, but I'd really like to do something more interesting.

Speaking of interesting ... Does anyone know of some good Oz (as in Oswald prison) fic out there? I'd happily read anything, but am specifically intersted in Beecher and or Shillinger.


Oh, I meant to add, my 9yo son got in trouble at school today for saying the 'C' word.
He tripped, and said C*** and one of the kids ran to the teacher and ratted on him for saying the 'C' word. The teacher was skeptical that little Harry said 'cunt' so she gently coaxed the stool pidgeon to tell her what the 'C' word was.

Crap. The word was crap. :D
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Today we went to the zoo (despite the gale force winds.) Our zoo has a life-sized statue of a old timey army officer with a bear cub, commemorating the beginning of the story of Winnie the Pooh. (Winnie is named after Winnipeg!)

I forget the actual story, but some dude from Winnipeg was over seas during the war, and they came upon a bear cub, which he named Winnie the Pooh. I forget if it was the actual soldier who wrote the story, of a friend of the soldier, but anywayregardless, there is a statue of a soldier and a realistic bear cub right outside the Discovery center at the zoo. As we walk by, my son loudly asks:


Me: *amused and horrified* Yes, of course that's Hitler. Wasn't he most famous for his love of bears?
Quincey: No, I mean, didn't he look like that?
me: uh, no. Sure he was a soldier, but he wore a different uniform, and I'm pretty sure he never posed with cute little bear cubs. Not to mention that he was a horrilbe person and our zoo would never put up a statue of him.

As we're leaving: Quincey: BYE HITLER!
Me: *eyeroll* Dude, yelling out Hitler is never cool. Please stop,

When we get home my other son walks up to me with a box of tampons.
Harry: Do you need these?
me: Uh, not right this second.
Harry: Can i have them?
Me: only if you have your period. Why do you want them.
Harry: I want to make grenades out of them.
Me: I'm pretty sure they don't blow up. Check the package.
harry: I know they don't blow up. I just want to pretend.
Me: ... Do you know what they're for?
Quincey pipes in: Ladies put them in their vulva so they'll stop bleeding.
Me: Hey! Pretty good, buddy!
harry: So, can I have them?
Quincey: Are you going to put them in your vulva? *snicker*
harry: SHUT UP!
me: You can have five. And you have to pick up every little bit of paper and cotton and whatnot that you leave lying around.


I would just like to add an adendum that I do actually buy them real toys, and our zoo does not have a statue of Hitler. (although they ARE building a big human rights museum, so there might eventually be one there???)
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I just recieved a notice from my kid's school that they are going to be splitting the classes next year.

They are already split into two grades per class (3/4, 5/6, 7/8) Next year they plan to do three grades per class. 3/4/5, 6/7/8.

No fucking way.

The princial is happy to spout all sorts of happy statistics about how mixed grades are beneficial, and how kids learn better in these types of situations bla bla bla.

Really? REALLY? Then whey did it take budget cuts and smaller enrollments to impliment this? I would have thought, if it was so great, that they would have done this years ago. In fact, why aren't ALL schools doing this, if it's such a fantastic oppourtunity?

Not to mention, that there seems to be a very large amount of special needs kids in this school. Which is fine, but the bigger the class size (and grade amounts) the larger amount of special needs kids in each class.

And I"m talking ACTUAL special needs here, where the children have been diagnosed. I'm not talking about the usual 'problem' kids, like mine, where Harry has social anxiety, which of course, is also a distraction for everyone else. Add to that the non diagnosed ADHD kid who sits beside harry and drives him crazy every day. (seriously, all he does is complain about this kid, who seems like a real a-hole.)

Plus there is a boy with Downs Syndrome, and another boy who ..? I'm not sure what his issue is, but he has a full time Assistant with him.

THAT IS JUST WITH THE GRADE SPLIT IN TWO. I shudder to think what will happen next year.

Not to mention that I have spent a BUTTLOAD of time doing fundraising for this school. I'm the vice chair on the Student Advisory Council, and every year we bust our humps to raise money for different programs, for smart boards, for science equipment etc etc etc.

If there is such a shortage of money for actual TEACHERS then why the fuck have we been buying computers and cool technology?


My options are, obviously, to take my kids elsewhere. Although, I'm reluctant to rip Harry out of a place where he is finally settling in. the boy does NOT like change. Homeschooling is not an option. I do not have the patience to sit them down and teach things like math, plus I really think they benefit from the social setting of school. (not judging people who homeschool here, just my opinion).

Urhg! Fuckers. It's a good thing i wasnt' at the school today, because lemme tell ya, the kids would have been learing ALL SORTS OF NEW WORDS from me.
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Aw, Euclase saw my pic of beat-up Quincey and asked to draw him. The result is amazing! I honestly don't know how she does it! She took the original photo and somehow made it even better!

Cut for those on dial up )
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Today was fun.

Quincey wanted to take his bike to a local skateboard park, so we packed up the bikes and helmets (and my art stuff), grabbed a couple of slurpees and headed over there.

Not FIVE MINUTES LATER, poor Quince does a face plant on the cement and knocks out his two front teeth!! Like, literally. They were both on the ground a couple of feet from him. I scooped him up (and the teeth) and started spooning the slurpee in his mouth (nice and cold for the swelling and bleeding.) After a few minutes of screaming bloody murder, he recovered enough to get into the car and head home.

Poor Harrison was ripped off, because he's only gotten to bike for a few minutes!

I called my hubby(not in front of the kids) and said "Gee, wouldn't it be great if the TOOTH FAIRY brought home a mouth guard to put under his pillow?"

So, when hubby gets home, what is the first thing out of his mouth? "Hey Quince, I bought you a mouth guard!" *facepalm*

Thanks. Thanks so fucking much. He is normally a very clever man, I'm not sure what accounts for this failboat.

Pics or it didn't happen )

Thank god they were just baby teeth!


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