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I couldn't resist.

Sex meme

Jan. 11th, 2012 10:16 am
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Baaa. Grab the closest book, turn to page 45. Read the first line. It will predict your sex life in 2012. (paraphrased, because I suck)

Well. .... There is a surprising dearth of books around me! Lots of movie cases, paperwork for the store and art, art, art, but no books. First one I found was one I bought a couple of days ago called "The DC Comics Guide to DIGITALLY DRAWING Comics". Yes, I lead an exciting life.

Anyhoo, page 45 line one gives us this:

Because I work in an almost assembly-line way, I always try to err on the side of caution."

So .... I should use condoms? ;)


Feb. 21st, 2011 01:26 pm
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7 guilty pleasures.

Hmm... I don't do much that I feel guilty about. But here are things I tend to ... over do?

1) Food. All types. I think my years as a starving musician trained me to be an over eater. Specifically chocolate and fried things. mmmmmmmfriedthings I don't really over-eat a whole lot, but I THINK about food all the time. I want every meal to be amazing and yummy. I'm trying to train myself to think of food as fuel, but I still tend to think of it more as a reward.

2) Porn. Drawing it. Looking at it. Reading it. Fantasizing about it. I suppose this could go under LUST (and it probably will,) but it is something I def overindulge in.

3)Sleep. This is something I fantasize about more than actually do, but I LOVE SLEEP! Best thing evar is an afternoon nap. gzzzzzz!

4) Obsessing. I'm far from OCD, but I DO have an obsessive personality. When I find something I like, I do it and do it and do it and do it. Like that song? Let's listen to it 100000 times in a row. Liked that movie? Immerse yourself in fandom and go see that movie a bunch of times. Talk with people about the teeny, tiny details and meta and art and porn and and and and ..... (I suppose I'm preaching to the choir on this one, eh? )

5) Internet. 'Nuff said.

6)Animals. If one pet is good, 1000 pets is better, right? RIGHT? I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess that I didn't get enough affection as a child, and I"m making up for it now. They are all well cared for, though, and many are rescues, but even *I* can admit it's a bit over the top.

7) Drawing. I spend way too much time drawing. And thinking about drawing. And thinking about what I'm going to draw. And buying art supplies. And thinking about art supplies. Do you sense a pattern here? Nah.
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7 material desires.

Huh, this list would have been easier 20 years ago. I'm far from rich, but you do tend to amass stuff throughout your lifetime!

Also, I have pretty low brow tastes and desires. I have a lap top, internet access, a car, a house and a couple of horses. What more could a girl ask for? (I have great non-material things too, of course, but this post is about greed ...)

So, let's say I won the lottery and wasn't willing to give any away (which I totally would do, because I think it would be way more fun to make my friends and family rich, but yeah ... also not the point of this post.)

Shit I would buy if I had 10 million dollars.

1) Full time maid. Like, Alice, from the Brady Bunch, but sexier and male. ;)

2) Full time cook. I don't mind cooking, but stuff that other people make is always yummier!

3) Some sort of huge, fantastic indoor riding arena for my horses. There was one for sale near us last year. Only 4 million dollars. *sigh*

4)A nice big house somewhere warm. Florida? Hawaii? Bermuda? Maybe all three.

5) Oh God, a ZOO! I don't think I'd get much for only 10 mil, but i would LOVE to be the owner of a zoo! I WOULD HAVE MY OWN GIRAFFE! :D

6) Art supplies? Wow, that would be a LOT of art supplies.

7) Honestly? All I'd really like is more time. If I was rich, and didn't have to work, I wouldn't need to buy much. My maid and cook (and stable boy RAWR) would free up a lot of time for me to do all the stuff I'd like to do.
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7 things I neglect to do.

1) Cleaning. I hate cleaning. Well, I hate tidying actually. I do the dishes and laundry on a fairly regular basis, but dusting? Organizing? Nah, I'll do it later.

2) Paperwork. The fact that I am in charge of RUNNING A COMPANY is really scary. I honestly always leave paperwork for the last exact moment. I pity my accountant.

3) Mailing. I suck at mailing stuff. One year I drew hand made xmas cards, but never got around to sending them. IDEK

4) Excercize. Man, I really should get off my ass. I did join a running club once, but ... yeah, I hate running. At least I do horseback riding in the summer.

5) Organizing. I'm sure, after reading the previous entries, you will not be surprised that I'm not a very organized person. I'm getting better, but I'm far from great.

6) I should probably concentrate on learning an instrument. I can play a few, but none of them great. I'd love to be at least pretty good at something, but drawing takes my free time. (well, that and surfing the net.) i would free up a TON of time if I didn't hang out here so much, BUT I LOVE IT HERE!)

7) Back to 6. I really spend way too much time on the computer. And as fun as it is, I'm really not bettering myself as a human, or parenting my children, or cleaning my house when I'm dicking around on here. Not that I"m going to quit, of course, but yeah ... perhaps a bit less time wouldn't kill me.
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7 things that piss me off.

1) People that are cheap. Seeing as I live in the CHEAP capitol of the world, I get pissed off all the time. The time you spend finding a bargain should not outweigh the actual savings. Driving for a half hour to save a buck IS NOT THRIFTY.

2) Know it alls. Even if you actually DO know everthing (which I doubt), you don't need to prove it. STFU

3)People who drive like they own the road. You are NOT that important. Slow down.

4) Stupid People. Not people who are ACTUALLY stupid, but people who should know/do better but don't, because they are too lazy to find out how something should be done, or they just don't care.

5)Bigots who hide behind an agenda. Often that agenda is God, but not always. (I don't have a problem with people who are religious, just people who use it to spread hate.)

6) Perpetual victims of circumstance. This one will probably not win me any friends, but don't do stupid things if you don't want bad things to happen to you. Nobody deserves to get raped, but duh! If you dress provocatively, drink too much and go to a guy's hotel room, there is a very good chance you may not be able to back out at the last minute. Is that fair? Probably not, but life isn't fair. Nobody deserves to drown, but if you drink while boating, and don't wear a life vest, it just might happen. Is it fair? Nope. Same rules apply. I have friends who always seem to have 'bad things' happen to them, but the choices that they make have a LOT to do with it. Whaaa! Why does my life suck? I dunno. Take a look around you hon.

7) Accountability. Related to pretty much all of the above, OWN YOUR FAULTS PEOPLE! If you fuck up, grow a pair and TAKE RESPONSIBILITY. Apologize. Make it right. Stop blaming your mother/other people/the world for something that YOU did.
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Well, I like to think that I have arrived at the point in my life where I don't really envy other people too much. I might envy PART of them, but yeah, I'd love Oprah's money, but would I really want to live in the spotlight like that? I'd love to look like Heidi Klume, but ... would I really? Probably not. I wouldn't have the other things in my life (husband, kids, job etc).

So, here are things that I rally think I'd like, be they practical or not.

1) Lanky. Man, I would love to be lanky. At five foot nothing, even if I lost a shit-ton of weight, I still wouldn't be lanky.

2) I want to be on American Idol. Never mind that I"m like ... 20 years too old, and really don't have the chops to get very far, it's something that ... I think about more than I should.

3)I want to work on a great project. I remember, a bazillion years ago, walking out of ... Empire Strikes Back? and thinking, MAN, I wish I'd been a part of creating that. Or Harry Potter. Or Megamind. I HAVE worked on a couple of films (and even ACTED in a couple,) but yeah ... not even on the same planet as qualifying as 'great'. :D

4)I envy people with close siblings. Especially same sex ones. I have a brother. He's an okay guy, but we never got along growing up, and although we get along okay now, we're not close. We have nothing in common. Women with close relationships with their sisters make me kind of ache for something I'll never have.

5)I'd like to be really fit. Like ... Cirque du Soliel fit. I'd love to be able to do flips and work a trapeze and shit.

6) Juggle! Sort of related to #5. I KNOW how to do it. I could probably teach you how to do it, but I don't seem to have the hand-eye coordination to do it.

7) I'd like to look younger. I don't want to BE younger, but I wouldn't mind LOOKING like I was 20. Or even 30. i think I look pretty good for my age, but I want to look GOOD, not GOOD FOR MY AGE. Maybe I should have saved this for the vanity day? ;p
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Geez, I haven't done anything remotely meme/meta ish for ages, and this one looks fun.


1) I am a great problem solver. You can't figure out how to tell your mother the bad news? Or understand why your baby won't get to sleep? Or figure out how you're going to attend your highschool reunion AND that great rock concert on the same night? Dude? I"m your man.

2)Very much related to #1, I'm a helluva MacGuiyver. Got your keys locked in your car? Give me a toothpick and a roll of dental floss and I"ll have you fixed in a jiffy. My friend's dad once locked us out of her apartment ('cause he was an asshole) and at 2am, and somewhat full of alcohol, I managed to open the chain lock with an (unused) tampon and a bent up safety pin. HELLS YEAH!

3)I have a real 'Can-do' attitude. I'm not a polyanna by any means, but I kind of believe that I can do anything, if I try hard enough. When I was 16, I saw an ad in the paper for a band looking for a singer. I thought ... yeah, I can do that. Despite having little to no singing experience, they hired me. I guess it's sort of that Gryffindor 'leap before I look' sort of bravery. It doesn't always work out, of course, but that doesn't stop me from trying.

4) I'm funny. People tell me this all the time. Of course, they don't always mean it in a good way. ;) I met my first husband when he was a stand-up comedian. It would drive him BONKERS when we'd go out with friends and I would say funnier stuff than he would. What a shock that it didn't work out ....

5)I"m a pretty damn good artist. I say this with REAL pride, because I've worked really hard at it. But at the same time, I'm honestly shocked every time I draw something that looks great. It's almost like i go into a trance and when I wake up, ART IS THERE! I don't think I"ve ever had a talent where it honestly SURPRISES me every time it works. I almost expect to wake up one day and have no artistic abiltiy whatsoever.

6)I think I'm a really good mom. Far from perfect, of course, and I'm less patient than I want to be, but I'm MINDFUL of that. My parents weren't horrible. For the most part, they weren't even bad, but they weren't good either. To this day I don't think they like me. They LOVE me, because I'm their daughter, but they don't LIKE me as a person. They also always seemed to see me (and my brother) as an exention of themselves instead of a unique and whole individual. I really try to do that for my kids. It's harder than you'd think, seperating yourself and your wants/goals/likes/dislikes from that of your kids, but I think it's important. I hope I"m right on this one!!!!

7)I really enjoy learning. Which is odd, because I hated school and didn't do terribly well (or try to) there. But now that I'm OLD and can pick and choose what to learn? I can't get enough! If I won the lottery tomorrow, I would TOTES take all sorts of lessons. From horseback riding, to playing the cello, to drawing in photoshop to using a trapeze. too bad they never taught this stuff in school, eh?
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- Leave a comment saying "Beam me up Scotty!"
- I'll respond by asking you five questions to satisfy my curiosity.
- Update your journal with the answers to your questions.
- Include this explanation and offer to ask other people questions.

My oh, so brilliant answers hurr hurr )

I make no promises that the questions I come up with will be entertaining nor interesting.
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Okay, I am way too dull for twenty five. Let's see if I can break ten here;

Cut for teh boring )
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Bwahahaha! I found this celebrity look a like thingy (via Glockgal) and punched my photo in. I got a bunch of people I'd never heard of, but also Uma Thurman and Vanna White. *snicker* So for a lark, I put in Alan Rickman, who, oddly enough, came up with a 97% match to Alan Rickman. I then put in a photo of Jimmy from Blades of Glory, and he's a match with BARACK OBAMA! OMG! it's like looking in a mirror!

Jimmy Obama )

Here, I did mine again, in case you weren't familiar with how Vanna like I am in RL
Read more... )
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Here's the blank over on DA.

Just link me to your version, m'kay?

EDIT: I think DA broke ... hopefully this link works now.
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Super massive image behind cut, but hopefully worth it!

I'll upload the blank version, as soon as I erase all my crap off of it. Yeah, it would have been smarter to save it BEFORE I stuck my art all over it. bla bla bla

Meme be here )

Done in ink, then clipped out and ps'd onto the meme, 'cause I suck at ps.

ETA: Yeah, I mis-typed anthromorphic and I"m too lazy to fix it. Deal. Here's a link to the blank original:
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Doya wanna see some artists and ficcers? Check out this post Where the eternal question is finally answered:

Who is sexier, ficcers or artists. (well duh, artists, of course!) :D

ps. I'm waaay at the end of the post. :D
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Clayangel was doing it, so as you can imagine, the peer pressure was all encompassing. :D

Here are the questions she asked me:

1. What is your favorite picture that you've ever drawn?

Ha! Why didn't you just ask me which of my kids I love more? *snerk* I'd probably have to break it down into categories, like, best one, funniest one, etc. ONe that I am very proud of, even though it's older and not my best, is
That links to all three pics, but the middle one, when I drew it, just blew me away. I was so happy and so thrilled, and was honestly afraid to draw anything else, because I was afraid that nothing would ever turn out that good again. Obviously, if you look at the pic, I've improved since then, but it was a great feeling to sit back and say, "yes! That turned out exactly like I wanted it to."

2. What's your favorite memory? And as a second part, do you associate specific senses with memory, like smell or taste?
Ha! You ask hard questions!

Long time ago memory? hmmm I can't honestly say! I have lots of good ones, Horseback riding with my dad, building tree forts with my brother, going to Disney as a kid, etc. They're all good, but I couldn't pick one over the others. I've had lots of shitty things happen too, of course, but I had a reasonably, if somewhat dysfunctional childhood. :D
ETA: Whoops! two part question!! Um, yes, smell and taste AND MUSIC can totally bring me back to a place and time. specifically songs from the 80s. I moved a lot in the 80s, and each song reminds me of a different place, house, school, freinds ,etc.

3. If two of your OTPs had to battle against each other in a death match, who would they be, what would the weapon of choice be, and who would you want to win?
Hahahaha! It would be Snarry against Jimmy and Chazz from Blades of Glory. Not exactly a fair fight! Wands vs Spandex! I would hope Jimmy and Chazz would fare well, but I highly doubt it! :D

4. Is there any talent you wish you had?
Oh man, I would love to juggle! I've tried repeatedly, but I just suck at it!

5. Do you believe in ghosts? If so, have you ever had any experiences?
I don't believe or not believe. I suppose anything is possible. I've never seen a ghost (although I'd love to) but I did see a UFO once. (no sorry, no anal probe) just a very odd light flitting and spinning around late one night while my ex hubby and I were driving across the country. He saw it too, and he's not into that mumbo jumbo, but def agrees it was something very odd.

If you would like me to ask YOU five questions, comment here. If you would like to ask ME some more questions, comment here. If you would like to see some pron, comment here. (hmm....I'm sensing a theme...)

meme whore

Apr. 5th, 2008 09:58 pm
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My username is [ profile] tripperfunster because...

Years ago, when I was looking for a rock n roll stage name for myself, I decided that Funster would be a cool last name. I also added a 'G' to break it up, a la Micheal J. fox. Tripper G Funster. Yeah, I'm that cool! ;p

2. My name is Tripper because...

Bill Murray's name in the movie Meatballs was Tripper, and I decided, right then and there, at the tender age of nine, that when I grew up, I wanted to be Bill Murray, and it had to start with the name. (a really cool aside, but i was perusing the movies at the store the other day, and Meatballs was there. I didnt' buy it, because I'm sure it sucks, and I don't want to taint my lovely memories of it, but I read the box, and Bill Murray's full name in the movie is Tripper Harrison. I had no idea! I named my first son Harrison. How perfect is that?)

3. My journal is titled "" because...

Whut? You can name your journal?

4. My friends page is called ""because...

No, really, whut? I am so lame on the computer it is tragic.

5. My default userpic is a drawing of me and Snape because...

[ profile] canonfodder123 drewed it for me. I crapped myself with joy when I first saw it. Oddly enough, someone here on eljay once complained to me about my userpic, because it looked like Snape was NEKKID! and molesting a young girl. I assured her, yes, Snape, in fact, is naked, but I am FAAAR from young. Plus, if I were to post chan, it would be slash, not het.:D

6. My LJ name (you know how you can change that sort of sub-name thing?) is "Holy Fuck, should I say something clever here?" because...

for the longest time, it was also my user name, which was painfully redundant. I really should change it, because the 'fuck' shows up in huuuuge bolded letters, and really isn't very work friendly. (not that my art is either, I suppose...)
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gacked from Glock who gacked from acciobatman, I bring you the BRUTALLY HONEST MEME.

Log out and do your worst! Smite me baby!

Just don't mock my cock!sweaters, or I shall begin to slash myself. *sob*
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Please read this disclaimer:


Also, not work safe, duh!

big pic under cut )

click, like, a thousand times to embiggen it.
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I responded at [ profile] schemingreader's journal.
If you are willing to be interviewed (five questions) just comment and say so and I will cheerfully interrogate you. Then you post the answers and the same offer in your journal. My answers are below the cut:

Read more... )
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Wow, I can hardly believe another year has passed! *looks around bewildered* 2007 will always be the year that I discovered COLOUR! (yes, with a 'U', fuck off, I'm Canadian, eh?) Special hugs go to [ profile] elicia8 for her crayon tutorial that clicked that one working synapsis in my brain, and it all suddenly made sense to me. 2007 also found me dabbling in *gasp* another fandom! House will never replace HP, but one can never have enough Snarky Bastards in one's porn aresenal, can one?
click on all/any of the pics to make them bigger and bigger. (not recommended for all pics though....)

Onto the artz!Art meme 2007 )


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