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There might be a couple of spoilers, but nothing huge, just mostly what I liked or didn't about the films.

Star Trek Into Darkness
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Iron Man 3
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World War Z
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Good Day to Die Hard
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Grownups 2
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Despicable Me 2
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Two Headed Shark Attack
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Hansel and Gretel... witch hunters??
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Monsters University
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Disclaimer: Most of these films were NOT ones that I picked, but I watched them anyway.

Rambo II (second blood?) My son loved Rambo 1 and so I agreed to get him the next ... 2? 2? Anyhoo, it wasn't nearly as bad as I'd feared. Not great, but certainly watchable. And Yeah ... Sylvester was pretty hot when he was young.

Red Where the hell was I when this movie came out?? I'd never even heard of it before, and it's a pretty A list cast. Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, Jon Malcovich(sp?) Helen Murrin(sp) Richard Dryfus and ...ugh, I can't think of his name.... The guy who plays Dr. McCoy in the new Trek movies.

Great action, great cast, pretty fun story etc etc. Really good action movie.

Ted Oh man, my 9 yo son REALLY wants to see this. And he can. When he's twenty. This movie had some really funny moments, but over all wasn't nearly as funny as I thought it would be.

Expendables I and II Exactly what you'd think they would be. Actually, probably a bit better than I'd expected. Some really stupid throw-away lines though.

Wreck it Ralph My husband saw it first, and really didn't like it, so I was expecting to hate it and was pleasantly surprised. It's not amazing, but it was fun and cute and more than watchable.

Snakes on a Plane WHAT THE EVER LOVING FUCK? This was OMG so bad on every single level. I knew it wasn't an oscar winner or anything, but I really expected more from Samuel Jackson. *shakes finger at him* Even putting any and all rl knowledge of snakes aside, this movie was just shit. I am disappoint.

Promethues The prequel to Aliens? *sigh* Aside from the movie people making confusing choices: (why? Why would you hire a young person to play a really, really old person? I assumed that we would see this 'old' person in their younger form, hence them slathering on unrealistic wrinkles on said young person, but no. I guess there were no old actors available that day?) this film was 'shout at the tv' stupid.

Really? You have your doctorate in ... alienology or sumsuch, and yet ... YOU TAKE YOUR HELMET OFF ALL OF 20 SECONDS AFTER LANDING ON A STRANGE PLANET? ALL OF YOU? Really, they deserved everything they got. EVERYTHING. Plus questions. WHY? Who? Was she his daughter? Why did they send so many stupid people into space? WHY?

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World
BRB. Going to kill myself. For reals. Sweet. Quirky. OMG Depressing.

Juno So ... he wasn't gay? I really expected more from this movie.

Looper Did I review this one already? I looked back and didn't see it so ...
I liked it! It had a couple of angles that I really hadn't expected, and managed to be futuristic without being all HEY LOOK AT THESE FUTURISTIC THINGS THAT WE HAVE IN THIS MOVIE!

That's it for now. Anyone seen anything good? Honestly, we were going to see a movie the other night and there was nothing that really sparked my interest.
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Please excuse the fact that most of these movies are for kids. I have no choice, although, I did see tons films like these BEFORE I ever gave birth. ;)

Here comes the Boom I would hit Kevin James SO GODDAMNED HARD that this review might be a bit skewed. This movie is super typical of many of his movies. Underachiever but good guy manages to pull his weight and become a really great guy and get the girl. NO suprises, but DUDE I TOTALLY FUCKIN' LOVED IT ANYWAY! *flails* And watching him get the shit beat out of him did nothing to quell my wicked thigh sweats.

Dark Shadows Tim Burton. Why? Why do you make quirky movies that SEEM like they will be good, but they rarely (or never) are? Would you like to know why? BECAUSE YOU HAVE NO CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. Just because someone is quirky doesn't mean they don't need to grow.

Diary of a Wimpy kid (dog days?) Okay, this film sucked, but actually sucked a bit less than the first two. (which sucked in ways that even the internet cannot fathom) The main kid is really kind of .. trolly looking? And that bothered me. (yeah, it's not his fault, but i can still be distracted by his ... odd little troll body). His older brother, although barely legal is pretty damn sexy. Over all, these movies are time I will NEVER get back.

ParaNorman Meh. Not horrible, but really didn't do anything for me or my kids. They do have a very non stereotypical gay guy which was nice, but not nice enough to save the film.

Hotel Transelvania Better than ParaNorman, but not much. No surprises and too much emphasis on Oh look at the cool monsters we created!. At least there was character development.

Hunger Games Whut? Really? This was what all the hype was about? I don't get it. It was a perfectly okay film, but I thought it would be OMG AMAZING and it was omg okay. I will have to assume that the books are WAY better.

Taken (the first one, not part two that's out right now.) When hubby started playing it, I was at the computer, and had to roll my eyes at how one dimensional the characters were. Bitchy ex-wife, vacant teenage daughter, etc. But once the action began WOW! I'm not sure that the dialogue got much better, but the movie was really, really gripping. Totally did not expect to like it.

Any movie reccs out there?

Day Two

Apr. 15th, 2012 10:51 am
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Odd Crush:

N!S (not seekrit) I have always had a crush on this man.
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Seeing the movie yesterday, nothing has changed. In fact, I would seriously consider a three-way
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Four-way if they'd bring back Shemp.

What is it about funny guys that melts my panties off? Clearly, the way they look has nothing to do with it.

Also? As a life-long Stooges fan, this movie was hilarious. I think they would whole heartedly approve.
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Most of these are older movies that I've re-watched with my kids, so no spoilers newer than 1985 here. :D Also, please keep in mind that I purchased most these movies in the $5 bin at Walmart, so my expectations were low. I'd be a lot harsher if I'd paid $30 to get in the theatre and another fifty on popcorn.

First Blood (Rambo): Holy shit! I had no idea that Sylvester Stallone was so damn handsome when he was young! HALLO THAR NEW KINK! This movie was pretty much exactly how I remembered it. Very satisfying in that 'underdog kicks major ass' (and blows things up) way.

Aliens :We started with the second movie, because I thought the first one would be way too slow moving for my son. I thought it held up pretty good, story-wise and effects-wise. Ridley even goes all "Mrs Weasley" on the alien, screaming "Stay away from her, you bitch!" :D I really hate myself for liking anything that James "Douchebag" Cameron makes, but the guy makes some pretty damn great movies.

Harry and the Hendersons : This one wasn't as good as I'd remembered. Very campy bordering on ridiculous, but still with lots of heart. And Harry's face? Dear lord, SO DAMN AMAZING! Imma go out on a limb here, and say that NO CG special effects bullshit could ever match how well that 'analog' face was. So emotive, for makeup.

Dumb and Dumber *sigh* I admit that as shitty as Ace Ventura was, I laughed quite a bit. This one? About 3 minutes of funny in what seemed like a four hour movie. Even my kids weren't impressed.

Dumb and Dumber(er) part two: Oh Jesus! I got this one first, because they didn't have the second one, and because the actor's faces are squished up against a window, I didn't actually reaize that it was different people! If a script seems so shitty that Jim Carey turns it down, it MUST stink sumthin' awful. nuff said.

Beverly Hills Ninja Don't bother.

U.S. Marshalls I guess this is sort of like The Fugitive part two. No Harrison Ford, but Tommy Lee Jones and his gang, plus Wesley Snipes and RDJ. I figured with that cast, we couldn't go wrong. It was pretty good and enjoyable. I could watch Tommy Lee Jones paint a room, so yeah, I'm pretty easy to please that way.

The Day After Tomorrow Okay, this one is newer than 1985:D The premise is consumer-shaming and fear-mongering at it's best, but it's still pretty neat. I liked it both times I saw it. And a young Jake Gylinllyyllihylllhhlhaauullll? mmmmmm

Thor Okay, also newer!! Meh. It was fun to watch, but was kind of ... over the top? Stupid? Chris's Helmsworth's beard looked fake. I mean, it probably WAS, but it LOOKED fake. At least, the colour. Oh, and his cape was crazy distracting. RED MUCH? Good action scenes, pretty, pretty boys.

Lethal Weapon 1,2,3,4,5,6,6607-705-705-705-70-09486049864
Wow, that is some BAD ACTING in this movie! I must admit, I probably saw the first film about a bajillion times in my youth. Oh Mel, you so handsome before you crazy! Still the best white cop/black cop buddy film in the history of forevah. Joe Pesci is so fantastic! THEY FUCK YOU AT THE DRIVETHROUGH! ahahah still funny after all these years.

Okay, that's it for now.
If anyone thinks of other movies my kids might like to see, please leave suggestions in the comments. Harry likes action/blow em up things, and Quincey enjoys tamer comedy type things.
We still have Free Willy waiting to be watched. They also just saw the Goonies, but i wasn't home, so I can't comment on it.
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Just a reminder that I'm auctioning off a comission to help with [ profile] loveforlily. Poor kitty had to go throught what Milky Wave was lucky enough to avoid. Amputation. She's doing well without her leg, and seems to have lucked into a wonderful home.

Bid here if you like kittehs!
Also check out the other awesome stuff!

Movie reviews:
Whilst on the vacay last week, the kids wanted some down time, so we bought a couple of $5 movies from the discard bin at Wal-mart. (Plus a couple of others that I saw in the last few weeks.)

The Hulk (the newish one?) With Edward Norton.
Oh God It Sucked! Me and Harrison are gearing up for the upcoming Avengers slashfest movie, so we're trying to catch up on all the movies. Give this one a pass. The beginning was odd, and vague. I was actually quite interested to see how he became the Hulk, and they just sort of brushed over it during the opening credits. Not to mention how STOOPID and over the top the entire thing was. Did I mention it sucked? Exept Liv Tyler. Man, I would HIT THAT HARD!!

I am quite sure that I was the only person who was alive in the 80's (90s?) that didn't see this movie. Now I know why. Steven Speilberg you should be ashamed of yourself. It was almost like halfway through the movie he just gave up and let Bobcat Goldthwait write and direct it.

Tremours 2 and 3
They really should have stopped at one. 'nuff said. I really liked the first one.

Ace Ventura, When Nature Calls
I never saw the first one (and I assume it's pretty much the same) but HOLY FUCK I LAUGHED MY 12 YEAR OLD ASS OFF! For reals. As if I needed any proof that I am immature, this really sealed it for me. My kids now think that Jim Carey is the FUNNIEST MAN ALIVE. I am inclined to agree. He's not hard on the eyes, either.

Just to further prove how pre-pubescent I am, me and the kids were doing 'alliterations' in the car the other day. Someone would call out a letter and we'd all have to make up a sentence. (yanno, like, Betty's brown beagle barfed on her bed...)

I got 'D' and to the absolute delight and admiration of my children came up with: Darling Donald dipped his ding-a-ling in 'dickle-sauce.'

I now rival Jim Carey as the funniest person in the world. :D And no, I have no idea what dickle-sauce is, nor do I want to find out.
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I've seen more movies than usual lately, so here's my thoughts on them, in 20(ish) words or less. Some movies are rentals, so they're older ....

Cut for spoilers, although aside from saying it sucked or I loved it, there shouldn't be a ton. )
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Spoilers, I guess. But really, if you haven't seen the movie yet, you are EVEN LAMER THAN ME!

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