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Yeah, his mouth. I don't know what happened, but I carefully cut away the top layers, did a little corrective surgery and then replaced it. I think this is better, plz let me know. I also added the extra grey bird bottom centre.
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My cut of Dean Winchester got a shit-ton of attention from women of all ages, so I thought I'd do one that would make a good printed poster, but would also feature Dean. (and Sam, of course!)

Looking at it now, on the computer, but might blend Sam's head/neck area in a bit better with black and possibly add one more grey bird at the bottom, making the entire grey area have a bit more of a circular feel.

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Gearing up for Comic Con.

How many do you think I should have? And how much do you guys think I should charge for them? I've never been to a proper comic con. Just the shitty one here in Winnipeg.
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The convention went … surprisingly well! The first four hours were a bust. I was giving serious reconsideration to my artistic paper cut career, and then BAM! Someone bought two. Then someone else bought one. And another and another! All told I sold 23 pieces!! Yay!

Now I am setting my sights higher on Comic Cons. But do you wanna know what sucks? I can't do any American ones! I've done some research, and it is illegal for me to take my artwork down to the States (I'm in Canada) and sell it. I can go down with a portfolio and get people to commission me, but I can't take and sell in one trip. grrrr

That's okay, there's still 10 or so comic conventions here in Canada, so I will make due.

In the meantime, I've done some more cuts (gotta re-stock!) and I've also tried my hand (with limited success) at paper sculpting. omg so hard!

The Scully was a re-do for someone. I brought two Mulders and only one Scully, so they paid me to make them the set. ;) And yes, I realize that the letters are crooked in the Paper View sculpture. Sadly, I didn't realize it until I was already done. grrrr. Straight lines! Who needs them?

I also made a few cuts AT the convention, but they're boxed up downstairs, so I haven't photographed them yet.
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This weekend I have a table at Horror Con. Let's hope I find my audience this time! :D
So I'm gearing up with 'scary' stuff. ;)

The actor that played Jason in a couple of the films will be there for signings, so I figured I should have some Friday the 13th things for sale.

Wish me luck!
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One new, one old. Well, both cuts are new, but the characters … yeah. You get it.

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Mmmm two Mulders. NOW KISS!
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I have a giant crush on one of these three people, and it's not the dog or the wookie.
Serious lady-boner for John Oliver.
Accent: Check
Smart: Check
Funny: Check

Yup. All of my criteria have been met. I'm in love. (TBH, the accent isn't required, but it's a bonus!)
Why can't I swoon over Brad Pitt like a normal person?
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Well, it looks like the craft shows might have paid off after all.

Someone commissioned me to do a couple portraits of his son, and a woman from the second show is getting me to do four portraits of her pets! The Snoopy Tardis was also from the last show.

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This show went as badly as the first one, with the added bonus if it being in a biker bar, so I had the entertainment of watching the 'real live' cast of Sons of Anarchy wandering around.

Clearly, craft shows are not my forte. Now, I'm setting my sights on the convention circuit. Horror Con is here in February, so I'll give that a try.

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Gearing up for sale #2 this weekend. Hopefully it goes better than the last one!

I had lots of people asking if I had my art on a website and … uh … yeah, I don't really have a porn-free art site, so I started a Facebook page for my art. My son came up with the name Paper View, which I thought was pretty clever!

So come! 'Like' my page. *shudder* Sorry, I'm not much of a face booker. But hey, 'like' it anyway!

Here are the latest ones, all of which can be found over there.

The Kirk one looks kind of crappy, because I glued each layer onto a separate clear sheet of plastic, so people can look at it and 'get' what these pictures are. My biggest challenge at the last sale was people understanding that these are not prints.

I'd be like: These aren't prints. They are layers of cut paper put together to look like a photograph.

Them: Oh. Mmm oaky. yeah … OH! OH GOD! I see it now! Yes! Cool!

I thought seeing one broken into the layers might help.


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