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Aw, Euclase saw my pic of beat-up Quincey and asked to draw him. The result is amazing! I honestly don't know how she does it! She took the original photo and somehow made it even better!

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When I picked Quincey up from pre-school today, I asked him if he wanted to go out for lunch with me.

Somewhere FANCY was his eager reply. And lets go home first and dress fancy too!

oooookay. I put on a nice sweater and slacks and my 'fancy' dress boots. (yes, I do actually own high heels.) Much to Quincey's chagrin, we don't actually own any dress-up clothes for him, so I gave him an apple juice and an orange, and we quickly ran off to Zellers to buy him some 'fancy' clothes before lunch. He chose this one over a blue shirt and tie, and/or a white shirt with grey tie. He really wanted a BOW TIE *sporfle*, but they didn't have any.

The hostess AND the waitress both made a proper fuss over him, telling him how handsome and dressed up and grown up he looked. Halfway through lunch, Quincey leaned over to me and whispered; "I think everyone thinks we're married!" *****G*****The emperor's new clothes )
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Quincey's kewl leather jacket. (and the Buckcherry shirt I made him)Rock n roll Quincey behind cut )

/picspam of my kids
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I don't know if this will work, 'cause I'm a tard, but hubby taped Quincey singing Highway to Hell, and personally, I think it's hilarious.

Please excuse my messy, messy house. This is in the basement, and if I don't clean upstairs, you can imagine how gross the downstairs is! :D

BTW, that's me on drums, and vocal promptings.

Is there a proper way to link to youtube??

Let me know if this doesn't work.
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The new mini-Buckcherry.

Quincey's new clothes )

He is a happy camper now. A couple of tats, and we're all set!
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Question one: If you were to teach someone how to perform cunnilingus, using a piece of fruit as the vulva...what fruit do you think would be most appropriate? A paring knife may be used to carve certain...*cough* landmarks if need be.

Ramble one: The 'a' on my laptop keyboard fell off. This mkes typing rther unplesnt. ;) It still works, actually, but it either gets missed, or it does aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa<---this. grrr

Question two: What would you call the area where your eyebrow meets the bridge of your nose. Like, if you were saying that someone kissed you there, what would 'there' be?

Ramble two: Quincey (who is four) is very much into music on the radio right now. Whenever a song is playing, he needs to know what the song is called and who is singing it. There is a song that is quite popular right now, 'Sorry' by Buckcherry,as an aside, I have completely inappropriate thigh sweats for this guy and Quincey likes it quite a bit. One day, we were listening to it in the car, and after hearing the singer say things like, "I'm sorry I'm bad, I'm sorry you're blue, I'm sorry 'bout all the things I said to you..." Quincey asks me, "Mama, what do you think he did?" I said, "I don't know. It sounds like he had an argument with his girlfriend." To which Quincey replies, "No. I think he hit her over the head with a stick." ????? *snorfle*

Question three: If I have a movie on DVD, how do I upload/download it to my iPod? I am a complete fucktard on the computer, but I want to be able to carry around my beloved Blades of Glory movie and watch it while I am waiting in line at the supermarket.
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My four year old son, Quincey is FULL of hard questions lately. ;0

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Harrison and Quincey grabbed the crayons and decided to put their artistic skillz to work.
come and see!! )
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I attempted to draw this pic a long time ago, but figured I could do better now. And I think I did. He really is such a pretty boy! :D

Mr. Jones )

ETA: If you'd like to see the original drawing, I've put it here:


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