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Here's Snape, still on the loom.

God! Beads are so friggin' hard to photograph! I tried to take a good one of the Snarry now that it's off the loom, and it's like the camera can't deal with the details and makes it all ... liney.

Anyhoo, here they are.

Both are work safe )

These are both for sale, btw. (funding a trip at the end of Nov.)
I'll send them glued and each string knotted mutltiple times to facillitate non slippage. They're pretty tough this way, but are still able to be sewn to any surface. (you can seen the knots in the Snarry one. They can also be cut a lot shorter, but I'll leave that to the buyer.)

I will also consider a bead comission. :D
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I said I'd draw Snarry, AND I DID! Except that it's part of the upcoming Snarry a Thon-fest-thing. It starts posting tomorrow, so stay tuned!!

I went out the other day and bought some Perler beads. (yanno, the type you iron to melt them together?) They were not as ... forgiving as I'd hoped.

Most stuff under the cut is work safe, but some is DECIDEDLY NOT. So beware! )
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Thanks to everyone for the feedback!

I went with Snape flipping the bird, just because I haven't really done anything like this for a while. I drew him with just one 'finger' but it looked a bit.. empty, so I made him doing the 'double bird'. You know he's REALLY pissed! :D

As usual, hubby was my beautiful hand model.

Flipping the Bird )

the WIPs can be found here
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WIP2+3 )

Okay, despite some fantastic advice....I went ahead and kept drawing anyway! I really will try to do a 'minimal' drawing like you suggested, Elica8. I think that's a great idea!
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I haven't done this for a while, so here's a graphite Snape, wip.

I've darkened it in photoshop a bit, so that it shows up.

WIP1 )

There's loads more room on the paper, so in an incredible show of planning, I have no idea what he's going to be doing/looking at. I usually have a better idea on what I want a picture to be about, but nope...not this time!

The reference for his face is actually from a screen shot of him and Hugh Laurie. Perhaps this will be my long awaited Snape/House crossover pic! Or not. I haven't decided yet.
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Okay, I had to give House a rest, and give my Snapey some attention. Unfortunately, he sort of morphed into Cross-eyed Dustin Hoffman!Snape. :D

I tried to make him more pale than I'd being doing with House, be he ended up waaay too peaked. The boy needs some red meat in his diet. *snerk*

Chalk snape )
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yay! Here he is, in all his Rickmanish glory, Crayola Snape, or, Snaypola! ;^)

Rating G baby!

Snaypola )
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Title: You have Talent
Author:[ profile] tripperfunster
Recipient's LJ name:[ profile] bitterfig
Word Count:1401
Warnings (if any):Maurader ass-hattedness
Author's notes: Thanks to [ profile] joanwilder and [ profile] schemingreader for the beta help.

Da fic be here )


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