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[ profile] alisanne comissioned me to draw something for something for [ profile] lilyeyes She has a series of stories featuring Harry and Snape with their kids. How cute is that?

Totes worksafe )

I hope you like hon!
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When I said I was open for comissions, [ profile] alisanne decided to KILL me by requesting a wedding scene. She wanted Snape and Harry at their wedding, with assorted guests, including Luna putting feathers in Severus' hair for good luck, the Malfoys off in a corner being Snarky and the Weasleys all gooey and happy. Hagrid was ALL MINE, BABY! ;) And really, what's a wedding without Hagrid blubbering in the corner?

This was drawin with a .3 copic pen.

Work safe marryin' stuff )

Despite my whining, this was actually quite a bit of fun to draw. I don't think I challenge myself enough.
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[ profile] shadownitewolf won my services in the last Snape/Potter fest, and she requested that I draw something from emynn's fic Forget Me Not.

Severus frowned and picked up the frame. The photograph had been taken many years ago, most likely in one of his first years of teaching. He was seated by the Great Lake and appeared to be deep in thought. Every so often he turned to face the camera and raised an inquisitive eyebrow, as though daring the viewer to speak. “I can’t believe you had a framed photograph of me in your bedroom. All your other photographs are downstairs.”
“Well, I was writing about you in here. It makes sense I’d want some inspiration.”
“In your bedr – ” Severus cut himself off. This was encroaching upon dangerous territory.
“Well, I thought you were dead, didn’t I?” Potter said. “I doubt I was … you know.”
A sudden vision flashed through Severus’ head of Potter sprawled across that navy duvet, his prick in one hand and that photograph in the other. A jolt of arousal surged through his body. Merlin, he needed to get out of here. He set the photograph facedown on the desk.

The photo of Snape turned out pretty small, but he is there judging us all, don't worry. :D
Pic is DEF not work safe. Yay! )
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Two Big Bang illustrations and an exchange pic.
One is not safe for work )
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This is what I drew on the way home from Lubricus. I didn't manage to quite finish it, and things got busy at work and home, so I just managed to fill in Harry's hair today. I had a heck of a time photographing/scanning it. It's done in fairly light pencil and meh! It looks much better in rl.

Snarry art G rated )

Aaand, as an icebreaker at Lubricus, we did a 'decorate a cock' and dude! Some of the entries were fantastic and hilarious! They used markers and feathers and jewels and ribbons. I didn't take pics, but i think they'll be posted on the lubricus site, and I'll link when they do. I didn't make an entry, but I DID draw the giant template for them!
cut for giant dick pic )
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Today we have a Snarry and a ... uh ... well, you'll just have to see it for yourself. ;)

Artz under here )

Seriously, Lubricus is the funnest con ever. If there is any chance at all you can make it to the next one, I would highly reccomend it.

Snarry Art!

Aug. 7th, 2012 12:48 am
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Wow, the boys did NOT cooperate at all for this one. Probably because the ref was a fully dressed girl and a guy. Also? Snape is WAY TOO pretty. *shrug* Better than no Snarry at all! :D

not really work safe, but not full on porn either ... )
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Ugh, this has been a really crappy year for pets dying. First the Hogrid the pig and then Milky Wave, and we've had a fox taking out our ducks and chickens one by one. Then yesterday, my husband was moving the car into the garage and our goose (Dr. D) dashed out to attack the car and hubby ran over him. Poor hubby just feels awful, but obviously it wasn't his fault. *sigh* I really loved that stupid evil goose.

On the bright side, we seem to have aquired a new pet. A couple of weeks ago one of the puppies at our store broke his leg. (Exact details are still sketchy, but it would seem that a volunteer dropped him by mistake.) So, after a visit to the vet $$$ and a splint, I brought him home to heal up. And, of course, there is NO WAY I can bring an animal home for any amount of time and then not keep him! The kids have been begging for a new dog ever since Harley died (two? Three? years ago) and they are thrilled to death with this little guy. Of course, they wanted something big, like a Great Dane or Golden Retriever, but this little PomXJapanese Chin will just have to do.
Pics or it didn't happen )

Quincey and I went to see the Avengers again tonight. Man, that movie makes me want to be skinny. Well, skinny and ripped! Thank God, if I sit around long enough, eating M&M's the feeling goes away.
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Ah, it is coming time to pay my way to Lubricus, so I've decided put some stuff up for sale.

I have a metric shit-ton of Avengers stuff available, just scroll through my avengers tag to see it all:
Or take a look at my devArt:

Keeping in mind that anything that is digitally coloured will just be a black and white outline in rl. There is a fair amount of traditional pencils and pastels, such as: cut for image heavy )

I'm also selling my bead work! I think I'll do a bid war/auction thing on these ones. They were OMG so time consuming that I really don't want to undersell them. End strings are glued and tied, so that it looks like a shitty rug fringe, but is made to be tucked in or glued when applied to ... whatever you wanna do with it. It could be sewn on to just about anything, or would look really nice in a tiny frame. beads! )

I also have a ton of Megamind art. If there's something that interests you, let me know!
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Wow, when I focus, I really focus. I suppose it's a good thing that I'm not a psychopathic killer, and a bad thing that I'm not like ... working on erradicating cancer or something.

First off, here was my entry for the last Snarry-a-thon. The prompt was Mod's choice, and [ profile] accioslash picked "Snape survives the snake bite and thinks he's invincible. Harry has to keep saving his arse." She then mentioned that since I'm on a superhero binge, perhaps they could be superheroes too. :D

Work safe(ish) art )

Next are the two Steve/Tony Avengers artz.
Shirtless (and shirted) boy kisses )

Thanks for looking!
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Lubricus is now selling a slashy colouring book! Only $20 gets you over 30 pics by 22 artists, running the gambit of slash/femslash with lots of different pairings.

Here was my submission: Cut for semi not work safe )

If you'd like to buy the whole book, go here: and they will Hook. You. Up.
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Whoops! I forgot to post this here! I went digital, just to throw people off. :D The background is a heavily photoshopped screen shot, but the cock is ALL MINE, BABY! Well, not MINE per se, but I drew it myself. :D

Detention!! NWS )
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Here's Snape, still on the loom.

God! Beads are so friggin' hard to photograph! I tried to take a good one of the Snarry now that it's off the loom, and it's like the camera can't deal with the details and makes it all ... liney.

Anyhoo, here they are.

Both are work safe )

These are both for sale, btw. (funding a trip at the end of Nov.)
I'll send them glued and each string knotted mutltiple times to facillitate non slippage. They're pretty tough this way, but are still able to be sewn to any surface. (you can seen the knots in the Snarry one. They can also be cut a lot shorter, but I'll leave that to the buyer.)

I will also consider a bead comission. :D
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Whooooooooo! Well, THAT was fun. ;)
Each row is 90 beads long and the whole thing is 62 rows down. About 12 hours of just beading. (Meaning, not including sorting the beads by colour and tweaking the reference. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, and certainly learned a lot. The next one will be better. (I hope.)

The pics are of it still on the loom, because I put a bead of glue on each string before I take it off, to stop and string slippage. It should photograph better once I remove it. In total it's just a hair under 6x6 inches, and over 5500 beads!
Pics or it didn't happen. )

Sorry for the giant pics! My compter (or lj) wouldn't let me upload images, so I had to do it via tinypic.
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So many fandoms, so much porn! :D

And plane rides! Nothing better to do than pull out the old penis pens and draw draw draw!

Snarry, Megamind and Blades of Glory under the cut. Some not safe for work )
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Poor R_grayjoy, she's going to have to wait until I have an iota of privacy to make hers! :D

Here's Delta's.

I didn't quite get the face stroking in, but they are touching heads! I'll make them stroke each other at Lubricus. Promise!

Shirtless but not porny )


Okay everyone, send your 'keep the plane in the air vibes' to me, as I take off first thing in the morning!! <3 <3 <3
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Hmm... I don't know if this was a surprise to anyone or not. It's not regular pencil, so that might have thrown some people off.

not very work safe, due to peeking 'nards )

I was lazy and never sent in my headers, so [ profile] accioslash was kind enough to title this "The Wet Spot". ;)
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Drawn for [ profile] alisanne who won me in the [ profile] help_japan auction. Colour me shocked, but she requested Snarry. Slow dancing on their wedding night.
Drawn in pencils, which I haven't touched in ages. I also have ....3 more arts out there in still unclaimed fests that I'll be able to post soon.

Work safe )
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First one was done for a digital 'zine and is titled PON FARR. Yes, you guessed it, it's the trek one. GOOD FOR YOU!

Art under here people.Probably not safe for work. )

Thanks for lookin'!
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The first one was my Snarry-Swap for [ profile] alissanne. I love it when you get to make a gift for someone that you actually know and like! And as an added bonus, [ profile] joanwilder was assigned to make MY gift. NEPITISM!!!! WHOOT! Blowing the mods has worked out quite well for me! :D

NWS Snarry )

The second one is a gift for [ profile] lucianwolf who was kind enough (and pissed at dA enough) to post a shit-ton of my Snarry art over at Walking the Plank. Her request was Snape/Harry FEAR. :D
Fairly work safe, actually ... )

Thanks so much Lucian!! pm me your addy and I'll send it to you.


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