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No junk, but not work safe )

Thanks, DJ, for giving me that little nudge to make this. It's been way too long since I'd had a pencil in my hand. Between feathers, and paper cutting and costumes, I'd almost forgotten how to draw!
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Yay for the Snarry Games!

Plz to be going to look at my arts!

And check out all of the others while you're there too, some are really awesome!

And speaking of Snarry Games art, [ profile] joanwilder aka Raewhit wrote three drabbles, based on my tryptich (tripp-tick? :D ) triangle of Love for the 2006 Snarry games. Very hot and VERY funny! Go and see!
Edited for unlocked link:

That is all. Carry on.
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Here are the 'prompt' images I made for the snarry Games this year.
They are AR, AU and ...? I'm not sure. The last one is supposed to be a Harry/Snape mix. Snape as Harry, or Harry as Snape, or even possibly the offspring they might make. *winks at accioslash*

Pirate!Snape><a href= )

Super!Harry )

And finally
Harry!Snape><a href= )

ETA: I'm not sure what the hell went wrong with my lj cuts, but since they are work safe, and I'm sick and lazy, I'm not going to bother to fix them. My apologies.
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Xingou took my arts and made a rockin' header for the Snarry Games!

Check it OUT!!

It is supposed to represent the different prompts and genres put forth in the games.

Great job Xingou! <3
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I posted the rockin banner that [ profile] swtalmnd made for the games, and here are the individual pics that were used for it.

The Phoenix (because I am a slave to reference photos) is a mix of a vulture, a Harris hawk, a peacock and other assorted fowl.
Piccy under here folks! )

The Dragon is a mix of an Iguana, a T-rex, a few different dragons, and a touch of Swamp Thing for good measure.
Leezared )

I've also drawn a few other things for the games, but I'll have to wait until the mods post them, before you'll see them here.

Thanks for lookin' <3
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Gawd I love the Snarry Games! And this year it's even better because THEY ASKED ME TO DO THE ART! *beams*

The teams are Dragon and Phoenix, and I almost had a conniption. I don't DO animals. Ever.
I was thinking I could draw a nice Snape/Harry embrace and be done with it. ;^)

Anyhoo, the critters turned out quite well (if I do say so myself) and the Games icon/banner makers made them look even better! [ profile] swtalmnd There will be more Games art to come, but for now, here's the banner:

Team listings can be found here:
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My second Snarry Games pic turned out better than my first, I think. This one was all pencil, but I used a sepia filter on it, just to add some interest. As much as I love pastels, I REALLY love the tiny details that I can get with a pencil. That textured sleeve was a biach to draw!!

Stability )

clickity-click to make it bigger than god
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Whoot! Team Romance won! (of course!)

Here is my first pic: Shh Harry, I've Got You )
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My second arts for the Snarry games is up! They asked me to pinch-hit, and I was thrilled to oblige.

Go and vote! Go and Vote!

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yay! I was all pins and needles, waiting for it to be posted!

My WORKSAFE Snarry games art is up! (yeah, worksafe...sorry!!) Go and vote! You need an eyejay account to vote, but they're free, no no big whoop. At the very least, go and take a peek, because I can't post it anywhere else until the games are over.

Shh Harry, I've got you



Oct. 8th, 2007 08:46 am
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*picks up bullhorn*


My pic's not up yet, but its just a matter of time! And some seriously hawt Snarry has already been posted, people!


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