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I am much too impatient to wait for my paper to arrive, so I cut a bazillion little strips of paper to make this one. I suck at it! They are all different thicknesses! Why do straight lines elude me? Luckily, it doesn't really make a difference in the end, for this. Unless you're up close you can't tell the thicknesses are different.

SPN = Supernatural. My husband and kids, despite watching all 10 seasons of the show had no idea. I guess it's a fandom thing?

This time I did a paper cut underneath. The Impala is pretty … eh, but I like the way the rest turned out.
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Yay done! And just in time. Tomorrow is the last day to enter it in the show.

A couple of big fails, though. I PUT HIS HEAD ON BACKWARDS! Derp. Not a huge deal, but generally, the paint faces IN (meaning you paint on the front of the glass.) For whatever reason, I didn't realize it was backwards until I was done and took this photo.

Second fail, my cat/bird/feather thing did NOT WORK OUT at all. I tried fusing them onto a sheet of clear glass, and the entire thing pretty much melted/exploded in my kiln. I hope it didn't wreck anything. I have to wait until it's cooled down enough to remove it and assess the damage. *sigh*
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How much do I love my kiln? How much? Well … if the laws regarding sexual congress were just a little more lax in my province, I might just have it's babies.

Here's what I've been doing.

Hail Hydra, baby! This was done with a paper cut stencil and the glass frit powder. Black and red on white, and then just black on semi translucent. I didn't know if the black and red would fire properly together in one shot, so I tried it both ways. Clearly, it works just fine!

And here's a Cas window I"m working on. He has two wings, but the other one is in the kiln right now.

This is just sitting on white paper, so it ends up looking a lot darker than it actually is, when there's light shining through. There is a 'show' at the stained glass place where I shop, so I'm hoping I can finish this one in time to submit it.
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Inspired by the Supernatural episode 'Reading is Fundamental', where Sam mentions that loved reading the Galahad comics as a child, but realized that he could never have a quest like that, because he was 'unclean.' (referring to the Demon blood in him.)

I felt he deserved a medieval type window. I had planned on having a horse and sword and all that, but ended up preferring this simpler scheme with the clear glass mixed with the bright colours.

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Yay! My kiln finally arrived!! It's still a painfully slow process. It takes 2 1/2 hours for it to heat to the paint firing temperature (on purpose, so the glass doesn't get shocked) and then about 4 to 5 hours for it to cool down enough to take the glass out. (again, on purpose). All the while, I dance from foot to foot with excitement and impatience.

Painting is done on this one (I've already started on another), and now I've finished tacking it all together. Tomorrow I will finish the leading and attach the frame and I'm done!!!!! I still need A LOT of practice with the face/skin but I'm looking forward to learning moar and moar.

Sorry for the poor picture quality. It's really hard to photograph something while you're holding it!
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Airplane rides. The perfect time to draw, amirite?

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Probably not terribly interested to anyone who doesn't do glass, but I love seeing other people's wips, so here's mine!
Nothing has been painted yet. The face is just what's printed on the paper beneath the glass.

Funny story on this one. See those yellow pieces on the side, labels 17 and 18? I have NO IDEA where the fuck they belong. I finished cutting today, and laid the glass out, just to make sure I hadn't missed any (I had), but in he first time in forever, I actually ended up with three extra bits.

I must admit, I'm a bit 'fly by the seat of my pants' when it comes to planning out glass, and most glass people are SUPER anal about prep, but meh. It usually turns out fine, or I spend extra time working out my mistakes.

Speaking of mistakes, the clear glass around Sam's head has a bit of a grain to it, and I totally cut four or five pieces with it going the wrong way. Durr. So I re-cut. Lucky for me it was a cheap glass. The whole thing is about 22"x22".

The glass is much lighter than it appears here, with no light behind it. Now on to grinding! (glass grinding, not the fun, sexy kind of grinding.)
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First, my new crush, Timothy Omundson. In pencil crayon.
The man is pure, unadulterated hair porn. And I hate beards. Hate them. And yet, I'd totes put up with his. ;)

Next is the design for my newest stained glass.

The colour scheme is loosely based on This picture I found on line. Mine will be much blockier, but with cool angles and with a dude in the middle, not a bird. (Dude being Sam Winchester) I was really taken with a scene in one of the episodes, where Sam talks about the adventures of Sir Galahad, and how he knew he could never be 'chosen' like that, because he was unclean. I that that was terribly sad, poor kid tainted when he was just a baby, so he deserved and churchy-halo-y window for himself.

The circles will be bevels, pained with symbols. I haven't decided which yet. Any specific ideas are appreciated!
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Timothy Omundson (Cain from Supernatural) has totally stolen my heart, as King Richard from Galavant. So. God. Damned. Funny! (and that hair! *swoons*)
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Okay, not smut exactly, but there's shirtless!Dean and some smouldering looks, so that's as close as it gets right now.

Drawn during music lessons today, then coloured in on the computer tonight.

I'm not sure what, exactly it says about me, but the shittier Castiel looks, the more he turns me on. Gets my h/c hormones revving, I guess?
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First paper. Captain America!

This one was difficult! There are 8 layers of paper there, plus the red background. It gets a bit tricky and fiddly when there's that much.

And now feathers! (and paper)

Now that I'm on the lookout for feathers, I couldn't help but notice these gorgeous, yet tiny little colourful budgie feathers all over the store. They aren't much bigger than a tic tac but when you put a bunch of them together, they're so pretty! So, every day, when I'm cleaning the cages, I've been hoarding these tiny little feathers in zip lock bags.

And here they are with some longer finch feathers.
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Went up a layer! And a more difficult cut, due to Sam's (OMG GORGEOUS) hair.
Big difference this time is that I didn't glue the layers as I went along, I waited until the end. This resulted in a bit more confusion, but WAY less sticky fingers! ;)
Here he is all glued together.
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I went fairly simple on this one, to dip my toe in the water, so to speak. And because I"m awesome, I took some Wip shots! It's so funny how this medium is like … nothing … nothing …OMG I TOTALLY SEE IT!

For paper, I went to Micheals and bought these 12x12 scrapbooking sheets. They were on sale 3 for a buck, so I went to town and spent FOUR WHOLE DOLLARS! And now I need to go back and buy more, because I want a larger range of colour. I could totally be an art-supplies hoarder. Someone call A&E!

Instead of white as the base layer, I used beige.
The black really makes it pop, eh? Please note that inside my china/curio cabinet you see no china. But if you look closely, you can see Sulu, Iron Man and Thor. Not pictured are Megamind, Doofenshmirtz and Bender. ;)papermisha
And here he is with a shitty photoshopped background. Thanks for looking!
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Okay, there's no horse racing here, but it sounded like a 'three' word, so I used it. :D

Dean with a pie background, Misha with Kale and Sam with books. I really should do a Castiel (as opposed to Misha) and make the background bees! :D

There were all done separately, then photoshopped together. They are cut white paper with textured paper underneath. Just images that I found online and printed out for the background.

I found an artist who makes really neat 4 and 5 layer paper cut portraits on devArt, so I'll have to try that next. And I've been collecting feathers like a true hoarder, so I'll have to do some more of that too.

Any ideas? What would you guys like to see in a feather cut?
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Cut from a peacock tail feather, and the wings are from the decorative fronds of the tail, plus a few neck feathers too.
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I saw some artist make cut feathers like this, and I was all I TOTALLY HAVE FEATHERS!!! So I thought I would steal try his idea! So cool!

First one is the three Gishwhes mascots.

Second one is Team Free Will and the anti-posession symbol.
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White gel pen on black paper board. I bought these at an art sale on my Vancouver trip, and just took them out of the bag now. WTH took me so long???

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WTF is with these crazy words?

Here's another Victorian era animation thang.

Cas saving Dean from Hell. One full circle, and one close up.
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I tried a different way of spinning this one, and I'm not sure if it's better or worse.

Dean and his demon eyes.
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Did you ever see the paper with the bird on one side and the cage on the other, and when you spin it around, it looks like the bird is in the cage? I had no idea there was an actual name for this illusion, but it's Thaumatrope! Sounds like something you'd need penicillin for!

I made something similar, but did Castiel and his wings. I think a simpler image might have worked better. And perhaps different colours, which is why the bird/cage one works so well. Oh well, next time!

edit: Okay, looking through a bunch of other thaumatropes online, mine isn't half bad at all. I thought the effect wasn't great, but neither are most of the others. Not that I can't improve, mind you! I saw a cool one with pins and chopsticks instead of thread to spin it, and it worked great!! Stay tuned!


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