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Yay done! And just in time. Tomorrow is the last day to enter it in the show.

A couple of big fails, though. I PUT HIS HEAD ON BACKWARDS! Derp. Not a huge deal, but generally, the paint faces IN (meaning you paint on the front of the glass.) For whatever reason, I didn't realize it was backwards until I was done and took this photo.

Second fail, my cat/bird/feather thing did NOT WORK OUT at all. I tried fusing them onto a sheet of clear glass, and the entire thing pretty much melted/exploded in my kiln. I hope it didn't wreck anything. I have to wait until it's cooled down enough to remove it and assess the damage. *sigh*
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I'm not sure if I like this or not. It was a great learning experience, but it doesn't look quite as awesome as it did in my head. *shrug*
The top bar is actually amber, not bright yellow. I blame my camera phone.
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How much do I love my kiln? How much? Well … if the laws regarding sexual congress were just a little more lax in my province, I might just have it's babies.

Here's what I've been doing.

Hail Hydra, baby! This was done with a paper cut stencil and the glass frit powder. Black and red on white, and then just black on semi translucent. I didn't know if the black and red would fire properly together in one shot, so I tried it both ways. Clearly, it works just fine!

And here's a Cas window I"m working on. He has two wings, but the other one is in the kiln right now.

This is just sitting on white paper, so it ends up looking a lot darker than it actually is, when there's light shining through. There is a 'show' at the stained glass place where I shop, so I'm hoping I can finish this one in time to submit it.
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Now that I have a kiln, glass frit is something I've been looking forward to trying. Frit is basically ground up glass, and comes in a few different 'grit' sizes, from small (but square/jagged) peas all the way to dust powder.

I thought it would be cool to take my love of paper cutting and apply it in a stencil type fashion to glass.

These are just a few things I've tried so far.

I really wasn't sure how they'd work out, as there are SO MANY things to consider when fusing glass together. Temperature, length of firing, grit of frit, base glass, etc. Not to mention that I couldn't find all the colours I wanted to try!

There are frit makers on the market, but it's $80 for what sort of boils down to a boxy, metal mortar and pestle. So I made one myself with $3 worth of metal pipes and a length of rebar! The blue feather was from my own frit. Yay!

So after making these feathers, I tried to think of wtf to do with them now, and I came up with the idea of doing some stencil cats and birds and making a window out of them. They are cooking in the kiln right now! Geez, the hardest part is waiting for the glass to cool down so I can see them!!
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Inspired by the Supernatural episode 'Reading is Fundamental', where Sam mentions that loved reading the Galahad comics as a child, but realized that he could never have a quest like that, because he was 'unclean.' (referring to the Demon blood in him.)

I felt he deserved a medieval type window. I had planned on having a horse and sword and all that, but ended up preferring this simpler scheme with the clear glass mixed with the bright colours.

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Yay! My kiln finally arrived!! It's still a painfully slow process. It takes 2 1/2 hours for it to heat to the paint firing temperature (on purpose, so the glass doesn't get shocked) and then about 4 to 5 hours for it to cool down enough to take the glass out. (again, on purpose). All the while, I dance from foot to foot with excitement and impatience.

Painting is done on this one (I've already started on another), and now I've finished tacking it all together. Tomorrow I will finish the leading and attach the frame and I'm done!!!!! I still need A LOT of practice with the face/skin but I'm looking forward to learning moar and moar.

Sorry for the poor picture quality. It's really hard to photograph something while you're holding it!
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Probably not terribly interested to anyone who doesn't do glass, but I love seeing other people's wips, so here's mine!
Nothing has been painted yet. The face is just what's printed on the paper beneath the glass.

Funny story on this one. See those yellow pieces on the side, labels 17 and 18? I have NO IDEA where the fuck they belong. I finished cutting today, and laid the glass out, just to make sure I hadn't missed any (I had), but in he first time in forever, I actually ended up with three extra bits.

I must admit, I'm a bit 'fly by the seat of my pants' when it comes to planning out glass, and most glass people are SUPER anal about prep, but meh. It usually turns out fine, or I spend extra time working out my mistakes.

Speaking of mistakes, the clear glass around Sam's head has a bit of a grain to it, and I totally cut four or five pieces with it going the wrong way. Durr. So I re-cut. Lucky for me it was a cheap glass. The whole thing is about 22"x22".

The glass is much lighter than it appears here, with no light behind it. Now on to grinding! (glass grinding, not the fun, sexy kind of grinding.)
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First, my new crush, Timothy Omundson. In pencil crayon.
The man is pure, unadulterated hair porn. And I hate beards. Hate them. And yet, I'd totes put up with his. ;)

Next is the design for my newest stained glass.

The colour scheme is loosely based on This picture I found on line. Mine will be much blockier, but with cool angles and with a dude in the middle, not a bird. (Dude being Sam Winchester) I was really taken with a scene in one of the episodes, where Sam talks about the adventures of Sir Galahad, and how he knew he could never be 'chosen' like that, because he was unclean. I that that was terribly sad, poor kid tainted when he was just a baby, so he deserved and churchy-halo-y window for himself.

The circles will be bevels, pained with symbols. I haven't decided which yet. Any specific ideas are appreciated!
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The stained glass place were I spend my kid's inheritance shop is having a 'show' and I can enter two windows. There are apparently a couple of prizes (best in show and people's choice??) in each category (fused glass, windows etc) so I'm not sure which window to bring!

Of course, I'll bring the newest one, Perdition )
But I'm undecided on the second choice. Should it be my other SPN window? Or Iron Man?
Other choices )

Which one(s) would YOU pick? I have no idea who/what I"m up against, and I also have to assume that the average stained glass person is uh … Not hip? I'm willing to bet that the median age will be well above fifty and they may or may not know what ANY of these windows are about, so they'll have to win on craftsmanship and composition alone.

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Dear Lord, if I'd known how long this was going to take me, I probably wouldn't have started! The faces (and hands) were painted and fired four times, plus the lettering and the wings and the frame. I also chose glass that was STUPID hard to cut properly, so I ended up grinding and grinding and grinding. (and not the good kind of grinding!!)

And of course, while soldering, one of the pieces of glass CRACKED! I almost pulled it out and fixed it, but meh. I don't have any more glass in that colour and FUCK YOU GLASS! I dare you to find it. The glass is odd and sort of crackely anyway, so it shouldn't be noticeable.

And then, when I went to cut/miter the aluminum frame THE MITER BOX WAS MISSING. guh! Okay, whatever, I'll use the dremmel, and just eyeball it. Except the little cutting end on the dremmel was broken! *tears out hair* I love my husband, and he is a far better person than I, but where (and the way) he keeps his tools is not unlike that giant warehouse at the end of the first Indianna Jones movie. And whenever I buy tools for myself, since I cannot find any of his, MY tools invariably end up in the vortex that is his tools. RAGE QUIT.

I ended up using an actual miter saw. Like POWER TOOL. Like, CUT YOUR FINGERS OFF POWER TOOL. *shudder*

Anyhoo, it's finished and I still have all my fingers, so yay! Sadly it's not sunny here today, but have a cloudy view of my new window!

Work safe, although maybe I should make some porny stained glass?? )

It's about 3 feet by 2 feet.
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I'm still new to staining glass, so I made four different heads for each of them. Any thoughts? Black and white? Or colour? These are just taped to the window to get an idea of what they'll look like.
Work safe pics )
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This one might actually kill me.

I had to move my 'workshop' (i.e. table and a bunch of junk) in from the garage. As much as I hate to cut glass and play with lead in the house, it was just TOO DAMN COLD in there! Sadly, the light where I am now is really strange, so it's kind of screwing with my availability for working on it. Daytime is fine, but at night, the lights I have (which were the same ones from the garage) are almost too bright, and they make everything strange and shiny and reflective, so I can only work on it during the day. AGAIN WITH THESE FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS!!

Anyhoo, here it is so far.
work safe )

Not shown here: I"ve painted the feathers on the wings and the wrinkles on the shirts. Now I have to shade the faces and some of the framing and get those pieces fired.

God, that green is HIDEOUS! It's actually a nice, pale green, but on that white paper it is fugly as hell.
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*keyboard smash*

I've finished my new pattern, and I'm (so far) happy with it, but the GORGEOUS glass I've chosen for the flames SUCKS ASS.

It's super beautiful, but cuts like shit. Some glass, you can do all sorts of crazy stuff and it cuts just fine. This stuff practically crumbles in your hands! And, of course, I need to make all sorts of curvy/wavy cuts with it.

Same goes for the really nice purple/blue I've chosen for Cas's wings. I will be grinding this shit into shape FOREVER.

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Holy hell! This took forever! Why someone like myself, with ZERO patience, would ever take up a hobby that basically was designed for MONKS, I will never know.

Well, I learned a lot this time, and can hardly wait to try glass painting again. On something bigger! Geez, this whole thing is only 18x 24, so the faces are only 3 -4 inches across. Thanks to everyone for the input on what the bevels should be. As you can see, I went with the anti-posession tattoo, the angel repellant sigil, the impala, plus … something else, I can't remember! Enochian sigil? I think the pointing circle is an angel trap? durrr Cas' shirt is actually white, I'm not sure why it looks yellow here, and hey, I gave Sam PLAID!! :D
Dean looks a bit cross-eyed, but we can't see Castiel's hands, so maybe there's something going on out of frame. ;)

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Most of my painted stuff fired okay, except the large red circle that I'd painted and then scratched out the devil's trap on. It was supposed to be a bit of a focal point in the window, but I found out (rather belatedly) that red glass often doesn't fire well. It's basically a big black circle now. ;) They gave me the option of buying some OMG expensive antique glass that tends to fire better, but yeah … $50 circle is just not gonna happen.

I'll just use amber instead. Little bits of the "Non timebo mala" bubbled a bit, and part of Sam's hair is a bit off, but over-all, aside from the red/now black circle, it turned out pretty good for my first go.

Here's all of the pieces together. I picked up the round bevels today, so I could finally cut the glass to go around them.

Right here! )

Next step is to paint the big devil's trap and small bevels, then paint the shading on the boys and their clothes.

I am excite!
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Most of the glass is cut and I even PAINTED SOME OF IT!! Man, it was really hard to work with! You basically have to paint everything all in one layer, because it looks all streaky and weird if you go back over it again.

Here's the un-fired glass pieces: Sorry for the crappy iPhone pic )

Those little yellow banana looking things are going to be Cas' halo. It extends past his little skinny frame, so it ended up being like 8 pieces. These painted pieces will now get fired in a kiln, and the paint powder will fuse with the glass. Next step will be to paint them again, with a water wash to make the shading. This coat was just the bold, black lines.

Now the question … at the bottom of the panel, there is going to be three 2 inch circles, plus two half circles. The pattern is here if you'd like to see. The bottom's not well drawn in yet, because I didn't have the little bevel things, so I didn't draw then in completely. Anyhoo, I was thinking of painting on the bevels too, but I"m not quite sure what to put.

My thoughts are: The anti-posession tattoo that the boys have,
The angel banishment sigil,
The demon killing knife,
A raven
The impala (hard!!!)
Dean's necklace

Any thoughts? Suggestions?

As a funny little aside: The place where I buy my glass, and where I took this stuff to get fired is owned by a very religious couple. I was DREADING having them freak out because I'd painted a pentacle on the large circle. Lucky for me, they took one look at all the pieces and said "Hey! Looks great!" *phew*
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I really wanted to try stained glass where you literally stain the glass like the faces that are painted in church windows and such. You actually use ground up glass powder, paint it on, wipe it selectively off then fire it in a kiln to fuse the 'paint' right on there. *wibble*

I also wanted to re-do my Castiel glass window, with something less 18hour rushed so I came up with this design.
design )

I have no idea if I will have any skills with painting glass. But I"m just dying to try! Stay tuned.
Sorry for the shitty picture, this is the pattern on my dining room table.
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I joined a really neat Avengers Gift Exchange this year, where they assigned me a character to BE and then assigned me a character to give/make a gift for. I am Tony!!! And I am giving a gift to STEVE! Hee! They assured me that this was a complete fluke, but I attribute it to COSMIC KARMA. ;) Anyhoo, the gift is going to an actual dude, (heterosexual) so I did not make the GIANT ROBOTIC PENIS that I'd planned. Instead I just sent him Tony's heart. ;)

Work safe )
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No, not from the movie Iron Man 2!

[ profile] dickgloucester has a really cool Iron Man icon iconiron and I wanted to do a window of it. She wasn't sure of the original artist, and even when I googled 'iron man cubism' or iron man vorticim I only came up with this and I don't think it's the same artist.

EDIT: Artist found! It's Liam Brazier:

Anyhoo, I just squinted, and worked off the icon and here is the resulting window! It measures 2'x 2' and was about 160 pieces of glass. Sadly, the icon uses a lot of pinks, but they don't really exist in glass. So reds and oranges instead.
Work Safe Glass )
It's been grey and cloudy around here for days, so this was the best picture I could get. I'll try again if the sun ever comes out.
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Gishwhes Item #132 Make a stained glass window depicting a character from a CW TV show.

I had no idea what CW was (a network? Really?) Nor did I know what most of the shows were, but I HAVE GOOGLE, so I thought it would be best to stroke Misha Collin's nether regions ego and make it of his character Castiel.
Glass Angel )

It was pretty convenient that I happened to have the skills AND that I had all of the equipment I needed. This didn't cost a dime out of pocket. I hadn't touched any of this stuff since we'd moved to this house IN 2004!! But there it was, all tidy and boxed up, so I pulled out some glass, and the equipment and it was like I'd never taken a 12 year break.

And now, of course, like most other things in my life, I'm totally obsessed. I'm on my second Iron Man window, this one bigger than the last. About 50 pieces more. Too bad it's such an expensive hobby. I might have to sell them as i make them, but uh ... yeah, shipping is a bit tricky. ;)


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