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Airplane rides. The perfect time to draw, amirite?

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For those who don't know, Kripke is the creator of Supernatural and McG is an executive producer.
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Man, stained glass is so damn time consuming! So in the meantime, take some Dean/Cas porn.

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I have a serious love for crosshatching. This was done with a .05 pen. Superskinny! Except that I buggered up my wrist in a non-related thing, and the last few hours of this was uncomfortable. FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS! MY SORE WRIST IS INTERRUPTING MY PORNING!


Dec. 15th, 2013 06:53 pm
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I had an artistic ... inkling? (heh, that's actually a good word for it) that I wanted to use coloured pencils on brown paper. Except I didn't have any brown paper. I went to Staples for a roll of that brown stuff that you ship packages in, but they were already closed. So I went to the Shoppers Drug Mart near my house, because they have a post office there. Except they DON'T have a post office there. (wtf brain?) So then I went to a drug store about 5 mins away from there that DID have a post office, except they were closed! Then I went to Giant Tiger (because it was right there) and they didn't have any (but I bought a cute pair of tights), then I went to Superstore because they were right there too, and they didn't have any either. My muse was NOT HAPPY. I don't often get that OMG I must draw this drawing in THIS meduim ON THIS paper kind of inkling often, but I wanted my brown paper damnit, and I wanted it now. So I stopped at Safeway, hoping they'd at least have florist paper that was brown, except they didn't. (flowers). But they DID have a liquor store there, so I bummed a brown paper bag off the clerk and made my art on a liquor store bag.

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Yes, further proof, as if any were needed, that I ship things like FedEx. We've just finished up season three, and I'm looking forward to season four.

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*runs and hides*

Okay, my son has burned through all of Lost and the X-Files and was looking for another show on Netflix.

Since I've heard good things about Supernatural (and I'll TOTES be meeting Misha Collins when I win GISHWHES) I told him to give it a try.

So, we're most of the way through season one, and I'd like to read some good fic. Nothing too spoilery of upcoming seasons, and I guess stuff just featuring Sam and Dean. I haven't met Castiel yet (or anyone else) so I'll wait until I see those shows before devouring fic.

So ... plotty, smutty, h/c, first time fic (or any combination of those) would be much appreciated.

No Mpreg, A/B/O or heavy D/s thanks!


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