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So … is there a basic writing program that comes with a Mac? It seems to come with a whole wack of stuff, like iPhoto, and contacts and some sort of AppleScript Editor … but is there like a Microsoft Word Document type thing? ( obs not Microsoft …)

And/or, what is a program that is free/cheap that is easily shared between Mac and HP users? I want to be able to send stuff for beta without having to import/export it as something else.

If it exists here, I'm not seeing it.

Thanks in advance.
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I have a psd file that I use as a mastersheet for the comic I'm making. It has everyone's skin tones, tony's shiny arc reactor and the comic panel frames all on different layes.

A couple of days ago I fat-fingered something and the file disappeared. I can still access it in photoshop, and 'open' it, except it doesn't show up. I can see it in the little history/actions window in the top right corner, but I can't get it to open on the actual page. *pulls out hair*

Any thoughts? I REALLY don't want to have to start some of this shit from scratch.

thanks in advance

edit: Okay, I fixed the problem by opening it in a different ps (elements), changing the file slightly, then saving it under a different name. But I am still interested to hear wtf I did, and how it could be fixed. I'm using psCS3 btw.

MOAR edit: fixed now and I am embarassed at how stoopid I am. Thanks Mierrona! <3
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I've been making this comic, and when I add the text, then save it as a lower rez jpeg, the speech bubbles get really dirty around the text. I"m not sure why it does that nor how to stop it exactly.

Any ideas? There must be a way to save something 'for the web' and still keep the text clear?

thanks in advance

WTH lj?

Sep. 3rd, 2012 08:23 pm
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I can't seem to upload any photos! Anyone here know how to circumvent it? It lets me upload them, but they get stuck like ... 10% before they're done and won't finish loading. I could copy/paste the data, but don't know how to get the original info that I'd need.
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Does anyone know how to download porn fanfic onto my ipad? I have the iBooks app, but perhaps something would work better? I NEED PORN FOR MY TRIP! ;)

Please use little words, for I know not this tech shit.
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help plz.

Two things. First of all, lj won't let me upload any pics. I just get a little !error on page thing on the bottom left hand corner of my screen. I see that other people have uploaded stuff, so I assume it's something to do with me?

Secondly whenever I try to comment on someone else's post, it makes me sign in again. I'm already LOGGED in, but I get a big screen of all different ways to log in (anon, google, etc) and I have to put my password in to be able to leave a comment.

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I'm entering a t-shirt design contest, and the rules (or rather, tech guidlines) are thus:

Use Pantone Solid Coated color swatches for your design or else we will have to convert your colors
Maximum of 6 spot colors
Gradients & Halftones:
Photoshop users, make certain that your halftones are 30 LPI or larger for a full-size design at 300 DPI.

What does that mean? I plan to ink my design (traditional media) then upload it and colour it in photoshop. Is there anything I need to do to make sure I stay within these parameters??

thanks in advance!
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So ... I've drawn something on paper, photographed it, made a duplicate layer, set it to multiply, and then coloured 'behind' it. Standard stuff.

Now, say I want to move it on to a new paper. (I drew two images, and need to move them into better positions.)

How can I select the single image (which I have all on one layer) AND keep the black inked background (which is the duplicate layer?)

I tried to do it before colouring, but ... it just left a big 'rip' in the page. is there a way to select just the coloured image and the black outline without the rest of the page?
Thanks in advance bb's!

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So ... when I'm using a brush, normally it shows a circle (or shape) in the diameter of the brush. Now, i'm only getting a little cross-hairs, regardless of the size of the brush I'm using.

I've gone into the brushes windows, and played with the presets etc, but I can't quite figure it out. I've also tried reverting back to default brushes, and even turned the computer off, but no luck. It's probably something simple, BUT NOT AS SIMPLE AS ME!

As usual, pleaze to be dumbing down your replies for the tech-impaired.
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Okay, nobody panic, problem solved. Thanks so much Clay and everyone else who chimed in!

I'm sure I"ll be bugging you all again before long. :D

*flaily keyboard smash*

How the FUCK do I fix my brushes in photoshop? *sob* I was mucking around, trying different things, and now my brushes don't work like they're supposed to! :(

Normally, when I have the brush opacity down, I can press hard and make a full diameter line, or I can press lightly, and draw a dark-ish line in the middle of the light stuff. I've tried to fix it via Pen Sensitivity in the brushes window, but it just lets me go darker/lighter with pressure, but doesn't let me change the diameter of the stroke with pressure. I've also tried mucking with diameter, but to no avail.

I swear to God this is fucking aging me. AND I DON'T NEED ANY MORE WRINKLES TYVM!

Oh, and please dumb down your answers as much as possible.
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Okay. I'm so dumb when it comes to tech stuff.

My hubby used my laptop to download some stuff on HIS iPod, and now all his music is on MY iTunes library.

I tried just un-checking his music, but it still all appears when I synch. I went though and left clicked and DELETED all his music, and yet. ... THERE IT IS AGAIN! Both in the library and on my iPod.


Thanks in advance!


Aug. 12th, 2010 10:39 pm
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Would someone please tell me (in baby steps) how to change the link thingie on the side bar of my user page. I swear to god, I do it every three months and it takes me about two and a half months just to figure out how to do it again.

Thanks in advance.

Tony groaned and swallowed thickly.

“Come on Tony, stay with me.”

At the sound of his name, he cracked open one swollen eye and scanned the face above him. It travelled across the handsome features, seemingly unfocused ,then opened wide. The look of recognition unmistakeable.

“Captain America.” he said, voice hoarse.

“At your service,” said Steve, relief flooding his chest.

“You’re fucking kidding me,” he replied, then went limp in Steve’s arms.


Hours later, when much of the blood had begun to dry and crust over, he opened his eyes again, but this time said nothing, just watched Steve warily, lips drawn in a tight line.

“Hey,” said Steve, “don’t do that to me, okay? The others should be here soon, so don’t go and die before we can get you out of here.”

“The others?” asked Tony, running his tongue over cracked and dry lips, “Like, Superman and Wonder Woman?”

“Yeah, well,” said Steve, allowing himself a ghost of a smile, “DC still holds they copyrights on them, so you’re gonna have to settle for us, still.”

“Us,” repeated Tony. “ … okay.”

He moved to sit up, but decided very quickly that moving those muscles was a terrible idea. He grimaced, waiting for the pain to abate, and let himself slump back into Steve’s generous arms. “It’s not every day, you know, that I wake up in the arms of my childhood hero. The subconscious … unconscious? Is a marvellous thing.” He weakly waved a hand at Steve, then let it drop. “Beats the hell out of getting tortured, anyway.”

“Do you know who took you? Or what they wanted?”

Tony sighed and gave an aborted shrug. “Iraqi? Iranian? Taliban? They wanted me to build them a bomb. A Jerhico.”

Steve’s brow furrowed.

“Oh shit!” cried Tony, sitting up despite the pain, “Pepper! You have to call Pepper.”

“It’s okay,” soothed Steve, supporting Tony’s back, “Pepper knows about our mission. Just relax, we’ll let her know we found you right away.”

“Okay,” said Tony, letting Steve lay him down, “And Obidiah. Let him know too.”

It wasn’t easy seeing Tony like this. Stripped bare of his usual boldness and showboating he seemed somehow smaller. Frail. It wasn’t just the physical injuries that made Steve wince. They’d both received more than their fair share of bloodied lips and broken bones during their many battles, but this wasn’t the Tony Stark that Steve had come to know.

Using his ingenuity (and the horseshoe up his ass) to facillitate his escape from the clutches of his first captors had helped to make him the man he had become. It had put him on a new path with his life, and changed him from a super-star into a super-hero.

It had occurred to Steve on more than one occasion, that Tony was purposefully brilliant as a form of self defence. Add wit and genius with a dash of bravado, mix in a healthy dose of charisma with a gallon of smug, and Tony became so vivid, so bright, so dazzlingly intense that you couldn’t stare directly at him, truly see him without hurting your eyes. And so, in a way, being the center of attention was a way of deflecting. Hiding in plain sight.



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