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Ah, it is coming time to pay my way to Lubricus, so I've decided put some stuff up for sale.

I have a metric shit-ton of Avengers stuff available, just scroll through my avengers tag to see it all:
Or take a look at my devArt:

Keeping in mind that anything that is digitally coloured will just be a black and white outline in rl. There is a fair amount of traditional pencils and pastels, such as: cut for image heavy )

I'm also selling my bead work! I think I'll do a bid war/auction thing on these ones. They were OMG so time consuming that I really don't want to undersell them. End strings are glued and tied, so that it looks like a shitty rug fringe, but is made to be tucked in or glued when applied to ... whatever you wanna do with it. It could be sewn on to just about anything, or would look really nice in a tiny frame. beads! )

I also have a ton of Megamind art. If there's something that interests you, let me know!
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Wheee! I pinch hitted! (pinched-hit?) for Happy Trekmas! The request was: Kirk/Spock/McCoy, bondage, cbt, dp, fisting. Did you know what cbt does NOT mean Cognitive Behaviour therapy?? and DP is not a position on a film crew? :D THE MOAR YOU KNOW! :D Hee! I had to ask the mods. For someone who is a raving pervert, I'm apparently quite vanilla.

Anyhoo, I couldn't get all the way to fisting, but I did manage the threesome, bondage, some cbt (cock and ball torture for you other vanilla pervs on my flist) and of course, BLOW JOBS!

Did I mention this was not work safe? Well, it's not! )

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Newest bead creation.
This seriously looks a hundred times better in rl, but I took a ton of pics of it and they all look like crap. Much more photographic in rl. Anyhoo, I'm really happy with it. My brain is still churning around the thought of making something WAY bigger ....

Cut for those on dial up )

Thanks for lookin'!
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First one was done for a digital 'zine and is titled PON FARR. Yes, you guessed it, it's the trek one. GOOD FOR YOU!

Art under here people.Probably not safe for work. )

Thanks for lookin'!
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Just like last year, this art has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with Advent, but it IS K/S, and really that's enough!

And this one's even worksafe!

Title: Poke the Bear (which sounds dirty ....)

Art under here )

Happy Holidays all!
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What says "Baby Jesus" moar than gay fellatio? Nuthin'

Gift for [ profile] melayneseahawk

Kirk/Spock art is NWS

For What you are about to Recieve )
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hey! My [ profile] happy_trekmas pic has posted. It's McCoy/Chekov, a pairing I've never done before! [ profile] openedbook had requested that pairing, plus old cars and fluff.

What is fluffier than lover's lane? Nuthin', that's what.

As work safe as kissing boys can be )

And now she's gone and friended me, poor girl! :D I hope you like blue peen and Platypus sex [ profile] openedbook!! :D and Dumbledore and Filch making the sexings
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The theme was crossovers, and I didn't think the world was ready for Snape as Doofenshmirtz, so I went Trek instead. ;D

Read more... )

Dove did a Cherrybomb pic there too, check it out! (link on sidebar)
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This is so late and really, looks nothing like I had envisioned in my head. You will all have to take my word for it that it is supposed to look REALLY, REALLY cool.

I shall forgo backgrounds from now on and just concentrate on the important things. NEKKID MENZ.

Anyway, this was done for [ profile] faithsummers80 who wanted the trope sex pollen/amtdi. (my fav tropes evah!)

Not terribly work safe sexings here )

I"m not sure if you can tell, but in an effort to make things way more difficult than necessary, the entire background is cross hatched.
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This is my other piece that I did for the Reversebang this year.

PG h/c Trek art be here )

[ profile] claudia_nic wrote a lovely story to go with it. Read it HERE

Trek Art

Jun. 24th, 2010 01:02 am
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Here's the reversebang art, but now in colour.

I wanted to go really subtle, sort of like a colour wash on an old black and white photo. I don't think I quite achieved that, but meh ... the colours in Trek are just so kitchy and vibrant (and I needed the practice) that I just couldn't resist.

Two to Beam Up )

The story, by [ profile] yalegirl03 can be found here:
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What a neat idea! Instead of the artists drawing an illustration for a story, the artists make the art, and the writers create something based on our picture!

Art (work safe) is under here )

[ profile] yalegirl03's story can be found here:

It is such a great premise! The men mysteriously disappear from the Enterprise, leaving Uhura and the rest of the female crew to save the day (and their men's arses). The main pairing is Spock/Uhura, but Scotty gets some lovin' too! She has written it TOS, but in my twisted brain, I have a mixed crew of XI and TOS, and it worked just fine.

And to go with the whole 'girl powah' theme, I've added a bit of subtext to my art.

And just for shits and giggles, here was my original sketch.
sketchy poo )

I don't normally sketch (unless it's a really complicated multi-person scene), but this was a quick second submission, and I didn't have time to do a proper detailed drawing.
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In my Milky Wave Fund, [ profile] janice_lester comished me to draw her a little scene from one of her stories. This is really just two lines, of a wonderfully sweet k/s ficlet, but the image was one that just needed to be drawn.
Fic be here: Five Urban legends about Vulcans that are untrue or something like that, but go read it, it's cute!

Scotty in a fairy costume avec tutu.

Work safe-ish )

I love her writing. Jesus, she once wrote Spock with a PREHENSILE PENIS. What's not to love?

Trek Art

Apr. 18th, 2010 11:28 pm
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Man, remind me not to cross hatch a picture that is MOSTLY BLACK. Many pens gave their lives for this silly little sketch, and then I even had to take the burn tool to it anyway.

Ear Kink )
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Moar airplane art. Actually, this one is the epic coming together of Starbucks, Airplane and waiting while my kids had their riding lessons.


I'm not quite sure what I was going for here, with that dysmorphic nonsensical background. Mostly just killing time, I guess!

Proton Stream Mostly work safe, just shirtless Spock )
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First one is just another Starbuck's doodle, coloured at home. Semi work safe.
Blue and gold )

Second one is my FEEBLE attempt to copy [ profile] swordsart very cool style. Sadly, I used Dollar Store markers, and THEY SUCK! Not to mention that they had no lighter/transluscent colours, so skin tones are out. Please realize that my attempt to copy her style is merely my way of complimenting her and trying to learn something new. I'm not trying to BE her, or take over her style, I'm just playin'.
also work safe )
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Title:In My Warm Embrace
Rating: G
Characters: Kirk/Spock

Drawn for [ profile] ksvalentine

Uh ... safe for work, akshually! sort of ... )
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Drawn for the [ profile] ksvalentine.

First Kiss
G rated

First Kiss )

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Oh yeah, I went there!

They really are savages, aren't they? )

What the heck is the Vulcan word for this anyway? I had a few heddesking moments perusing Vulcan to English type sites, and man o man, TIME I WILL NEVER GET BACK!

Pencil crayon on brown craft paper. FUN TIMEZ!
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Drawn for [ profile] heeroluva, "There, lounging on his bed like some king waiting to be served, was Spock, flushed a startling shade of green while palming his cock and looking more feral than Jim had ever thought was possible."

Oh yeah, not safe for work mah peeps! )

This is one of those drawings that looks omg SO MUCH BETTER in RL. I honestly don't know why, but really, trust me on this, the man is HOT, here in my livingroom. I am not looking forward to mailing him away!

And very special thanks to RobertJames over on DeviantArt for letting me use his sexay men as references. He is such a peach! (and has access to the hottest men!)


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