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I went to visit Julie and Dj in Vancouver/Abbotsford last week, and drew this on the plane ride there. Crayola crayons. (sketched in pencil first, because I'm not THAT good!)
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Very much inspired by the jealous-rage inducing art of Yulia Brodskaya

I haven't given up on portraits yet, but I'm waiting for some new paper colours to arrive.
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How much do I love my kiln? How much? Well … if the laws regarding sexual congress were just a little more lax in my province, I might just have it's babies.

Here's what I've been doing.

Hail Hydra, baby! This was done with a paper cut stencil and the glass frit powder. Black and red on white, and then just black on semi translucent. I didn't know if the black and red would fire properly together in one shot, so I tried it both ways. Clearly, it works just fine!

And here's a Cas window I"m working on. He has two wings, but the other one is in the kiln right now.

This is just sitting on white paper, so it ends up looking a lot darker than it actually is, when there's light shining through. There is a 'show' at the stained glass place where I shop, so I'm hoping I can finish this one in time to submit it.
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I've felt pulled in a bunch of different directions lately (nothing earth shattering, but annoying, nonetheless) so my creativity is way down. But here's a Thor!


Now I just need a Hawkeye (and a Fury and a Coulson) to complete the MCU set. ;)
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I may be singularly responsible for the deforestation of the rain forests. *slaps wrist*

First of all, my commission for Marta. She wanted Martin Freeman, and said she didn't care if it was the actor, or one of his characters. I went with Fargo!Freeman, mostly because I just dig that bright orange jacket! When colours are unlimited, you might as well go to town!

Next was my commission for Majmunka. (so nice when old friends come out of the woodwork!!) She is a big Leonard Cohen fan, and wanted one of him. Leonard's got such a great, expressive face, that he was a joy to make. He also, I thought, really leant himself to black and white (after my mini rant about colour above) so I went with a neutral/grey colour pallet. (yes, I purposefully did not say 'many shades of …')

And finally, Black Widow! Again, COLOUR! I just wanted to do that wonderful fiery red hair. <3
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First paper. Captain America!

This one was difficult! There are 8 layers of paper there, plus the red background. It gets a bit tricky and fiddly when there's that much.

And now feathers! (and paper)

Now that I'm on the lookout for feathers, I couldn't help but notice these gorgeous, yet tiny little colourful budgie feathers all over the store. They aren't much bigger than a tic tac but when you put a bunch of them together, they're so pretty! So, every day, when I'm cleaning the cages, I've been hoarding these tiny little feathers in zip lock bags.

And here they are with some longer finch feathers.
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Another 5 layer pic. I think I like the colour choices for skin tones better on this one.
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Okay, I totally need to buy a magnifying glass today! *squints*
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Steve and Tony sitting in a tree. Hulk comes by and makes Smashee!

Tumblr link:
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Hey, I made a Stony! Gosh, it's been a while, amirite?

I love the reverse bang (where the art comes first, and then someone picks it to write a story after.) Last year I drew a TOTAL sex pollen picture, and NOBODY saw it as sex pollen! Hee! This year I drew a silly 'Coyote Morning' type picture, and the writer who picked it got the concept right away. Yay!

Somewhat work safe pic )

The author's story can be found here. I've not even had a chance to read it yet, as she slipped it in just under the wire! I love the premise for it, and if her outline delivers, it will be a great read!

On A03
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So the evil scratchboard rears it's ugly RDJ head again.

I'm happier with this one but he still looks ... dirty? Homeless?

Scratch board Tony 3 )
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I joined a really neat Avengers Gift Exchange this year, where they assigned me a character to BE and then assigned me a character to give/make a gift for. I am Tony!!! And I am giving a gift to STEVE! Hee! They assured me that this was a complete fluke, but I attribute it to COSMIC KARMA. ;) Anyhoo, the gift is going to an actual dude, (heterosexual) so I did not make the GIANT ROBOTIC PENIS that I'd planned. Instead I just sent him Tony's heart. ;)

Work safe )
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Okay, I am SO DONE with triangles!!!!

Now I need to draw some proper porn. ;)

Link to master post
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Hawkeye and Thor are now added to the master post.

Fake cut
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I was worried that his expression might take away from his recognizability, but I think he still looks like Ruffalo.

Bruce )

Link to Triangle Master Post:


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