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Yay! Blades of Glory fic Homeschool is now finished and complete with epilogue!

Thanks to everyone who read and commented, it was a fun ride! :D

Here's the EPILOGUE

Or, you can start at the beginning here
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Whoot! It's finally finished! Well....almost. Stay tuned for a porntastic epilogue!

Blades Of Glory
Rating: NC17

Chapter nine be HERE

Start at the beginning over HERE!!

Beta'd by [ profile] miss_dearheart She was wonderful and very helpful! <3

And thanks to all the wonderful comments and support from everyone! <3
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Blades of Glory fic Homeschool (aka the fruity vagina fic) has the next chapter posted. (second to last one, I believe...)

Rated R
Warnings: um...kidnapping and a bit o torture? But not super heavy dark stuff.

Chapter 8 is here

Start at the beginning right here!!
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Title: Homeschool
Rating: NC17
Summary: Jimmy is having girl troubles and Chazz thinks he can help.
This Chapter: Hector's effed up fantasy world
Beta'd by the wonderful [ profile] miss_dearheart

Chapter Seven is HERE

Start at the beginning Right here!
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Well, the fruity vagina part is over, but there IS a part with cocks! :D

Whoot! Chapter six is up!
Sorry for the delay, but my beta was called out of town unexpectedly. She has the next chapter already, so the wait shouldn't be to long for that one.

Blades of Glory
Title: Homeschool
Characters: Jimmy/Chazz
Summary: Jimmy is having girl troubles and Chazz thinks he can help
This Chapter: What's the worst that could happen? Jimmy's about to find out.
Rating: NC17

Chapter six

Chapter One begins Right here!
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It's not complete yet, but the fruity vulva part has been written and posted. Thanks so much to [ profile] outofthisplace for suggesting dried apricots. I am a bit freaked out about how perfect they were. I also now like dried fruit, and I never have before! *wink*

Total words so far is around 10K The one chapter is about 2000.
And needless to say, it is NC17

The fic is Blades of Glory, and it is slash between the two main characters, Chazz and Jimmy. For those of you who would just like to read the fruity vulva part, I'll give you a quick breakdown under the cut.

Character summary )

Chapter one

If you only want the fruity vagina chapter, it can be found here!


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