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Now that the comic's done, I finally had a chance to do my comish for [ profile] icmezzo
She had written a cute Harry/Draco fic where Draco was a vela AND the tooth fairy. BASED ON A TRUE STORY. ;)
Can be found On A03

Shirtless but not quite pantsless Draco )
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Two Big Bang illustrations and an exchange pic.
One is not safe for work )
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Well, if anyone was following the HP fanart fest, I'm sure this will come as no surprise that it was me who drew the Giant Squid/Remus/Snape/Sirius pic. ;p

I don't think the style was a dead give-away, but the subject matter surely was.

This was one of the first times that I drew the elements separately, then put them together on the computer. It was frustrating as hell, but somewhat freeing to be able to move shit around on a whim. Some time in the next 9340593023952 years, I'll get the hang of this digital shit.

Giant Squid and a bunch of nekkid guys )
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Last night, right around closing time a customer came in who was a bit flustered. I'm not sure where he was from (Turkey? Persia?) but due to a language barrier, I was a bit confused as to what he needed. He had a bird. A Chinese bird. His cage was broken.

Trying to figure out what type of bird he had, he said it was outside (in his car, I assumed) so I went out with him to see it. As it turns out, he had been taking it out of his car when the cage broke, so it got away. We went around the corner, and he points in some bushes beside a house. "There it is!!"

I look, and it's THIS type of bird.

Not exactly your typical pet budgie! I have two of these birds at home (Red Golden Pheasant) and they are pretty much impossible to catch, but I went back to the store and grabbed some large fish nets to give it the old college try. And of course, because I'm awesome like that I TOTALLY CAUGHT IT! :D

So, we're walking back to the store, me with this thing clutched to my chest, and the guy says, "They called animal services on me. I can't keep it. Do you want it?"

Uh ... okay. I can't keep him with my other ones, because the males will fight with each other, but we do have another enclosure that would be suitable so ... yeah! Why not?

The other ones are named 'The Malfoys', so I guess this one will be Draco. ;)

As an aside, the amazing Lubricus concom asked me to do the artz for the program, and requested a sleep-over time theme.

Hogwarts tickle fight! )
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Well, Kinky Kristmas and the mini-fest over on Snape-Potter have had reveals, so I guess I can post my stuff naow. Both were pinch hits. I've been a bit too busy to sign up for anything, but i'm always thrilled to contribute to fests, so pinch hitting is a win/win.

One work safe Snarry and one NOT WORK SAFE wanking Moody under the cut )

Thanks for looking!
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Here's Snape, still on the loom.

God! Beads are so friggin' hard to photograph! I tried to take a good one of the Snarry now that it's off the loom, and it's like the camera can't deal with the details and makes it all ... liney.

Anyhoo, here they are.

Both are work safe )

These are both for sale, btw. (funding a trip at the end of Nov.)
I'll send them glued and each string knotted mutltiple times to facillitate non slippage. They're pretty tough this way, but are still able to be sewn to any surface. (you can seen the knots in the Snarry one. They can also be cut a lot shorter, but I'll leave that to the buyer.)

I will also consider a bead comission. :D
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I said I'd draw Snarry, AND I DID! Except that it's part of the upcoming Snarry a Thon-fest-thing. It starts posting tomorrow, so stay tuned!!

I went out the other day and bought some Perler beads. (yanno, the type you iron to melt them together?) They were not as ... forgiving as I'd hoped.

Most stuff under the cut is work safe, but some is DECIDEDLY NOT. So beware! )
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Whee! Have some art, peoples! Most of these are from the past few Hump day smuts that I hadn't cross posted here.

duh, not work safe )

Did I ever post my Draco and Harry shitting in a boat pic here? ;) Let me know.
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Last of the mini-comissions!
Sorry for the delay, hon!

Her request was Snack, porny as you wanna make it. ;)
btw I totally stole akatnamedeaster's style for this. I still wasn't able to make the nice, simple clean lines that she makes, but it was a great lesson.

PORN!! )

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Poor R_grayjoy, she's going to have to wait until I have an iota of privacy to make hers! :D

Here's Delta's.

I didn't quite get the face stroking in, but they are touching heads! I'll make them stroke each other at Lubricus. Promise!

Shirtless but not porny )


Okay everyone, send your 'keep the plane in the air vibes' to me, as I take off first thing in the morning!! <3 <3 <3
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Not that I don't have a million things to do before jumping on a plane for LUBRICUS tomorrow, but there's ALWAYS time to draw Snape! :D

This is for [ profile] demicus for her 'mini' comission. She requested a Rickman!Snape. I'VE NEVAR DRAWN THAT BEFORE! WHAT WOULD IT LOOK LIEK?

Rickman Snape ahoy! )

.01 pen and brush pen for the hair.
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yes! Quick, turn around FTW!

Here is the first mini-comish. [ profile] ragdoll requested Bill and Tonks being sexy together. This isn't porny, but I hope it's sexy enough. I wasn't going to do any colour, but Tonks just isn't Tonks without the pink hair! (and yeah, gingers gotta ginger!!)

I hope you like it hon!

Somewhat worksafe )

I hope you like it hon!
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First off, my entry for this week's Hump_day_smut. PLEASE BE WARNED, THE PROMPT WAS BAD!FIC AND I CHOSE ONE THAT FEATURED SCAT. Oh yeah, I went there.
But the art is funny and cartoony and not terribly squicky, plus a bunch of image heavy stuff under the cut, much of which is OMG not work safe!!)> <a href= )
thanks for looking!
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Okay, I think I'm slowly winding down with Megamind now. Not done, mind you, but ... catching my breath.

There's also the WORLD'S BEST SNARRY PHOTOMANIP behind the cut. My God, but I'm a genius! ;)

work safe, not work safe and brain bleach inducing behind cut. Be warned )

thanks for looking! <3
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I"m trying to not bore all of you non-megaminders with the massive influx of megamind artz, so I've saved a few up to dump here. Buuut, just to make you look anyway, there's also some Snarry, some Spongebob and Umbridge fucking a unicorn.

MADE YOU LOOK! ) Thanks for lookin'! <3

Snack Art

Oct. 13th, 2010 10:08 pm
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[ profile] r_grayjoy and I finally got together (in an internet way) and I managed to draw her some Snack.

She didn't have any specific requests, other than that they are young, and that Snape is not too pretty. :D

Actually, sort of safe for work! OMG )
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Oh God, I have really crossed a line here! *laughs maniacally*

Hmmmm I don't *think* I've ever drawn bestiality before ... unless you count werewolves and/or centaurs. or spiders or mandrake plants or dragons Okay, now that I think about it, this line was crossed quite a while ago.

Carry on!

Man/Platypus oral and anal under the cut )

For those of you afraid that you've lost me to an odd fandom, fear not! I have two pics in the Snape_potter fest this month, and a Snack comission that I just finshed. I'm just enamoured with the EASE OF CARTOON DIGITAL! In fact, check out my cartoon digital submission to Hump_day_smut this week!
Stuck )
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Just a Dumbles sketch that I did while at the drawble table at Infinitus.

Work Safe Akshually )
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Durr, I thought I was checking diligently, but this posted ages ago, and I totally missed it! Now that the reveals are up, I can post it here!

For those of you not familiar with [ profile] april_fools, generally writers draw, and artists write, or anyone can use a medium that they are not familiar with. I draw and write (well, not for ages, but I digress ...) so I drew this with my left (non dominant) hand.

OMG! It was so hard to do! Not so much the drawing, but the NOT using my right hand. I had to SIT on it so I wouldn't use it, and then I became very irritated. It just felt WRONG. I'm sure it's a good brain exercize, but it felt terrible. Isn't that odd?

The theme was assigned to us, by Squeak, and mine was YOU LIED TO ME.

Hermione and Sirus

Image is safe, but the idea behind it is not. )
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Whee! Late but not forgotten!

Sorry this took so long hon! Fest season sucked my brains out, but I'm finally caught up, and here's your drawble!

Snape/Filch ... work safe-ish )


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