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Probably not terribly interested to anyone who doesn't do glass, but I love seeing other people's wips, so here's mine!
Nothing has been painted yet. The face is just what's printed on the paper beneath the glass.

Funny story on this one. See those yellow pieces on the side, labels 17 and 18? I have NO IDEA where the fuck they belong. I finished cutting today, and laid the glass out, just to make sure I hadn't missed any (I had), but in he first time in forever, I actually ended up with three extra bits.

I must admit, I'm a bit 'fly by the seat of my pants' when it comes to planning out glass, and most glass people are SUPER anal about prep, but meh. It usually turns out fine, or I spend extra time working out my mistakes.

Speaking of mistakes, the clear glass around Sam's head has a bit of a grain to it, and I totally cut four or five pieces with it going the wrong way. Durr. So I re-cut. Lucky for me it was a cheap glass. The whole thing is about 22"x22".

The glass is much lighter than it appears here, with no light behind it. Now on to grinding! (glass grinding, not the fun, sexy kind of grinding.)
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Went up a layer! And a more difficult cut, due to Sam's (OMG GORGEOUS) hair.
Big difference this time is that I didn't glue the layers as I went along, I waited until the end. This resulted in a bit more confusion, but WAY less sticky fingers! ;)
Here he is all glued together.
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This one might actually kill me.

I had to move my 'workshop' (i.e. table and a bunch of junk) in from the garage. As much as I hate to cut glass and play with lead in the house, it was just TOO DAMN COLD in there! Sadly, the light where I am now is really strange, so it's kind of screwing with my availability for working on it. Daytime is fine, but at night, the lights I have (which were the same ones from the garage) are almost too bright, and they make everything strange and shiny and reflective, so I can only work on it during the day. AGAIN WITH THESE FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS!!

Anyhoo, here it is so far.
work safe )

Not shown here: I"ve painted the feathers on the wings and the wrinkles on the shirts. Now I have to shade the faces and some of the framing and get those pieces fired.

God, that green is HIDEOUS! It's actually a nice, pale green, but on that white paper it is fugly as hell.
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Okay, so far I did this:
cut for images )
And here he is doing his best Burt Renolds impersonation. ;) I am honestly not sure why moustaches are creepy but goatees are sexy. *well kempt ones only. No face pony-tails plz*

More to come!!

Day 56

Aug. 8th, 2012 01:43 am
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Let's play WIP!

I always bitch and moan at my kids when they borrow my art pens. Mostly because they have no sense of RETURNING THINGS and/or not completely man-handling and ruining things. So the other day I was out at the drugstore and there was this GIANT WHEEL OF PENS and I said Dude! I must buy this for my evil children!

And, of course, once my kids were playing with them, I said Dude! I wanna play too! So many pretteh colours!

So here's another scribble Tony, but this time with more than five colours. :D

Oh god, they look HORRIBLE at first!! )

Tommorrow some more! (if my kids don't steal their markers back!!)
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Back to shool means TIME TO DRAW! WHEEE!

Today I made a Bernard.
Totes worksafe crazy haired dude )

You need to click on the wip one to get it to move.
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I'm trying a new ink technique called Pointillation (or sumsuchthing). Basically, like pixels, you make a trillion-kabillion-zillion little dots, and eventually, over the course of centuries, a form will appear.

It looks really cool, but I am not a patient person. In pencil, I would probably be finished the entire drawing by now, instead of just part of Snape's face. But then, I'd have nothing to bitch about in my post now, would I? ;D

Read more... )
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Why lookie here! A half finished half-assed ink pic! )

I'm sure this bores you all to tears, but I love seeing other people's WIP, and therefore, you all must suffer through mine.

These are the steps from orange, to light brown to pink and dark brown (together, because pink on it's own didn't actually look any different.)

Now Harry looks like he needs to wash his face. Hopefully, with the addition of red and black, he will look less skanky. Hair always helps finish things off too, of course.


Quincey: When I'm dead, I'm going to try and move my arms!


He has also very generously offered to let me stay with him in his 'headstone' when I die.

What the hell is wrong with my kid? An obsession with gay porn I could understand, but this obsession with death is just odd.
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Hee! I guess I should have warned for Indiana Jones spoilers, but uh ... I'm talking about the OLD ones! My kids HATE movies. They refuse to go to the theatre (they are 5 and 6) and rarely want to watch them on DVD.(other than Spongebob and Scooby-doo) Don't get me wrong, we don't eat hemp and live in a Yert! They eat junk food, and watch tv, but movies just aren't their thing.
cut for rambling )
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Man, I'm so slow this time! More because of RL getting in the way, and Snarry games and Beholder fic to read, and Nintendo Wii to play, and work grrrr. I'm also trying to be really careful with this one, because I bought a frame and I want to put my two pics of my boys up on the wall.

Of course, the more I do this one, the more I think that my pic of Quincey is shit. I mean, I know it's not shit, but since it's been up on the wall for a year, all of my mistakes sort of shout out to me now. Thank god most of my art isn't suitable for hanging, or it would drive me insane all the time!

Piccy here )


Apr. 23rd, 2008 11:09 pm
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Just bored, so I'm posting a WIP of my much neglected son, Harrison. I've drawn Quincey in the past, but poor Harry has been passed over so far.

Here's tonight's preliminary sketch. I've found it quite helpful to wait a day or two before starting the actual shading. Although, I'm rarely that patient.

Harry WIP )
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Thanks to everyone for following the whole WIP. I stuck them all together in one file, and I've also added my QFI (quest for improvement) pic, to see the difference a couple of years can make!
Warning of large images under cut!! )
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Okay, work, kids and out of town guests have slowed the process down to a snail's pace, but I *think* I finally finished the pic! I'll know for sure tomorrow, after a good break from staring at him. Snapey here! )

snape WIP

Nov. 4th, 2007 11:36 pm
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Severus Snape. NOW WITH HAIR! (sort of)look here )
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Okay, kids are in bed, so a drawing I will go!

The original sketch is here. piccies under cut, folks! )
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Yay! Yesterday was officially TWO YEARS OF DRAWING for meeeee! Whoot!!
Back then, my goal was to draw a passable Snape, and so I went out and bought some paper, and a pencil and, feeling brave, I got some pencil crayons too! This is what I came up with:

'Before Snape' )
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Thanks to everyone for the feedback!

I went with Snape flipping the bird, just because I haven't really done anything like this for a while. I drew him with just one 'finger' but it looked a bit.. empty, so I made him doing the 'double bird'. You know he's REALLY pissed! :D

As usual, hubby was my beautiful hand model.

Flipping the Bird )

the WIPs can be found here
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WIP2+3 )

Okay, despite some fantastic advice....I went ahead and kept drawing anyway! I really will try to do a 'minimal' drawing like you suggested, Elica8. I think that's a great idea!
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I haven't done this for a while, so here's a graphite Snape, wip.

I've darkened it in photoshop a bit, so that it shows up.

WIP1 )

There's loads more room on the paper, so in an incredible show of planning, I have no idea what he's going to be doing/looking at. I usually have a better idea on what I want a picture to be about, but nope...not this time!

The reference for his face is actually from a screen shot of him and Hugh Laurie. Perhaps this will be my long awaited Snape/House crossover pic! Or not. I haven't decided yet.
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Okay, finally, the finished pic! I have to take another photo of it, the lighting is sort of crap today. This is one of those pics that looks much better in person. Sometimes, for whatever reason, they look much better on the computer, but not this time. I also included the reference photo that I used. It's much darker than my drawing, but doing lots of darks is not fun, and I'm lazy! :D

I had trouble making his hair look like the photo. It sort of turned out ... nicer and softer looking. Oh well, better than worse and more wiry! Today, I'm going out and buying some House on DVD. I"ve only seen about 4 episodes so far.

House )
If you'd like to see the WIP's,and listen to me blather on about them, I put them here:


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